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1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
2.  Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Finance Broker
3.  Feature Article - How the 9 to 5 Grind Could be Costing
    You More Than You Earn and How a Home-Based Business
    Could Be the Answer
4.  Real Life Success Stories : Honeybee Gardens
5.  Freebies
7.  This Week's Web Site Pick
9.  Subscription Management
11. Contact Information

1. Welcome and Update from the Editor

Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

This week we have a guest article with a difference.  I got
chatting to a new subscriber this week and her story was so
motivating I invited her to write a segment for AHBBO.  I've
called it "Real Life Success Stories" and it's at segment 4.
If you have a real life success story, why not share it with
the rest of us?  I for one would love to hear about what
happens at the OTHER end of the struggle for a change!

A reminder that the AHBBO newsletter publishing tutorial
starts next week. So, if you've been thinking about starting
your own online newsletter (ezine) but haven't known where
to start, this tutorial is what you've been looking for.

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to: Contact By Email

2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Finance Broker

If you've been wanting to get into something that doesn't
require all of your time, yet could give you an income of
$100,000 per year or more, a Business Financing Service is
definitely something you should consider.  This is the kind
of business that requires no special education or even a
storefront office; won't take much of your time, yet offers
more prestige, power and fast earning potential than just
about any business opportunity available to the ordinary
working person.

The average net profit of people in this kind of business is
$75,000 per year, before taxes.  Most began on a part-time
basis, operating out of their homes.  Within a short period
of time, varying with expenditure of time and effort, most
have luxurious professional office suites with many clients
from all over the country calling and asking for help.
Perhaps best of all, this is a business you can operate with
nothing more than a part-time secretary/bookkeeper, a
telephone, and business cards.

There are many facets of this kind of business, which
involve bringing lenders and borrowers together for venture
capital, operating capital, expansion capital, and of
course, mortgages of all kinds.  Concerning mortgages, look
at it from this point of view:  almost every building in the
country - homes, office buildings, factories, apartments -
has a mortgage on it, and somebody is making some really big
commissions bringing together the people wanting the money
and the people wanting to lend the money.

A business financing or money brokerage business is the
ideal sideline business for real estate brokers, sales
persons involved in business sales, investment brokers,
attorneys, accountants, and retirees from almost any
occupation.  This is definitely one of the truly recession-
proof businesses that actually seems to flourish in times of
tight money.

For the rest of this lengthy report, see:



There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home Business
Ideas page at AHBBO Unique Home Based Business Ideas with more being added all the time.

3. Feature Article - How the 9 to 5 Grind Could be Costing
   You More Than You Earn and Why a Home-Based Business
   Could Be the Answer

By Elena Fawkner

This article is directed to all you parents out there
with pre-school children who would prefer to quit your jobs
and stay at home with the kids but think you can't because
you think you "need" a second income.  don't be so sure.
That 9 to 5 grind may be costing you more than itís paying

Let's say you're a parent of two pre-school children and
you're earning $25,000 a year ($500 a week) in your full-
time job.  Let's see where the money goes.

First of all, you don't have family nearby to care for your
children while you're working so you put them in daycare.
That takes care of $150 a week, leaving $350.

You need a car to get to work and your kids to daycare.
Let's be optimistic and say you have only a modest car
payment of $50 a week.  Your other expenses are fuel,
insurance and general maintenance.  Fuel is $25 a week,
insurance $10.  Allow another $10 a week for new tires,
servicing and repairs.  So $95 a week goes towards your car.
That leaves $255 out of your weekly paycheck.

You work in a professional office so you must dress
accordingly and be well-groomed.  Allow $10 a week for
clothes and accessories, another $5 if you're female for
cosmetics and haircare.  There's another $15 a week leaving
you $240 out of your weekly paycheck.

With so much to do to get the kids organized in the morning,
you don't have time to make your lunch so you buy it every
day.  At $5 a day that's $25 a week.  You're down to $215 a
week now.

And after putting in a full day at work you don't always
have the time or energy to cook a family dinner from scratch
each night and so once a week you pick up take-out on the
way home ($20 for four people) and spend more on
prepackaged foods at the grocery store each week.  Letís put
this at another $20 a week. This additional $40 a week for
convenience foods leaves you $175 out of your weekly

Still worth it, you say?  Oops Ö forgot about taxes, social
security and health insurance!  Better deduct another $100
a week for that little lot.  Now you're at $75.

Now, you tell me, is $75 worth working a 40 hour week for?
Is your time really worth as little as $1.80 an hour?  And
that's not even taking into account what your income does to
your partnerís tax bracket!  Without being able to claim you
as a dependant it may put it over the top and the increased
tax paid on your familyís primary source of income could well
mean that the net contribution of that second income is a
deficit!  If that's the case, itís actually COSTING you to
work outside the home.

If you find yourself in this situation, there is an answer
a home-based business.  You can forget about daycare costs,
you're there!  How difficult do you think it would be to make
$75 a week working from home?  Easy!  In fact, it would not
be difficult to generate the same level of income from your
home business as you were generating from your full-time job.
But because you don't need to incur the unnecessary expenses
such as daycare, vehicle expenses, clothing and food, you can
be MUCH better off.  Not only that, you can now claim home
office tax deductions!  And all of that's just focusing on
economics.  Factor in lifestyle and family issues and a home-
based business can literally take your life back and give
you back to your family.

4. Real Life Success Stories : Honeybee Gardens

By Melissa Hertzler

I started my business, Honeybee Gardens, manufacturer of
all-natural herbal bath and body care products, in August of
1995.  I was 27 years old, and working as the business
manager of an architectural firm.  I was also back in
college working on an MBA.  And I wasn't happy.  I was the
only female in a firm with 7 men.  Though I was educated
and basically responsible for all business functions, I knew
I had advanced as far as I could.  My bachelor's degree is
in English/Communications.  In college and for two years
after, I had worked as a reporter for the local newspaper.
Again, I found that career path politically-motivated and
disappointing.  It had finally sunken-in that I was not born
wealthy, I would have to be working for at least the next
35 years of my life, so I'd better do something that gives
me some joy.

As with many businesses, my company was created out of a
simple need.  I married my husband, Randy, not long after
graduating from college in 1990.  As newlyweds, you begin to
learn things about the other person because you now live
with them.  I soon discovered something about Randy - he
hated shaving.  His face would become red and irritated with
the first swipe of a razor.  I used to buy him expensive
aftershaves and shaving potions, but nothing seemed to work
(some even aggravated the problem).  I had been growing and
casually studying herbs for years, and decided to test some
of that knowledge in order to save my husband's face.  It
took time.  Randy, acting as guinea pig, sampled formulas
on almost a daily basis.  One was too gentle.  One wasn't as
soothing.  With each trial, the results were documented.
More research ensued.  Finally, one day, he proclaimed,
"This is it!", and our Herbal Aftershave was born.

But starting a business was not my intention.  For years my
husband coaxed me to share this wonderful formula with the
public.  By now, I was making moisturizers, powders and
other preparations in addition to the aftershave.  I just
didn't think this little hobby of mine could take the place
of my good paycheck, benefits, etc.  But corporate life
left much to be desired.  After working eight hours a day in
sterile, sickly, artificially-lit environments, I routinely
retreated to my herb gardens for solace.  Nightly, I retired
to my library to learn more about these glorious useful

It was so soothing to view the lovely pictures of heavenly
gardens, while feeding my desire for knowledge.  Having an
herbal business would be the perfect marriage of my acquired
business skills, desire for independence, and love of
gardening.  Financially though, it just didn't seem like a

And then it happened.  The architectural firm I worked for
wasn't doing very well.  The work just wasn't out there.
So they started laying off - just about everybody.  The only
three left were the two partners and me....and my hours were
cut to 20 a week.  Flustered, I took part time consulting
positions elsewhere.  It was agonizing.  One night my
husband looked at me and said, "You're spending all this
time working to build and maintain other people's businesses,
when you could be building your own."  He was right.  The
next day I called my lawyer and had him start the paperwork.
Honeybee Gardens was born.

The first mail order catalog was designed on my home
computer, printed on an ink jet printer, and contained only
six products.  I placed word ads in herb magazines.  And
requests for my catalogs started coming.  After only one
year in business, Honeybee Gardens began to receive
attention and recognition from well-known authors and
herbalists.  (Let me note, that at this point, I still had my
part time job with the architectural firm).  The Summer '96
catalog introduced over 25 new products, and HBG was
featured in the local newspaper (ya know, the one I used to
work for!).

By 1997, things were starting to get serious.  I knew that
in order to take the next step, I had to make an investment.
My husband gave me $10,000 from his retirement fund (with
the words, "Why invest in some big company, when I can
invest in yours").  I hired graphic artists to create the
Honeybee Gardens logo and implemented professional labeling
of my products.  A professional catalog, letterhead and
business cards were introduced, and credit card acceptance
began.  I knew my time at the other firm was limited.

1998 brought a web site, national distribution by two major
natural product distributors, a design award for my logo,
articles in trade publications and an herbal cookbook,
expansion of contract manufacturing, private label services
and finally full-time employment for me by my own company.

But 2013 was the best year so far.  We participated in our
first international trade show, landed a huge private label
contract with a well known novel company, got picked up by
another national distributor, got picked up by Canada's
largest natural product distributor, and achieved web
presence through some renowned web sites.  Oh, and we
finally hit 6 figures in sales.  My goal for this year is to
hit 7 figures.

It wasn't easy..and it's still not easy.  I work, literally,
from morning 'til night.  I can't tell you how many times my
husband wakes up at 2:00 a.m., walks into my home office,
and peels my face off the keyboard.  I still battle the
desire to vacuum when I should instead be paying bills.  I
miss the twice yearly vacations my husband and I used to take
- I just can't be away from HBG that long.  That daily jog
I used to do with my friends after work - gone.  Since my
work days are no longer "8 to 5", I find it difficult to
just stop working and drive out to meet them.  So I bought
a treadmill.  My husband accuses me of being a workaholic,
and I've resolved this year to address that issue.  I plan
to exercise regularly, pry myself away from my telephone
and computer at least twice a day, and endeavor to have at
least one conversation a day that is NOT business related.

But there are rewards too.  My animals love that I'm usually
home with them (I only spend a few hours a week at our
manufacturing facility).  Nobody cares what I'm wearing to
work, or if I have make-up on.  I can take a shower at 10:00
a.m.  And I'm creating my OWN destiny.  It feels so good to
finally have my products - which were originally formulated
in my KITCHEN - right up there next to those well-known
brands....to have people write letters to me thanking me for
creating products which are 100% natural and don't cause
skin irritation or pollute the environment....to have the
possibility of having enough money to make a difference in
my community in some way (to give back).


To submit YOUR real life success story for a future AHBBO
feature please email me at: Contact By Email





7. This Week's Web Site Pick - Lockergnome

Although Iím featuring it here as a website, this site is
the home for the Lockergnome Newsletter, a daily
publication full of the best of the best free software and
utilities on the web.

Hereís an excerpt from the About Us section:

ďFrom the husk of the Silicorn Valley (Des Moines, Iowa),
Chris Pirillo distributes one of the world's hottest e-mail newsletters.
Lockergnome (pronounced lah-ker-nohm) is Chris
Pirillo's brainchild; on a regular basis, he covers software,
sites, and stuff related to Microsoft Windows and the
Internet. Whether you like HTML or text newsletters, Chris's
info keeps you covered. Technology neophytes and wizards
alike love to read the free daily and weekly publications.
Customer Satisfaction is one of Pirillo's primary goals, and
his readers will tell you that that the service is the most
helpful and entertaining.

ďWithout a marketing budget or business plan, the
Lockergnome subscriber database has swelled to ~200,000
within a couple of years. Heralded as the 'King of Click-
Thrus' by featured authors, Chris has solidified his place
in the e-mail publishing industry. His best-selling book has
been recognized as the Bible of E-mail Publishing; it shot to
the top of Ingram's charts within days of publication (and
pre-sold more copies than any other computer book in Amazon.
com history). His writing style is always fun, informative,
and friendly to both professionals and novices.Ē

9. Subscription Management

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11. Contact Information

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