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1. Welcome and Update from Elena
2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Antique/
 Collectibles Finder
3. Feature Article - Publish or Perish
4. Affiliate Program Review - The Internet Marketing
5. Web Watch - The Trade In Domain Names
6. Pro-motion Column - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"
7. Freebies
8. Subscriber Q&A
9. This Week's Web Site Pick
12. Subscription Management
14. Contact Information

1. Welcome and Update from Elena

Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
who have joined us this week!

No, you're not imagining things ... you DID just receive the
latest issue of AHBBO just a couple of days ago.  This one
is a few days early because I'm travelling for a couple of
weeks.  The next issue will be published on May 14 or

Sorry this one is even longer than usual but at least you
have the best part of two weeks to get through it, right?
Remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties
receiving AHBBO by email because of its size, you can always
read it online at .
This is recommended in particular for web.tv users and for
those using email accounts that truncate messages beyond a
particular size.

Starting with the May 19 issue, we'll be starting a new
weekly tutorial.  I'm frequently asked by readers of this
ezine and by my website visitors how they go about starting
their own website and ezine from scratch.  They know what
they want their site and ezine to be about, but they're
completely overwhelmed with all the information and advice
about how to go about it.  In essence, their question is
always "Where do I start?  I'm so confused.  Help!!!".

Well, that's what this tutorial's going to be about.  I'm
going to take you right through the process I followed when
I created AHBBO (both website and ezine) starting from how
to create your very first webpage(s), how to get set up to
make money from it with affiliate programs, how to find a
webhost, how to upload pages, get your site listed with the
search engines and directories, how to get traffic to your
site and so on.

Now, understand that this tutorial is going to be aimed at
the novice.  I'm not going to be going into advanced
subjects about the finer aspects of HTML coding, for example.
We'll be using an easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What
You Get) HTML editor (free, of course) that means you won't
have to know much (if anything) about HTML at all.  We'll be
using completely free resources all the way through.

The aim of this tutorial is to get you up and going and
making money from your own online business.  THEN you can
go off on your own and learn about all the advanced topics
if you want to.

So, if this sounds like something you're interested in
participating in, start thinking about the niche you want
to target in preparation.  Don't know what I mean by
"niche"?  Read last week's feature article "What's Your
Niche?".  It's at the AHBBO website
(http://www.ahbbo.com/niche.html) and is also available by
autoresponder at .

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's issue.

Remember, this ezine is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email

2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Antique/
 Collectibles Finder

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about antiques and/or
collectibles?  If so, this idea may be right up your alley.

An antique/collectibles finder ... well ... finds antiques and
collectibles.  And then sells them.  There's any number of
purchasers you can target with your finds including antique
shops and interior decorators as well as individuals looking
for pieces of their homes.  You WILL need to know your stuff

Your search for antiques for resale will involve frequenting
not only other businesses that sell antiques but also
scouring flea markets and garage sales.  Many a jewel has
been mistaken for rubble.  And don't forget deceased estates.
Check your local newspaper for advertisements for these
types of sales and auctions.

You could also extend your scope of operations by accepting
assignments from dealers and decorators to find specific

And don't just confine your search to your own backyard.
You can specialize in, say, Chinese or French antiques and
make buying trips to China or France (or wherever) two or
three times a year.

Hmmm.... not a bad way to make a living!


Useful resources:


=> About.com Guides to:

Antiques Shopping

Buying and Selling Antiques

=> Antique Trader Online

=> Unravel The Gavel


=> Garage Sale and Flea Market Annual: Cashing in on Today's
Lucrative Collectibles Market
by Sharon and Bob Huxford

=> Trash or Treasure Guide For Buyers: How and Where to
Easily Sell Collectibles, Antiques and Other Treasures
Found around Your House and Neighborhood
by Tony Hyman

=> How to Make $20,000 a Year in Antiques and Collectibles
without Leaving Your Job
by Bruce Johnson

=> Money from Antiques
by Milan Vesely

All of these titles were found at Barnes & Noble online at
http://www.barnesandnoble.com .


There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
Business Ideas page at
and Online Business Ideas page at
with more being added
all the time.

3. Feature Article - Publish or Perish

Copyright © 2017 by Elena Fawkner

Publish or perish.  If you're in academia, you know the
expression well, I'm sure.  It means that if you want to
progress in your career, you will write books, articles,
papers and theses and have your work published and reported
in the leading journals.  In other words, you are expected
to make an original contribution to the body of work in your
area of expertise.

The same holds true if you want to progress in your career
online.  If you don't make an original contribution to the
body of online material in your area of expertise, your
business will never really come into its own.

you've heard it before: on the Internet information is king.
The best website is the one with great original content.
Similarly, the best ezine is the one with great original
articles and other content.  People flock to the Internet
because they have an insatiable desire for information, and
they are looking to you to provide it.  If you don't, they
won't hesitate to move on to someone who will.

Fortunately for your business's competitive edge, there is
no shortage of online "businesses" out there who fail to
make the grade.  There is many a website and many an
ezine that makes no original contribution to the body of
online information in their respective arenas.  These are
the websites that slap up a few affiliate banner ads and
otherwise consist of little more than links to other websites
that DO provide useful content.  Then there are the ezines
that consist of little more than a couple of articles written
by other people interspersed with a few classified ads.  Any
idiot can do that!

You can use this unfortunate fact of Internet life to your
competitive advantage by creating the website and/or the
ezine that DOES contain quality original content.  The
backbone of such a website or ezine is the well-written,
topical article.  That doesn't mean you must write articles
for your website (although you may and should certainly do
that).  It means that you should write articles about a
subject of interest to the same group of people who would
be interested in your website and then submit your article
to various submission points on the ‘net.

Following this approach, you don't need to worry about
"driving" traffic to your site or ezine.  Allow your articles
to showcase your expertise and you will draw people
to you.  It's a "pull" rather than "push" approach to
traffic generation.

Also, other websites and ezine publishers looking for
fresh content for their own sites and ezines will publish
your articles and, provided your article includes a
resource box at the end (this is the little ‘blurb' of 5 or
6 lines you see at the end of articles containing a bio
about the author and usually a link to his or her website
or own ezine), you will generate traffic to your website
and/or an increased following for your ezine.

But, I hear you say, "I can't write", "I don't know what to
write about", "I don't know about anything that people would
be interested in reading about."

Rubbish.  Let's take these excuses (and that's all they are)
in turn:


If you can talk you can write.  Just like if you can read
you can cook.  The beauty of the Internet as a communication
medium is its informality.  Have you noticed that writing is
different online than it is off?  You will rarely find
writing on the net that is stilted and formal.  Not if the
author expects to be read, anyway.  It is much more
conversational in style and tone.  So write how you would
talk if you were speaking to your reader rather than writing
to them.  You'll be surprised how quickly this becomes second
nature.  Just do it.


Write about what you know, what interests you, what you are
passionate about.  The Internet community is V A S T.  There
is guaranteed to be a segment of the online community
interested in any and every topic under the sun, including
your passion for whatever it is that gets you going.

I read an article the other day about how to keep white
clothes white.  That wasn't a topic that particularly
interested ME but judging by the number of contributions
made by readers of this particular ezine, many found it
fascinating.  Go figure!  So, write about what you know and
don't try and prejudge how interested others will be.  Your
potential audience numbers in the hundreds of millions.
You'll be surprised how many people will be interested in
reading what you write.


This excuse really follows on from the previous one.
Essentially this statement says "I know what I am interested
in and could write about it but it's not very interesting so
who'd want to read it?"  Typically, this person is
interested in the "everyday" details of life such as raising
children, coping with a difficult step-daughter, the
challenges of stretching the paycheck to cover this week's
grocery bill.  This is the fodder of life and it's rich,
fertile ground for article topics.

If you live from paycheck to paycheck finding it a challenge
to make ends meet each week, write about that.  Write about
the ingenious ways you stretch a dollar, how you can make a
nutritious dinner for four with only $5, and how you save a
fortune on children's clothes by sewing them yourself.

If you're a stepfather living with a hell's angel of a
step-daughter, write about your experiences, what's worked
for you, what hasn't.  If you're a stay at home mom, write
about the challenges of raising a terrible two year old and
all that goes along with it.

Believe it or not, your real life, your everyday experience
has a built-in audience.  There are many people out there
just like you and they're always looking for information
about how to improve their own lives.  Be an example.  Share
your experiences with others.  Enrich their lives.

OK, I can see I've convinced you.  Now you want to know
where to submit your articles, right?  Good question.
Here's where I submit mine:

Ezine articles


Find Your Dream

Free Content (mailing list)

Article Announce (mailing list)

Publish In Yours (mailing list)

Once you get into the habit of writing articles about your
experiences and interests you will find no end of things to
write about.  Make sure you capture your ideas when they
occur to you.  I keep a section in my diary for this purpose.
Whenever I'm stuck for an article idea I just pull out my
list and inspiration strikes!

On the Internet you don't have to find a publisher for your
work.  You publish yourself.  You can make an original
contribution to the body of information on the Internet
today.  That's pretty powerful.  Never before have you been
able to reach so many so easily, so inexpensively. Never
before have you had such an opportunity to touch so many
lives.  Build your business around what you know, what
you're passionate about and you can't help but succeed.  But
you have to start talking out loud.

So, get to it.  Write your first article TODAY!  Share your
wealth with the Internet community and it will do the same
with you.


**Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you
use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
and (2) you leave the resource box intact. To receive a copy
of this article by autoresponder, just send a blank email to


Every week thousands of good .com names are repossessed by
Internic for non-payment. Unclaimeddomains.com has the
complete list of expired names! To see a sample list, click

4.  Affiliate Program Review - The Internet Marketing

The extremely profitable "two-tier" Internet Marketing
Challenge Affiliate Program is officially up and running.
While it's not MLM, the early birds WILL catch the biggest
worms (earn the biggest checks!).

So what's the big deal? Try this on for size:

1. Earn the highest referral fees in the industry, on a
product that sells like crazy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
-- IMC memberships.   (Mega commissions are being paid for
the month of May to celebrate the new affiliate center.)

2. The two-tier structure allows you to introduce others to
the program and earn an override on their sales (like a
sales manager).

3. Due to the nature of an IMC membership, you'll earn
residual income as customers you generate renew and/or buy
other products.

4. It's 100% FREE to join, and you'll get all of the tools
and support you need to be successful at the IMC Affiliate
Support Center.

At the risk of sounding sensational, one of the beta-testers
was able to generate over $20,000 in commissions in his very
first month. And that was on his own personal sales, before
the lucrative two-tier structure!

While you probably won't earn THAT much, it's proof positive
that this is going to be one of the biggest, and most
profitable, affiliate programs in the online marketing
industry. You'll kick yourself if you miss this one:


5. Web Watch - Trade in Domain Names

Came across this snippet in my mailbox this week:

Internet domain, Hell.com, is for sale. The site is
registered by studioA8, Santa Monica, Calif., and the sale
is being handled by a Pompano Beach, Fla., domain names
brokerage, which on Tuesday said it expects the name to sell
for more than $8 million.

$8 million.  Please.  Methinks people are getting just a
little too excited about this e-conomy thing and for all the
wrong reasons but, hey, what do I know, right?  If people
want to pay stupid money for a domain name, that's their

So let's take a little look at this domain name business.

Everyone says all the good .com names are gone.  The latest
is that new extensions are being developed, the idea being
that if your preferredname.com is taken, you can still get
in with a preferredname.ws name instead.  The "ws" stands
for "world site" I think.

There are a couple of legal impediments that the proponents
of this idea conveniently overlook.  The owner of
preferredname.com, if the name is being used, has presumably
developed a reputation in the name.  They should also have
protected the name by way of a trademark registration.  Even
if they haven't, they at least have the protection of a
common law trademark.

So, if you think you can just set up in competition using your
preferredname.ws domain name, think again.  The most likely
result is that you would get sued for "passing off" (among
other things).  This is a legal term for creating the impression
of an association with another business when, in fact there is
no such association.  It happens when a newcomer tries to
trade off the back of someone else's business and reputation
by creating a false impression that the second business is
somehow affiliated with the first.

Apart from this issue though, the current predilection for
getting hold of good domain names presents opportunities for
the astute domain name speculator.

Did you know that every WEEK thousands of domain names are
repossessed by Internic for unpaid registration fees?  These
names then become available to ANYONE to use (subject to the
legal issues I mentioned above).

Here's just a small sample of some recent bids on eBay.com
for some recently repossessed domain names snapped up by
enterprising speculators:

presscentral.com - $1,925
hotwheelsbuyers.com - $6,600
earthcafe.com - $2,000
playerpianos.com - $7,600.

Source: Unclaimed Domains

(Yes, that is an affiliate URL (I was so impressed with the
idea I signed up) but it will redirect you to the site where
you can see a free sample list of recently available domain

As you can see, snapping up the right domain name once it's
repossessed by Internic can be a lucrative source of income!


The best thing since Cookie Cutter ... this little gem can
put steady cash in your account every day and comes with
free personalized support from AHBBO. Get yours today!

6. Pro-motion - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"

by jl scott, ph.d., Director, IAPO

Q. Do we really have to put up with ezines sending "solo
ads" and extra mailings? Isn't there something we can do
about that? (Anonymous)

A. Let's think about this logically. I subscribe to TIME
MAGAZINE - and I pay for it. Yet, TIME makes their money
mainly from advertising. They routinely send me extra
mailings with special offers - in addition to the regular
ads in each issue.   If I don't like it - they are not going
to give me my money back. In fact, I would be lucky if I
could make them stop sending the magazine before the
subscription ran out.

Online ezines are published to build a mailing list. This is
no secret. Most publishers don't do all that work out of the
goodness of their hearts. They are in business! The
subscriber base is a controlled list of possible buyers for
whatever product/service the publisher is marketing.

For the most part, publishers try to give good - and
valuable - content. Very few charge for their ezines so this
information is FREE to the subscriber. Can you imagine what
you would have to pay for the information you receive in a
free ezine if you purchased it in training courses?

As a publisher, I have repeatedly refused to accept "Solo"
ads to send to my readers. I only send out extra mailings if
I believe it's something my readers really need to know
about. However, I have no problem at all with publishers who
DO accept solo ads. Advertisers want these ads because they
are more likely to be read than a small 5 line ad in the
middle of an ezine.

A couple of minutes of my time to read an extra ad sent by a
publisher who is providing me with valuable information
and/or entertainment every week is a small price to pay for
what I'm getting without charge.

Putting out a good ezine every week is a LOT of HARD work!
Expecting an ezine publisher to teach us and/or entertain
us - then complaining about the occasional extra ad (or even
"too many" ads in an issue) is like the people who go to a
free Happy Hour buffet - eat $20 worth of free food - then
complain because they have to serve themselves.

Ezines were not designed for the sole delight of the
subscribers who receive this information for free - then
complain about it. They were not designed by publishers to
have something to fill up their time - make them crazy - and
give them a lot of guff.

An electronic magazine - as with any print magazine - is a
vehicle for profit. The trade off with a free ezine is MORE
than fair to the subscriber! You get the free information -
the publisher gets the exposure for advertising. Extra ads
are part of the deal unless otherwise stated.

Is there anything you can do about it? Yes - there is. Learn
to live with it or stop taking the gift of the free
information the ezine offers you.

* To submit questions to "Pro-motion"

jl scott, ph.d., Author
Copyright © 2017, All Rights Reserved

This article may be reprinted with permission by including
the following resource box:


dr. jl scott is the Director of the International
Association for Professionalism Online (IAPO)
- and also the publisher of MONDAY
MEMO! - the ezine dedicated to upgrading Professionalism on
the Web. For your FREE subscription:


7. Freebies

=> E-Book - The Business Survival Kit

Two books in one: Business Survival Secrets (a compilation
of do's and don'ts from writing killer ad copy to building
"knockout websites") and Ezine Directory for targeting your


If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
visit http://www.ahbbo.com/ for many more freebies like


8. Subscriber Q&A

I received an email this week from Cheryl, a young woman
with some real challenges.

Cheryl writes:

"Dear Elena,

I absolutely LOVE your publication. I am a disabled young
woman, who would love to have the opportunity to work at
home someday. I have a disease called Reflex Sympathetic
Dystrophy (RSD), as the result of multiple spine surgeries.
The last one of which was a spinal fusion which left me with
a large screw sticking into my S1 (SCIATIC NERVE). So my
major problem with working is sitting and walking too much.
I also have to be at home as I need to be catheterized by
someone 4 times a day. At home I would, with the aid of a
laptop, be able to work and again feel like a useful
productive member of society.

My problem is this: every time I search the web for
"TELECOMMUTING JOBS", inevitably it's all MLM or something
that would require some sort of investment (and living on a
disability income doesn't leave much over for extras).

Gratefully, someone has given me a laptop to use, and I am
eager to put it to productive work.

If you could provide any suggestion, or ANYTHING, it would
mean a great deal to me!

I read that you are backed up with your e-mail, so I'm sure
you won't be able to get back to me right away, but if I
have anything it's plenty of time on my hands!

Keep up the wonderful work, I am sure it is a wonderful
feeling to know how many people that are helped by you!

Cheryl Murphy
Oldsmar, Florida

This is exactly the kind of email that makes this business
worthwhile and I have, of course, responded privately to
Cheryl.  Here's an extract from my response:

"Well Cheryl, the obvious thing that jumps out at me is,
instead of signing up for someone else's program, why not
start your own business consisting of website and ezine
devoted to people in a similar situation to your own?  I
imagine there would be any number of people living with
"disabilities" who would be interested in ideas for earning
an income from their computers (and otherwise perhaps) and
maximizing their personal productivity.  Not only could this
be a potentially lucrative venture for you but it would also
be a way for you to help others in a similar situation.

I dabbled with various programs before coming to the
realization that what I was looking for was something I was
going to have to create for myself.  And so AHBBO was born.
It's a real business, takes real work and effort but is
quite lucrative for me and it's a way for me to make a real
contribution to others' lives.  I'm sure you'd find the same

You obviously have a talent for putting words together.
Why not put that talent to work?

If this suggestion seems a bit "much" right now, a good
source of work from home jobs is outsource2017.  They're at
http://www.outsource2017.com .  There's a membership fee
(not too bad - about $40 or so I think from memory) and you
DO have to wade your way through the MLM type ads, or at
least you did last time I visited, but there ARE real jobs
in there too."

Cheryl responded:

"Your suggestion about starting something myself is a great
one. In fact I was able to come up with the money to
register the domain name of "DISABILITYBUSTERS.COM". It
wasn't my first choice, but there are many others out there
with the same idea, but I imagine there's room for everyone
........I think the www is still somewhat of a wild, wild,
west :o)

The immediate problem I see is that I cannot sit for too
long, as I previously mentioned. I have been lucky enough to
have a great friend who has been letting me use his laptop
while he uses my old Pentium 133 desktop, but that isn't
permanent. People like that have been the biggest blessing
to me.

I have applied for several grants, one under a federal
program that has allocated monies for the disabled to keep
up with "technology". Unfortunately most of those grants are
taken almost as soon as they are available, but I will keep

Then the next step will be, where and how the heck do I

So, there you have it.  Any words of wisdom for Cheryl?  The
upcoming AHBBO tutorial will answer the "where and how the
heck do I start" question but does anyone have any other
ideas, especially to do with how Cheryl might go about
securing a federal (or other) grant?

If you respond directly to Cheryl, please note:

"I live in Florida and they are flying me up to JOHN HOPKINS
on the 8th [May], I will be there for at least 2 weeks. I
hope I will be able to get my mail, but if not, and I don't
respond, I will when I get home :o)"

Please also share your response with the rest of us.  I'm
sure there are many interested in this issue so please send
your pearls of wisdom to me here at Contact By Email
and I'll run responses next issue.


If YOU have a question for the Q&A segment, send it along!
Contact By Emailmp;A .

9. This Week's Web Site Pick - HomeBusinessResearch.com


Links and tutorials for home-based or small start-up

Departments include:

=> The Learning Center
=> Research and Information
=> Recommended Resources
=> Forums
=> Books
=> Software
=> Newsgroups

Very nicely done.


12. Subscription Management

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To UNSUBSCRIBE from this Newsletter:

If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
in its entirety to your friends, family and associates!

14. Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
Contact By Email


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