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   January 7

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1.  Welcome and Update from Elena
2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Mobile Notary Public
3.  Feature Article - Standing Up to School Yard Bullies
4.  Tips for Newbies
5.  This Week's Subscriber Web Site Pick
7.  Subscription Management
9.  Contact Information

1.  Welcome and Update from Elena

Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who
have joined us since the last issue!

Happy New Year!  This is the first issue of AHBBO for 2001.  I
hope you're well recovered from the new year's festivities and ready
to get down to business with a vengeance.

This week's article looks at a prevalent but seldom-discussed
problem for anyone conducting business online.  The school yard
bully.  If you've been in business online for any length of time,
you'll know what I'm talking about.  If you're a more recent
entrant, be prepared.  There are some nasty types out there and
they'll throw you off your game if you're not prepared for them.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's

Remember, this ezine is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email .

2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Mobile Notary Public

Do you have a desire to work from home? Would you like to have your
business based from your home, but leave the home to do your job?
Would you like to do something that doesn't require manual labor?
Then a mobile notary public business may be just what you are looking

Mobile notary publics are notaries who travel to their clients. Since most
people work a nine to five job, they can't make it to the local notary's
office in time to have forms notarized. Others prefer to relax on the
week-ends and not have to deal with leaving the house for a simple five
minute notarization.

For the full report visit How to Become a Notary Public


There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home
Business Ideas page at free home based business ideas
with more being added all the time.

3.  Feature Article - Standing Up to School Yard Bullies

© 2017 Elena Fawkner

Picture it.  You run your own business.  You've worked long and
hard for the past 18 months to get where you are today.  Long
hours, no weekends, anxiety attacks in the middle of the night
worrying about whether you're going to be able to meet expenses
for the month.  Your phone rings.  You answer it.  "Stop sending
me your rubbish!", the belligerent voice at the other end yells
in your ear before slamming down the receiver.  "Fruitcake", you
mutter to yourself, dismissing the caller from your mind as you
turn to more important things.

The phone rings again.  You answer it again.  "Where the hell
is that information I asked you for yesterday afternoon? You call
yourself a professional?!", another belligerent voice bellows
in your ear before slamming down the receiver.  If you'd been
given the chance to respond before being attacked, you might
have been able to explain that the information so charmingly
requested was put in the mail yesterday afternoon and would
be arriving with the morning's mail.  But, of course, you weren't
given the opportunity.

You get another couple of calls a day for the next month, just
like this.  What's going on here?  What's wrong with the world
all of a sudden?  That's what you'd think, right?  Has everyone
lost all sense of how to relate to their fellow human beings?
Is this really how people have been raised to interact with one

Of course not.  Such a thing would never happen in the real
world would it?  Oh sure, you'll get the occasional nutter.  But
you wouldn't expect one or two a day for weeks on end would
you?  No.  The world and the people who populate it just don't
operate that way.  If they did, no-one would get anything done. 
Everyone would be sniping and retaliating and feeling generally
hostile towards everyone they came in contact with in case it
was one of THEM.  Thank heavens the real world doesn't work
that way.

So why do we put up with it when it comes to the online
world?  If you've started an online business of your own, you've
no doubt heard over and over again that you have to develop
a thick skin.   Why do we have to expect and accept bad
treatment from certain people we deal with online?  We
wouldn't put up with it offline.  So why is it something we tell
each other to ignore, turn a blind eye to, don't respond to lest
we make ourselves a target just because it happens online?

Enough is enough.  It is NOT acceptable to treat each other
this way whether online or offline.  And those who will ignore it,
turn a blind eye and not respond appropriately, only perpetuate
the problem.

Particularly over last two or three months, I've received my
fair share of episodes like this.  All newsletter publishers do.
It "goes with the territory", as they say.  They still surprise me,
even now, though.  I wonder what kind of an individual is it who
goes feral (there's no other word for it), because I send them my
newsletter?  They asked to receive it after all.  But maybe
they forgot they subscribed?  Maybe someone subscribed them
using their email address and they didn't read the message they
received in response telling them how to unsubscribe themselves?

Or perhaps their email program doesn't work properly and
when they click on the link at the end of my newsletter telling
them that if they want to unsubscribe all they have to do is
send a blank email to

and instead of the email program automatically putting
the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line, as this coding
is intended to do, it leaves the whole thing intact and as a
result the hapless subscriber receives an error message
saying that the address is not a valid email address.

Perhaps these people have good reason not to send me a
simple email saying "Hi Elena, I've been trying to unsubscribe
but I keep getting an error message.  Can you help me?",
in response to which I would simply unsub them manually.
Perhaps these people have a good reason to instead send
me personally abusive email accusing me of spamming and
scamming, and God knows what else. 

Perhaps that prospective advertiser the other week who placed
an advertising order but didn't follow up with the ad copy
had a good reason for rudely proclaiming, when I followed
up by email, "I tried the form on your site but it didn't work. 
It suggest you fix it NOW.  When will my ad go out and
how many subscribers will receive it?".  Maybe that prospective
advertiser had a good reason for emailing me a second time,
less than an hour later (and well before I had even read the first
message) saying "You still haven't answered me.  When will
my ad run and how many subscribers do you have?!!!"  (Maybe
these same people also have a good reason for never using fewer
than three exclamation marks to make their point.) 

Maybe they had a good reason.  But I can't for the life of me
imagine a good enough one.

No doubt that particular would-be advertiser is sitting there
scratching his or her head (this person didn't even have the
courtesy of including their name in the email), wondering why
my response was to issue a refund for their ad purchase and tell
them to go advertise somewhere else.

You know what?  I DON'T CARE what these people think
of me.  I'm DELIGHTED when people like that unsubscribe
from my newsletter.  I DON'T WANT to do business with
people like this.

Why do we take it?  Why is this sort of behavior and
attitude accepted online when we would never tolerate it
in a bricks and mortar environment?  Why?  Because we
would never HAVE to tolerate it in the so-called "real world".
People would never DREAM of behaving like this in their
"real life".  Who on earth would approach someone they
wanted to do business with in such a fashion?  Certainly
not someone who had any sense of common courtesy,
respect or dignity for themselves or anyone else they
came in contact with.  They'd just be avoided for the mad
hatters they are.

But something happens to certain people when they get
behind a computer screen.  The anonymity of it emboldens
them, allows them to act out with faceless strangers the
frustrations that build up within them as a result of their own
inadequacies in dealing with the "real world": strangers
who, they have well come to know, will just accept what's
thrown at them without any risk of retaliation because the
recipients fear more of the same. 

These are the very same kids (or people very much like
them) that you and I remember from our early school years. 
They picked on the one person that they perceived to be the
least able and likely to retaliate.  There's a word for people
like this: bully.  And all bullies are, at bottom, nothing but gutless
cowards.  Pure and simple.

I for one have had enough of it.  All we achieve by ignoring
these idiots is reinforcing the wrongheaded idea that it is
acceptable to treat people this way.  That it doesn't matter
how you treat people if you're not face to face with them and
you're never likely to be. 

I doubt any of us really has any question that the Internet is
here to stay.  It will continue to play a bigger and bigger part
in our everyday lives.  The day may well come, and perhaps a
lot sooner than any of us expects, when we will no longer have
to leave the house to go to work.  We may all be working out
of the comfort of our own homes from our computers.  Online
forms of communication may become the predominant way
of communicating, at least when it comes to our working
lives.  What kind of world are we creating by allowing this
groundswell of unfocused hatred against our fellow humans to
go unchecked?

Don't take it.  You deserve better and your business deserves
better.  There are some things you just shouldn't have to
take just to make a buck.  Call me a heretic, but some business
just isn't worth having.


use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
and (2) you leave the resource box intact. To receive a copy
of this article by autoresponder, just send a blank email to

4.  Tips for Newbies

TIP #1: How to make your own desktop icons (Win 98):

On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and
then click Paint. On Paint's Image menu, click Attributes.
Enter 32 pixels in Height and Width. Now create an icon using
the paintbrush or pencil tools. Name and save your icon.
To replace an existing icon on your desktop with your new one:
Right-click the shortcut on your desktop and then click
Properties. Click Change Icon. Click Browse. Locate the folder
containing the icon you created. The icon you created will now
replace the original on the desktop. Create whatever you want!

TIP #2:
Here's a list of frequently used keyboard shortcuts
(to replace mouse functions). We suggest you print this
list, and post it where you can refer to it as needed:

Shift-F10-----------------Right-click selected item
Ctrl-Esc------------------Display Start menu
Alt-[underlined letter]---Select menu command
Alt-Esc-------------------Switch to Taskbar's "next" open window
Alt-Tab-------------------Switch among open windows
(hold Alt and continue to press Tab)
Alt-F4--------------------Close active window
Alt-Spacebar-N------------Minimize active window
Alt-Spacebar-X------------Maximize active window
Alt-Spacebar-R------------Restore close active window
Alt-Spacebar-C------------Close active window
Ctrl-F10------------------Switch focus to menu commands (in any
Explorer window)
Ctrl-Tab------------------Rotate through dialog box tabs
Ctrl-Shift-Tab------------Rotate through dialog box tabs in reverse
Ctrl-Alt-Del--------------Display Close Program dialog box

Tips by Tom Glander and Joe Robson of The Newbie
Club. The best Newbie Site ever to hit the Web.

5.  This Week's Subscriber Web Site Pick - Fun4Susieskids.com

Bill Sims writes:

"Dear Elena:

"My sister, Susie, and I both retired a couple of years ago. Susie
had spent many years working with kids, mostly as Director of
Children's Ministry in some large churches. During this time she
had develop many successful techniques and numerous activities
to teach and entertain kids. She had a desire to share her
experience with others.

"She was considering writing a book. She also talked about several
games she had developed for kids that could be helpful to others
(church leaders, teachers, daycare center staff, families and other
organizations that work with kids).

"We discussed trying the Internet as a method of letting people
know about the book, games, etc. So, she wrote the first book and
we used a PC to develop several games. To keep costs down, all
books and games are self-published and printed on demand as
orders arrive.

"Although we are both retired, we each put up a little money. Our
original objective, which is still true, is to help others. However, we
would not be opposed to a making a little profit. Thus, we decided
to price the offerings at a level estimated to initially cover costs. If
sales volume increases, we can then make the little profit and/or
lower the prices.

"We purchased a Web Page Builder software package and contracted
with an Internet Service Provider. We then developed our own web site.
Developing a web site was a challenging and sometimes frustrating
experience for two people who had never set up a web site before.
However, we have learned a lot and believe we now have a pretty good

"There are now 6 books, numerous games, and a newsletter available.
We have ideas for more offerings. A few months ago we began to offer
a "FREE IDEA of the Month." In that short time we have over 1,000

"We have found the most difficult challenge is to get the word out. You
can have the best web site and products in the world, but if people
don't know about it; they won't visit.

"With our limited resources we could not afford to buy large ads or
banners. We found it very difficult to get a high ranking or even a listing
on the most common search engines. Thus, we concentrated on
classified ads and free listing on web sites directories with common
interests or audiences. Any ideas from you or your readers would be

"Also, we have read about E-books in your newsletters. The concept
intrigues us, but we are not sure how to go about making a book into
an E-book. Also if we had an E-book we are not sure now to make it
available to the public.  Again, any ideas from you or your readers
would be appreciated.

"We invite your readers to visit our site and give us any suggestions or

Susie's Kids


Bill's message epitomizes the experience of most of us struggling to
get the word out about our websites and products.  Especially when
it comes to search engine listings, oftentimes it seems that it simply
isn't worth the effort.  Quite frankly, unless you're able to get your
site a top 30 listing in the search engines, you're better off devoting your
limited time and energy to more productive avenues of generating

Bill and Susie are certainly on the right track by publishing a
newsletter.  That is cardinal rule #1.  It is THE best way of staying
in touch with your website visitors and prompting subscribers to
visit your website.  If you write original articles for your newsletter
on a regular  basis, submitting these articles to content-providers
is a great way of generating new subscribers and website visitors too.
The other main way of generating traffic that has been successful
for me has been partnering with other websites for reciprocal links. 
This brings more traffic than you would think.  So get out there and

E-books are ridiculously easy to produce.  Just get hold of some
e-book publishing software (there are many programs available).
One I have used (E-ditorPro) is so easy that all you have to do
is to create webpages for your content and then, once you're
done, the software takes the pages you've created and turns
them into an e-book with the touch of a button.  Takes all of five
minutes once the webpages are done.  So, no mystery and dead
easy.  Then, once you've created your e-book, promote it from your
site (use the traffic generating strategies discussed above), in your
newsletter, make it available for free to other publishers in exchange
for a recommendation in their newsletters, and so on.


If you want your site seen by thousands, write and tell me
about it!  But make sure it's one you've created yourself
or have had created especially for you.  No self-replicating affiliate
sites please. 

7. Subscription Management


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