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   Issue 120 : February 4, 2017

   Sent to 14,954 Opt-In Subscribers

    Editor: Elena Fawkner
    Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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1.     Welcome and Update from Elena
2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Wire Jewelry
3.     Feature Article - 15 Rules For Success In Your Home
4.     Surveys and Trends
5.     Success Quotes of the Week
7.     Subscription Management
9.     Contact Information


1.     Welcome and Update from Elena

Hello again and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
who have joined us since the last issue.

No, you're not imagining things ... it IS Friday, February 1
and this issue IS dated February 4.  I'm traveling this
weekend and Monday/Tuesday with my parents who are
visiting from Australia so this issue is being sent early.

The first order of business this issue is to correct a serious
omission from last week's list of article submission resources
in the feature article, "Articles ... The Best Form of Free
Advertising" (Advertising with Articles). 
As Wild Bill Montgomery pointed out to me, I had
inadvertently omitted one of the best article submission sites
there are - the InfoZone Article Archives at
.  Mea culpa!  Apologies Bill! 
Check it out.

Since I have my parents with me and time is very short, I
hope you will forgive me if I run an article I wrote a couple
of years ago as this week's feature article.  "If I Knew Then
What I Know Now ... 15 Rules For Success In Your Home
Business" is, two long years down the track, just as relevant
to those of us running online businesses in 2017 as it was
"way back when" in 2017.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
week's issue.

Remember, AHBBO is for YOU!  If you have comments or
suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed, or
would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you.  Please send
comments, questions and stories to Contact By Email .


Q. Computer and net savvy?
A. Yes, or you would not be reading this.

Q. Serious about working from home?
A. Yes, that's why you have come to AHBBO.

Q. In the United States, Canada or Australia?
A. .


2.     Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Wire Jewelry

This idea is a little different from the normal 'report' format
you're used to seeing in this segment. For this idea, I'm just
going to refer you to a website that does WAY much more
justice to this business idea than I could possibly do.

The site is Preston Reuther's Wire-Sculpture.com
(). Here you will find
everything you could possibly need or want to know about
starting and running a home-based wire jewelry business.

Preston is a master wire sculptor and teaches others his skills
via a series of instructional videos. As Preston says, "you can
learn to make gemstone and gold wire jewelry that sells
anywhere. If you can bend a paper clip, I can train you to
make $40,000 your first year in your home-based jewelry
business. My easy to learn method will teach you all the tricks
of the trade. You can start your home business with a few
hand tools right from your kitchen table!"

The site contains many other resources for wire jewelry home
business owners and Preston also publishes a weekly newsletter
to keep you in the know.


There are many more ideas like this at the AHBBO Home Business
Ideas page at free home based business ideas with more being
added regularly.



3.     Feature Article:  If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...
   15 Rules For Success In Your Home Business

© 2017 Elena Fawkner

Someone sent me an email the other day. Supposedly General
Colin Powell's Rules for Success. Now, I don't know whether
they really are or not, but as I read them, I thought they really
should be called "15 Rules For Success In Your Home Business".
So, here they are:

Rule 1 - It ain't as bad as you think, it will look better in the

If there's one experience universal to ALL home-based business
owners, particularly those running a business on the Internet,
it's the occasional (and sometimes frequent) feeling that you're
just spinning your wheels, and not getting anywhere. The number
of people who give up on their businesses just as they approach
the brink of success is staggering. So hang in there and remind
yourself, when things look bleak, that tomorrow is another day,
things really aren't as bad as they seem and things really WILL
look better in the morning.

Rule 2 - Get mad, then get over it

OK, I concede this is more general advice than home business
advice but it applies in your home business just as it does
anywhere else. Resentment and unexpressed anger really don't
hurt anyone but the person feeling resentful and angry. Have
you ever noticed how completely unproductive you are when
burdened by resentment and anger? So feel it, express it
(constructively) and then move on. As the man said, "get over

Rule 3 - Avoid having your ego so close to your position that
when your position falls your ego goes with it

Over the course of my career I have, from time to time, met
people whose identity and sense of self-worth is so enmeshed
in what they do for a living that they literally don't have an
identity outside of their work. Because they rely on an external
source for their self-esteem and confidence, they find it
necessary to continually and relentlessly bolster their personal
positions, usually at the expense of others, often resorting to
political maneuvring in the workplace to maintain and improve
their supposed 'status'.

These people are the 'empire builders' you sometimes find in
organizations. They jealously guard their power base all the
while gathering unto themselves more and more responsibility,
beyond the point of being able to do everything they take on.

Because their identity and sense of self-worth depends upon
their position within their organization, what happens when
their position disappears, such as in a corporate downsizing?
It freefalls.

Don't let this happen to you. Remember that you are something
separate and distinct from your business. Sure, you can be
proud and pleased with your accomplishments but don't define
yourself through them. Your self-worth is something that
comes from inside your human self, not your business.

Ironically, keeping a professional detachment is more likely to
secure the ultimate success of your business. Detachment
brings perspective, objectivity and clarity, which helps you
make better quality decisions.

Rule 4 - It can be done

Don't allow self-imposed limitations to restrict what you can
and will do. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Well, of course, it must be something that is within your
power - you can't just set your mind on growing a third arm,
for example.   But for anything that is within human power
and capability, the saying "where there's a will is a way" is
so true.

Get into the discipline of planning your life and where you
want it to go. By setting goals and planning the steps that
will help you reach them, you can achieve literally anything
your heart desires.

Rule 5 - Be careful what you choose, you may get it

Following on from this, it should go without saying that what
you set for your goals is something you truly want because
if you do practice the discipline of goal setting you will surely
get it.

Rule 6 - Don't let adverse facts stand in the way of a good

Keep your eye on the prize and don't be distracted by what's
happening on the sidelines. Sure, you may not have entered
the marathon had you known there were going to be 1,000
other runners but does that mean entering the marathon was
a bad idea? No.

Make your decisions based on quality information and what's in
the best interests of your business. If someone else comes
along who represents competition for your business, don't be
put off your game. Just run your own race. There's ALWAYS a
way to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Rule 7 - You can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't
let someone else make yours

IGNORE your mother when she tells you you're crazy for
chucking in your nice SAFE secure little job to start your own
business. Follow your dream, no-one else's.

Rule 8 - Check small things

Like the fine print in contracts. Like the URL in that sales letter
you've just put the finishing touches on. Like your spelling and
punctuation. In other words, pay attention to detail.

Rule 9 - Share credit

You've heard the saying, "no man is an island". No woman is
either. Remember and acknowledge the people who have helped
and continue to help you get where you want to go.
Acknowledge the achievements of others.

Rule 10 - Remain calm, be careful

Frenzy and recklessness are hardly the prescription for long-term
success in your business. In the face of unexpected challenges,
unexplained downturns in business or failure to achieve the results
expected, recognize that these are just part of the thrust and
parry of business life and use a calm, methodical approach to the

Don't just react blindly or chuck away all your hard work and try
something completely different unless a thorough, calm and
careful investigation convinces you that you are completely
off-beam. Calmly analyze your situation and use your intelligence
to correct the situation.

Sometimes a one degree turn of the wheel is all that is required
to get back on course, not a completely new rudder.

Rule 11 - Have a vision, be demanding

This rule goes hand in hand with rules 4 and 5. In order to set
goals and plan ways to achieve them you must first set your vision.
Think big, be brave. There is nothing you can't achieve so make
sure your efforts are going to be for something truly worthwhile.

Rule 12 - Don't take counsel of your fears or naysayers

All of us have moments of self-doubt or even fear when
embarking on a journey to an unknown destination. If what
you have planned for yourself brings with it feelings of anxiety,
nervousness, even fear, pay attention to them but don't take
their counsel.

They are symptoms of grand thinking, of stretching beyond
the boundaries of your comfort zone. As the book says, feel
the fear and do it anyway.

Rule 13 - Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier

This rule is closely related to rule 1. Believe that things will
work out, that they will look better in the morning, that
everything's going to be OK. Repeat the words to yourself as a
mantra if you must but instill a spirit of indomitable optimism in
your outlook and you will attract success into your life.

Rule 14 - Sometimes being responsible means pissing people off

You can't please all of the people all of the time so don't waste
your time or energy even trying. You have a responsibility to
the ultimate success of your business and to your own personal
success. If that means you occasionally have to say no to
people to stay true to your objectives, do it. If it means you
have to alienate some people because they don't personally
agree with what you are doing, that's their problem.

In other words, stay focused on your plan. If others don't like
it or agree with it, too bad.

Rule 15 - You never know what you can get away with unless
you try

If you don't ask you don't get. And if you don't take you don't
get. Leave nothing on the table. If an opportunity comes along,
take it. It may not come again. And remember, in chaos there
is opportunity. While everyone else is running around like chooks
with their heads cut off, you just bring up the rear and clean up
on all the opportunities that are just lying there for the taking
among the chicken scratch.

Hindsight truly is 20/20, no doubt about it. Perhaps, like me,
you're thinking that if you'd known then what you know now,
you would have gone a lot further a lot faster. But as with any
form of progress, it's the journey, not the destination, that
provides the education and creates the experience and, through
it, wisdom. And that's something no book can teach you and
money can't buy.





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4.     Surveys and Trends

Because AHBBO is being published early this week, there will
be no Surveys and Trends segment this week.  It will return
next week.  In the meantime, you can visit Larry Wack's site


5.     Success Quotes of the Week

"If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you
want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never
give up."
  -- Norman Vincent Peale

"Almost any idea is good if a man has ability and is willing to
work hard. The best idea is worthless if the creator is a
loafer and ineffective."
  -- William Feather

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from
failure, loyalty, and persistence."
  -- Colin Powell

"We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire ...
Give us the tools and we will finish the job."
  -- Winston Churchill

"Everyone has his superstitions. One of mine has always been
when I started to go anywhere, or to do anything, never to
turn back or to stop until the thing intended was accomplished."
  -- Ulysses S. Grant


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7.     Subscription Management


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9.     Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
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