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You can make money by running a service that will help clients who need assistance with running their house and shopping.

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Business Idea: Household Management and Errand Service

You may have heard the expression, "what every working woman needs is a wife". Politically incorrect or not, there is no doubt that working women, indeed, working parents period, especially single working parents, all share one thing in common. They are time poor. They work full-time then spend the rest of their waking hours taking care of children's needs and running a household. There simply isn't any personal time left over.


This is where you can come in. Although these people are time poor, many of them are also cash rich. Your household management services business can offer a way for such people to buy the time they need by relieving them of some of the work involved in running a household.

This is a very easy business to enter. Entry costs are low and you will be using skills and experience you already possess. The concept of "household management" can be as broad or as narrow as you like. At its broadest it encompasses a wide range of varied activities such as picking up children from daycare or even child minding in the client's home (be sure to check whether there are any licensing requirements in your municipality), grocery shopping, consumer research (what's the most cost-effective new refrigerator or washing machine), running errands and supervising cleaning personnel and other contractors. At its narrowest, you may prefer to confine your activities to only one or two of these activities such as grocery shopping and unpacking. This may be a good way to start with additional services being added over time.

Longer term, you will move away from a "hands on" role where you do pretty much everything yourself. Instead, by establishing a database of reliable, reference-checked local cleaners, gardeners, shoppers, contractors and the like you will have a ready bank of competent people to perform whatever tasks your clients require. It should be obvious that a natural progression of this sort of business would lead to the establishment of an agency of sorts with you bringing clients and service providers together.

To get started, just place ads in penny savers, distribute flyers in letterboxes in your municipality as well as posting them at the local grocery store. Word of mouth will soon take over.

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