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   March 24

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  Editor: Elena Fawkner
  Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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1. Welcome and Update from the Editor
2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Cleaning
    Services Broker
3. Feature Article - If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...
    15 Rules for Success In Your Home Business
4.  Program Review - Cash Cow
5.  Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 9 - Accepting
     Paid Advertising
6.  Pro-motion Column - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"
7.  Freebies
8.  Subscriber Q&A
10. This Week's Web Site Pick
11. Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online
13. Subscription Management
15. Contact Information

1. Welcome and Update from the Editor

Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
who have joined us this week!

First off, apologies for the round of emails that was necessary
during the week when my PC froze as I was running my
subscriber software, blitzing my entire database!  I was able
to recover most of the database by using a back-up copy but,
because I hadn't backed up for 3 or 4 days (THAT will teach
me!), I had a bit of manual updating to do.  Hopefully things
are now straightened out but if one or two unsubscribe
requests have slipped through the cracks, please accept my
apologies and unsubscribe again using the link in segment
13 below.

Due to the high volume of 'undeliverables' that I am receiving
each week as returned mail, primarily from free email accounts
with full mailboxes, an automatic unsubscribe policy now
applies to all returns.  Over 300 email addresses were deleted
last week as a result of this policy.  This is as much for the
benefit of AHBBO advertisers is it is for your poor overworked

As it took a fair amount of time to unscramble that little lot,
I didn't get around to putting my articles ebook together in
time for this week's issue as originally planned.  Look out for
it next week instead.

Included in this week's issue is a review of the new online
home business program, Cash Cow (segment 4).  I signed up
for it about ten days ago and test marketing has gone well.
Similar to the famous Cookie Cutter, this program shows real

Look out also for the occasional Q&A segment which makes
a reappearance this week (segment 8) and the launch of a
new contest (segment 9).

Finally, this week's AHBBO Newsletter Publishing Tutorial
(segment 5) discusses running paid advertising in your

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's issue.

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email

2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Cleaning
    Services Broker

I'm the first to admit cleaning house is definitely one
of my least favorite activities. Couple that with a chronic
lack of time and you're describing a huge segment of the
population. One that isn't going to be shrinking any time

As a cleaning services broker you can tap into this
market. A cleaning services broker basically brings
together people wanting cleaning services performed and
those prepared to perform that service for a fee.

Start out by advertising for cleaners. You'll need to
check references and test their skills. You may also want
to consider bonding them. Once you have several cleaners
on your books (as independent contractors, not
employees), you can then start advertising your services
to prospective clients.

A Yellow Pages listing is a good place to start (although
this does require quite a bit of forward planning) as well
as classified ads in your local newspaper. Professionally
produced flyers/brochures that can be distributed in a
letter box drop in the geographic area you are targeting
will also generate good enquiry.

You should set yourself up so that you bill the client for
the cost of the service and you pay your cleaning
contractors. The difference between what you pay your
contractors and what your receive from clients is your

You can gradually expand your business too by adding
more services over time. Logical extensions include
window washing, garden maintenance, carpet cleaning
and pet sitting, to name just a few examples. And
don't forget to think outside the box when targeting
clients. Consider, for example, real estate agents who
need cleaning services for rental properties between

Useful titles:

=> Home Cleaning Business : Your Step By Step Business
Plan by Susan Bewsey

=> How to Make Cleaning a Successful Business
by Pamela Glasby

You can find these titles online at Borders


There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
Business Ideas page at
and Online Business Ideas page at more being added
all the time.

3. Feature Article - If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...
    15 Rules For Success in Your Home Business

By Elena Fawkner

Someone sent me an email the other day.  Supposedly
General Colin Powell's Rules for Success.  Now, I don't know
whether they really are or not, but as I read them, I thought
they really should be called "15 Rules For Success In Your
Home Business".  So, here they are:

=> Rule 1 - It ain't as bad as you think, it will look better in the

If there's one experience universal to ALL home-business owners,
particularly those running a business on the internet, it's the
occasional feeling that you're just spinning your wheels, and not
getting anywhere.  The number of people who give up on their
businesses just as they approach the brink of success is
staggering.  So hang in there and remind yourself, when things
look bleak, that tomorrow is another day, things really aren't as
bad as they seem and things really WILL look better in the

=> Rule 2 - Get mad, then get over it.

OK, I concede this is more general advice than home-business
advice but it applies in your home business just as it does
anywhere else.  Resentment and unexpressed anger really
don't hurt anyone but the person feeling resentful and angry.
Have you ever noticed how completely unproductive you are
when burdened by resentment and anger?  So feel it, express
it (constructively) and then move on.  As the man said,
"get over it".

=> Rule 3 - Avoid having your ego so close to your position that
when your position falls your ego goes with it.

Over the course of my career I have, from time to time, met
people whose identity and sense of self-worth is so enmeshed
in what they do for a living that they literally don't have an
identity outside of their work.  Because they rely on an external
source for their self-esteem and confidence, they find it necessary
to continually and relentlessly bolster their personal positions,
often at the expense of others, often resorting to political
maneuvring in the workplace to maintain and improve their
supposed 'status'.

These people are the 'empire builders' you sometimes find in
organizations.  They jealously guard their power base all the
while gathering unto themselves more and more responsibility,
beyond the point of being able to do everything they take on.

Because their identity and sense of self-worth depends
upon their position within their organization, what happens
when their position disappears, such as in a corporate
downsizing?  It freefalls.

Don't let this happen to you.  Remember that you are
something separate and distinct from your business.  Sure,
you can be proud and pleased with your accomplishments
but don't define yourself through them.  Your self-worth is
something that comes from inside your human self,
not your business.

Ironically, keeping a professional detachment is more
likely to secure the ultimate success of your business.
Detachment brings perspective, objectivity and clarity,
which helps you make better quality decisions.

=> Rule 4 - It can be done.

Don't allow self-imposed limitations to restrict what you can
and will do.  You can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Well, of course, it must be something that is within your
power - you can't just set your mind on growing a third arm,
for example.

But for anything that is within human power and capability,
the saying "where there's a will is a way" is so true.

Get into the discipline of planning your life and where you
want it to go.  By setting goals and planning the steps that
will help you reach them, you can achieve literally anything
your heart desires.

=> Rule 5 - Be careful what you choose, you may get it.

Following on from this, it should go without saying that
what you set for your goals is something you truly want
because if you do practice the discipline of goal setting
you will surely get it.

=> Rule 6 - Don't let adverse facts stand in the way of a good

Keep your eye on the prize and don't be distracted by what's
happening on the sidelines.  Sure, you may not have entered
the marathon had you known there were going to be 1,000
other runners but does that mean entering the marathon
was a bad idea?  No.

Make your decisions based on quality information and what's
in the best interests of your business.  If someone else comes
along who represents competition for your business, don't be
put off your game.  Just run your own race.  There's ALWAYS
a way to distinguish yourself from your competition.

=> Rule 7 - You can't make someone else's choices.  You
shouldn't let someone else make yours.

IGNORE your mother when she tells you you're crazy
for chucking in your nice SAFE secure little job to start
your own business.  Follow your dream, no-one else's.

=> Rule 8 - Check small things.

Like the fine print in contracts.  Like the URL in that
sales letter you've just put the finishing touches on.
Like your spelling and punctuation.  In other words,
pay attention to detail.

=> Rule 9 - Share credit.

You've heard the saying, "no man is an island".  No
woman is either.  Remember and acknowledge the people
who have helped and continue to help you get where you
want to go.  Acknowledge the achievements of others.

=> Rule 10 - Remain calm, be careful.

Frenzy and recklessness are hardly the prescription for
long-term success in your business.  In the face of
unexpected challenges, unexplained downturns in business
or failure to achieve the results expected, recognize that
these are just part of the thrust and parry of business life
and use a calm, methodical approach to the problem.

Don't just react blindly or chuck away all your hard work
and try something completely different unless a thorough,
calm and careful investigation convinces you that you are
completely off-beam.

Calmly analyze your situation and use your intelligence
to correct the situation.  Sometimes a one degree turn of
the wheel is all that is required to get back on course, not
a completely new rudder.

=> Rule 11 - Have a vision, be demanding.

This rule goes hand in hand with rules 4 and 5.  In order
to set goals and plan ways to achieve them you must
first set your vision.  Think big, be brave.  There is
nothing you can't achieve so make sure your efforts are
going to be for something truly worthwhile.

=> Rule 12 - Don't take counsel of your fears or naysayers.

All of us have moments of self-doubt or even fear when
embarking on a journey to an unknown destination.  If what
you have planned for yourself brings with it feelings of
anxiety, nervousness, even fear, pay attention to them but
don't take their counsel.

They are symptoms of grand thinking, of stretching beyond
the boundaries of your comfort zone.  As the book says,
feel the fear and do it anyway.

=> Rule 13 - Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

This rule is closely related to rule 1.  Believe that things
will work out, that they will look better in the morning, that
everything's going to be OK.  Repeat the words  to yourself
as a mantra if you must but instill a spirit of indomitable
optimism in your outlook and you will attract success into
your life.

=> Rule 14 - Sometimes being responsible means pissing
people off.

You can't please all of the people all of the time so don't
waste your time or energy even trying.  You have a
responsibility to the ultimate success of your business and
to your own personal success.  If that means you occasionally
have to say no to people to stay true to your objectives, do it.
If it means you have to alienate some people because they
don't personally agree with what you are doing, that's their

In other words, stay focused on your plan.  If others don't like
it or agree with it, too bad.

=> Rule 15 - You never know what you can get away with
unless you try.

If you don't ask you don't get.  And if you don't take you
don't get.  Leave nothing on the table.  If an opportunity comes
along, take it.  It may not come again.  And remember,
in chaos there is opportunity.  While everyone else is running
around like chooks with their heads cut off, you just bring up
the rear and clean up on all the opportunities that are just
lying there for the taking among the chicken scratch.

Hindsight truly is 20/20, no doubt about it.  Perhaps, like me,
you're thinking that if you'd known then what you know now,
you would have gone a lot further a lot faster.  But as with any
form of progress, it's the journey, not the destination, that
provides the education and creates the experience and,
through it, wisdom.  And that's something no book can teach
you and money can't buy.


**Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
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4. Program Review - Cash Cow

Few of you will not be aware by now of the online
phenomenon known as the Cookie Cutter. Basically,
Cookie Cutter is both a system for selling the program
to others, as well as providing comprehensive (but
basic) internet marketing training (known as Boot
Camp).  It is specifically designed for those new to
the internet ("newbies").

Cookie Cutter has been so phenomenally successful
that some are now suggesting it's been overexposed.
Whether that's true or not (I don't think so, I still sell
several each week as do several AHBBO advertisers),
there is no question that those who got in on the
ground floor really cleaned up.

Enter the Cash Cow. Essentially applying the same
principles as Cookie Cutter (an internet marketing
training program doubling as a business opportunity),
it does have two very significant advantages over
Cookie Cutter. The first is that, unlike Cookie Cutter,
you are allowed to copy the html of the specified
webpages and graphics files and use them on your
own server.

This makes the Cash Cow a less expensive proposition
than Cookie Cutter which only allows its pages to be
used on Cookie Cutter-hosted sites (for a fee). The
second is that Cash Cow is still relatively unknown and
so people aren't fed up to the back teeth seeing the
same old ads over and over again, making it more likely
that you will generate an enquiry.

Other than this, though, the two programs are very
similar. Both guide the user through the basics of
internet marketing - web pages, autoresponder-
delivered sales letters, setting up to accept credit
cards and online checks, advertising (including ads
you can copy ... hopefully not of the "dumb" variety!).

The prices, too, are similar. The Cash Cow sells for
US$25, Cookie Cutter US$20 (although it is
permissible to increase this price by the amount of
the charge levied by a credit card processor, if any).
Finally, as with Cookie Cutter, Cash Cow is
endorsed by Clickbank.

I wouldn't say that Cash Cow is a superior product
to Cookie Cutter/Boot Camp. In my opinion they
are pretty comparable. But the big advantage of
Cash Cow as a business opportunity is that it
hasn't been done to death. YET. So, if you want
to get in on the ground floor of what could well end
up being a Cookie Cutter Mark II, now's your chance.

For more info, visit the pages I've set up at the
AHBBO website:


5. Newsletter Publishing Tutorial - Part 9 - Accepting Paid

Once your subscriber database reaches a certain level, at
least 1,000, you can begin to think about accepting paid
advertising.  How seriously you pursue advertising in your
ezine depends upon your focus.  If your newsletter is simply
a means of communication to stay in touch with your
website visitors, income-generation may be a secondary or
non-existent priority.  In this case, your "reward" comes
from generating (hopefully) repeat traffic to your website.

If, on the other hand, your newsletter is your primary
business venture, then unless you charge a subscription
fee, you will be reliant upon advertising revenue to earn a
profit from it.

In this instalment of the AHBBO newsletter publishing
tutorial, we will be looking at ways of generating paid
advertising in your newsletter.

Part 9 is available by autoresponder. To receive it, just
send a blank email to .

Alternatively, visit the A Home-Based Business Online
website tutorial page at .

All previous instalments are also available by autoresponder.
To receive previous instalments, just send a blank email to:

for Part 1
for Part 2
for Part 3
for Part 4
for Part 5
for Part 6
for Part 7
for Part 8


Next Week Part 10 - The Exclusive Mailing Debate.


6. Pro-motion - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"

Q. I'm being deluged with email and it seems to take all
my time to answer it every day. Help! (Judy V.)

A. The most important thing you can do for your online
business is communicate with customers, potential
customers and colleagues. Yet, it's easy to get bogged
down in email. Many people strongly support the use of
autoresponders but I find that they defeat the purpose of
true communication. They ARE great for sending
requested articles or other material, however.

Using a filter in your email program is another frequently
used technique. This is to filter out spam and reduce the
number of incoming messages. The only problem with
this is that you may unknowingly filter out legitimate email.

I find that templates work well for reducing the time I
spend answering email. A template containing the basic
answers to the most-asked questions you receive can save
you hours of time every day. All that is required is to bring
up the template - address it - and type in a few lines of
personalization or detail. Then, the template is saved.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is in believing
that a full-blown "letter" type answer is required for every
email. Not true. People are busy online and want to get
straight to the point. It's fast and can be almost like a
conversation. The trick is to change your perception about
how to communicate via the written word.

* To submit questions to "Pro-motion"

jl scott, ph.d., Author
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7. Freebies

=> Ezine Advertising Manual
     Basic training, insightful tips and advanced
     strategies for reaching your market via e-zines -
     all in about an hour.
     (A publication from Ezine Adsource delivered by
     autoresponder in two parts.)


If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
visit for many more freebies like this.

8. Subscriber Q&A

1. Engaging Sales People to Expand Operations

Dear Elena:

I'm trying to set up a marketing plan for my website and
one of my challenges is seeing enough people daily to do
a presentation. I have a medical condition that limits the
amount of time I can be out on sales calls, not to mention
the general administration duties that I have.

I'm wondering if you or any of your members can come up
with an idea for me to compensate outside sales people who
work full time or part time on a straight commission. One
product costing $99.95. I supply media kit.

If I had a system in place that worked, I could expand my
business out of my local area, which is my general goal.

Thank-you in advance for any help you can provide.

Richard Embro-Pantalony

A comprehensive website loaded with up to date
information for buying or selling a home. Virtual tours,
mortgages online, property search, relocation services,
chat, forums, custom home builders and more. Watch
for our magazine, WE DELIVER!


Well, Richard, it sounds like you've hit the nail on the head
with your idea for commission payments. Why not engage
salespeople as independent contractors and pay them a
commission per sale of your product? Sure, you would need
to invest some time and effort in training your salesforce but
once that was done, you would have a small army out there
all selling on your behalf!

By engaging your salespeople as independent contractors
paid on commission you will only incur a cost when you
make a sale and because they are not employees, you will
also avoid the add-on costs that go with the employment
relationship such as paid vacations, taxes, insurance etc..

Another alternative is to start your own affiliate program
if your product is one that can be sold over the internet.
Clickbank is one provider that can set you up with your
own affiliate program.


2. Non-US Opportunities

Have been reading your newsletters. So far, everything is
U.S. based. Is there anything for the Canadian market? Can
I really earn money at home with reasonable simplicity
as a Canadian surfer? ... By the way, I have been looking
for ages, everything does not seem legitimate or there is a
catch. Maureena.


Hi Maureena:

In answer to your second question, yes. Don't get hung up
on where things are based. Most of the time it's completely
irrelevant. The internet is a global medium after all. You will
have a hard time if you try and search out programs specifically
for the Canadian (or ANY non-US) market. But, as I say, it
usually doesn't matter anyway.

If you're just starting out, I recommend you begin by selecting
one or two affiliate programs to promote. You will need to find
a way to generate enquiry but you can do this by placing
classified ads in ezines or even creating your own website.

If you're a newbie, I would also strongly recommend you sign
up for Cookie Cutter/Boot Camp or the Cash Cow (see the
program review above), not as a business opportunity
(although they are that, too) but for the training you receive
in doing buisness and marketing on the internet.


Can YOU help Richard or Maureena? If so, send your
suggestions to

Helpful suggestions will be published next week along
with your link.

If you have a question for the Q&A segment, send it along! .


10. This Week's Web Site Pick - HTML Tutorials by John Gilson

A comprehensive HTML tutorial site comprising (to date)
33 easy to follow lessons that really will teach you
everything you need to know to create an outstanding
website.  It's constantly being expanded with more lessons
too so, just when you get to the point you think you know it
all, you won't.

A great way to keep up with the latest techniques to stay
ahead of the pack!

11. Next Week in A Home-Based Business Online

-> Home Business Idea of the Week: Debt Collector
-> Feature Article:  For The Last Time ... There Is No
    Magic Wand!
-> Newsletter Publishing Tutorial: Part 10 - The Exclusive
    Mailing Debate

13. Subscription Management

Email addresses for ALL returned mails are automatically
deleted from the AHBBO subscriber database, regardless of
the reason.  I simply don't have time each week to sort through
all the undeliverables to work out which are bad addresses
and which are just temporary delivery problems such as the
ubiquitous "mailbox full".  If you have a free email account
and want to continue receiving this newsletter, please clear
out your mailbox on a regular basis!

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15. Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
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