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   January 20

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1.    Welcome and Update from the Editor
2.    Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Special Event
3.    Feature Article - Puffery and Misrepresentation - Know
  Where to Draw The Line To Keep Your Online Business In
4.    Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 1 - Introduction
5.    Guest Article - The Best Time to Start Your Own
6.    Freebies
8.    This Week's Web Site Pick
9.    Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online
11.   Subscription Management
13.   Contact Information

1. Welcome and Update from the Editor

Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

This week sees the start of the AHBBO Newsletter Publishing
Tutorial (see segment 4).  Part 1 is an overview and
timetable of what is to follow over the course of the next
ten weeks.  As you will see it is reasonably intensive and
I hope it inspires many of you to start your own profitable

To keep the length of the newsletter down to a manageable
size, after this week, during the Tutorial I will not be
running a guest article.  Today's Tutorial segment is short
though so I'm taking the opportunity to include Tom
Koziol's thought-provoking article, "The Best Time To Start
Your Own Business".

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank those of
you who have been referring your friends, family and
associates to AHBBO.  I've noticed many new subscribers
have been referred by existing subscribers over recent weeks.
It's very encouraging to know that you're obviously enjoying
AHBBO enough to recommend it to others, so a big THANK YOU!

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email


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2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Special Event

If you're experienced and clever using a video camera and
sound equipment, consider special event videos as a
lucrative sideline.

Special event videos are much simpler and a lot less worry
than videotaping a wedding ceremony.  In many cases, you'll
only need one camera, one microphone, and little or no
editing.  You'll charge less, of course, but your profit
margin will be higher.

You can provide this service to any professional person or
group - attorneys, salespeople, financial advisors,
professional speakers - anyone who must give a talk,
presentation or lecture before a group of people.  Workshops,
meetings, conferences, reunions, all are potential jobs for

As with weddings, meet beforehand with the person or
persons you will be taping, both to get their permission to
tape them, if necessary, and to get a feel for what they
specifically want on tape.


There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
Business Ideas page at Home Based Business Ideas

3. Feature Article - Puffery and Misrepresentation - Know
   Where to Draw The Line To Keep Your Online Business In

By Elena Fawkner

Those of us with online businesses know about the "itchy
finger" syndrome only too well.  Grab the surfer's
attention within the first 20 seconds or forget it.

Spend any time at all learning about marketing online and
you'll be dazzled by the vast array of experts out there,
all making their invaluable knowledge freely available to
you.  That's one of the greatest boons of the internet.
The sheer volume of information that's just waiting there,
for the taking.

And so you take advantage of all of this free information
and being the sponge that you are, absorbing everything
you can, you soon learn that the way to make a sale is to
employ the AIDA principle.  Attention. Interest. Desire.
Action.  Especially action.

According to the AIDA principle, the first step to making
the sale is to grab the reader's attention.  There are
techniques for doing this.  Using certain co-called
'irresistible' words in the headline of a classified ad
is a surefire way to get prospects' attention.  You've
read about them, by now.  They're words like YOU, SECRET,
REVEALED, EXPOSED and so on and SO ON.

Once the headline captures the reader's attention, these
ads are designed to go on to stir the interest and arouse
the desire of the reader for whatever it is being sold.
The well drafted internet classified ad focuses on the
benefits to the reader of the product in question, and
closes with a call to action.

So, all you have to do to make the sale is use words that
are going to get your reader's attention, incite their
interest, arouse their desire and prompt them to action.
Not quite as easy as it sounds but the theory is simple
enough.  Internet Marketing 101 right?  Well, let's
follow that up with a little Contract Law 101 too, OK?

In contract law, there is a concept known as "puffery".
Puffery is a self-evident exaggeration of the properties of
the thing being advertised and is not intended to be taken
literally.  For example, "Put a tiger in your tank - buy
Shell".  No one is seriously going to think that if you put
Shell gasoline in your car that, hey presto!, you're going
to find a real live tiger in your tank.  Well, OK, maybe a
nut would, but the law in this area is concerned with what
the reasonable person would believe, not the nut.

The law recognizes that advertisers use puffery to get the
attention of prospective customers.  So, if someone goes
to court wanting to sue Shell for breach of contract
because, although they put Shell in their gastank, they're
still tigerless, the court's going to throw the case out
because the "tiger in the tank" slogan was a mere puff, a
self-evident exaggeration.

Puffery abounds on the internet as it does in advertising
offline.  The internet brings a tricky new dimension to this
area of the law, though.  The internet is still in its
infancy and tens of thousands of newbies come on line every
day because they've heard all the get rich quick stories and
they want their share.

The internet is not a level playing field as the offline
world is.  Offline, we all have broadly similar life
experiences when it comes to judging what is a puff and what
is not.  On the internet, though, our online experiences can
vary dramatically from one person to the next.  Who is the
"reasonable person" when it comes to the online environment?
Is it the reasonable internet veteran or the reasonable
internet newbie?  Or is it some reasonable person in

Think about this.  What do you think when you see an ad that
says something like "You Can Make $50,000 In 60 Days!"  Is
this mere puffery?  Remember, a puff is a self-evident
exaggeration not intended to be taken literally.  As
obviously outrageous as the "$50,000 in 60 days" claim seems
to you and me, it is not a SELF-EVIDENT exaggeration and it
most definitely IS intended to be taken literally, otherwise
why be so specific as to dollar quantum and time?  Why not
"Get Rich Quick!"?

Contrast this with "Turn Your Computer Into an ATM!"  This IS
an example of a puff.  It is a self-evident exaggeration and
is not intended to be taken literally.  No-one seriously
expects that their computer will turn into an ATM just
because they purchase so and so's new marketing ebook.

It is therefore obvious that whether a statement like "You
Can Make $50,000 In 60 Days!" could possibly be considered
a mere puff depends very much on how internet-savvy you are.
Anyone who's been online long enough soon learns that these
sorts of claims are made everywhere you turn and are
complete rubbish.  So, you recognize them for what they
really are when directed to the market that you're a member
of .... puffery.

But what if you're NOT an internet veteran?  What if you're
a newbie?  You've heard all the claims about internet riches.
That's why you came online in the first place, to get your
share of the action.  The newbie hears the claim and
believes it.  Newbie forks over $160 to become a member of
the program that's going to make him $50,000 in the next two
months.  He has just signed up for your you-beaut XYZ
Program in reliance upon that claim.  Could he have a cause
of action against you for precontractual misrepresentation?

Depending on the law applying in the jurisdiction where the
contract was formed, you bet!  (You do know that if you make
an offer to sell someone something and they accept it by
purchasing the thing from you you've just created a contract,
right?)  Maybe it wouldn't be considered anything more than
a puff in your jurisdiction (state or country).  But how do
you know where your purchaser is located?  How do you know
what the governing law of the contract is?  Is it where the
sale takes place?  Where IS that, by the way, when it's
made electronically and buyer and seller are in different
countries?  Is it where the money goes to or where it comes
from?  Is it where the product is downloaded from or to?
Very difficult, very UNSETTLED questions.

As an American, you may have just sold something to an
Australian.  Did you know that if your claim of fabulous
riches is not a mere puff you may have just engaged in
deceptive and misleading conduct under Australian law?
Did you know that the courts of the U.S. can apply
Australian law and vice versa?

Want to take the chance?  I hope not.  Don't expose yourself
or your business to this sort of liability.  Don't make
outrageous claims.  Sure, you can use puffery to get the
attention of your prospects, but keep your audience in mind.
If you're marketing to experienced 'net entrepreneurs you
have some latitude here.  If you're marketing to absolute
beginners, be careful.  Tell it like it is and keep the
puffery to a minimum.  If you don't, your online business
could very well go up in smoke.


4. Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Part 1 of the AHBBO Newsletter Publishing
Tutorial.  Over the course of the next 10 weeks, we will be
taking an in-depth look at the publishing of email
newsletters (ezines) as a profitable online business tool.

An outline of the Tutorial follows

Part 1  - January 20
Introduction - Outline and Timetable

Part 2  - January 27
Why Publish An Ezine?

Part 3  - February 3
Finding Your Niche and Refining Your Theme

Part 4  - February 10
Creating Your Template, Formatting Issues and Getting
Set Up

Part 5  - February 17
Building Your Subscriber Database I - Initial
Subscriber Generation Accepting Free Ads, Announcement
Lists, Directories and Other Forms of Free Publicity

Part 6  - February 25
Building Your Subscriber Database II - Long-Term
Subscriber Generation Publicizing, Ad Swapping and
Joint Venturing Your Way to Critical Mass

Part 7  - March 2
Delivering Your Ezine Email and Web

Part 8  - March 9
Administering Your Subscriber Database - Manual
versus Automated

Part 9  - March 16
Accepting Paid Advertising

Part 10 - March 23
The Exclusive Mailing Debate

Part 11 - March 30
Beyond Critical Mass

The Tutorial has been organized into logical sequence so that
those of you who are keen to start your own newsletters as soon
as possible can do so in tandem with the Tutorial.  You don't
need to wait until the Tutorial is over to begin.  Each lesson
builds on the one before and you can be putting into action
the steps from the last lesson even while you're reading the


Next Week  Part 2 - Why Publish an Ezine?


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5. Guest Article - The Best Time To Start Your Own Business

By Tom Koziol

I started reading business opportunity magazines
approximately 40 years ago. And for the last 40 years, the
January issues have proclaimed NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO START

The reasons supporting this bold blast have varied over
these 40 years as you can well imagine. This year the
reasons float around the fact we are fat, i.e., great
economy, low unemployment and an income level allowing for
disposable dollars.

Let's say that is true. Does that mean this is the best time
to start your own business? Well, given this is such a
monumentous decision the real answer is It depends on your
state of mind at this point in time.

But what have you got to lose, right? You don't have to quit
your job. You don't have to take a second mortgage to
finance the venture and you don't have to sell your soul.
Why not go for it?

Couple this risk free environment with the Internet and
there is almost no reason why you shouldn't take the plunge.
As you may already know, the Internet has so much free
information on starting a business that it would seem like
the antithesis to not start your own business.

The Internet's information pool hands you the tools to start
your own business offline, online or both. The Small
Business Administration's site alone (http://www.sba.gov)
could launch any number of different types of businesses.

Put almost any type of entry into a search engine, and you
will find some site dealing with the search request. In
fact, if you had no other tool, search engines could dish up
enough information to meet the research requirements for a
Ph.D. on starting your own business.

Fortunately you don't have to rely on search engines alone.
The major book sellers are still selling books by the
volumes (pardon the pun) everyday. Seems information is the
number one best seller today as 40 years ago.

Your local library has both books and computers. Chances are
excellent these computers are also hooked up to the Net.
Magazines and newspapers are also on the shelves for

Don't forget the mall. It has bookstores and the bookstores
have books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, etc.

Information saturation is the fuel propelling start ups.
Given the economic safety net, or at least the perceived
safety, people are stepping out to start up. Even if they
fail, they accelerated commerce for the time they were in
business. It is a win-win scenario.

You can accuse me of becoming brainwashed over 40 years of
reading now is the best time to start your own business,
but, think about it, when is the best time? It will always
be now since yesterday is tomorrow's today.

Your attitude determines your altitude. If you believe now
is the best time to start your own business, then go for it.
Take the first step and don't look back.

I wish you continued success.


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6. Freebies

-> E-Book - How to Avoid This $7,400 Mistake
   By Mark Howell (388kb)
   By reading this book, you will gain the information that
   can save you literally thousands of dollars in learning
   how to successfully market any product or service on the


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8. This Week's Web Site Pick - WebHead Central

I was referred to this site this week and now I'm referring
you.  Webhead Central is a comprehensive directory of free
and low cost resources to promote your website on the

Well and logically organized, the site is categorized into
more than twenty different segments making it easy to find
in one central location what you're looking for and FAST.

9. Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online

-> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Utility Auditing
-> Feature Article: Putting the Plan Back Into Your Business
-> Newsletter Publishing Tutorial: Part 2 - Why Publish an

11. Subscription Management

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13. Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
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