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1. Welcome and Update from Elena
2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Medical Billing/
 Claims Processor
3. Feature Article - When You Hit the Wall
4. Web Watch - The Microsoft Break-Up
5. Pro-motion Column - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"
6. Freebies
7. Subscriber Q&A


1. Welcome and Update from Elena

Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
who have joined us since the last issue!

Apologies for the missing May 14 issue.  My trip was
unexpectedly extended and internet access was not all it should
have been.  As a result, an amended publishing schedule will
apply between now and June 2:

=> May 12 issue which was to be published May 14, now May 21
=> May 19 issue now May 24
=> May 26 issue now May 28.

As a result of these difficulties, the launch of the new AHBBO
Build Your Own Website tutorial will be delayed until the June 2
issue.  Sorry for those of you awaiting the start of this tutorial.

For the same reason, if you subscribed to AHBBO between
May 4 and 19, you will not have received a welcome message
from me.  This is because, although I could receive and process
your subscription request, I could not send mail easily.  I hope you
will forgive this lapse in "netiquette" and allow me to welcome
you to AHBBO here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this week's issue.

Remember, this ezine is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email .

2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Medical
 Billing/Claims Processor

This idea was prompted by several emails I received over the
course of the past couple of weeks looking for information
about this business idea.

Medical billing involves working with dentists, surgeons,
clinics, physical therapists, doctors etc. to enter patient
insurance claim information into a database, preparing
paper and electronic claims, mailing patient statements,
following-up with patients not paying bills and preparing

Once you have become an experienced medical biller
you can start your own medical billing consulting service.

If you don't have a background in the area you'll need to
take a course on the subject via home study or your
local college. Another idea is to work in a medical office
setting as their claims processor to gain the experience
needed to work on your own at home.

You'll need a computer, printer, medical billing software and
a fax machine. A second phone line is recommended
together with an answering machine or answering service.

Your start-up costs if you need to buy everything above,
including courses on starting a medical billing business will
be $15,000 plus. But if you have experience and equipment,
your start-up costs will be in the vicinity of $3,000.

Your anticipated earnings depend on where you live. You can
also charge per project. If you have a solid customer base,
your earning potential is unlimited.


Useful resources:


=> American Medical Billing Association

=> Electronic Medical Billing Network

=> Medical Billing Software


=> Setting up Your Medical Billing Business: Step by Step
Procedures for Beginning a Computer-Based Home Business
by Merlin B. Coslick

=> Medical Billing: The Bottom Line
by Claudia A. Yalden

=> Medical Billing Home-Based Business: Success in
Management and Business Strategies
by Merlin B. Coslick

=> Medical Billing Home-Based Business: Success in
Marketing and Consulting
by Merlin B. Coslick

These titles and many others are available online at Barnes
& Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com ).


There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
Business Ideas page at Home Based Business Ideas


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Impulse - Easy, Effective, Ecommerce (tm)
Online Storefront

3. Feature Article - When You Hit the Wall

Copyright © 2013 by Elena Fawkner

You know that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry or George
asks Newman why it is that so many postal workers suddenly
go off the deep end and blow their coworkers away with a
semi-automatic?  Newman's answer (in suitably
melodramatic tone): "Because the mail ... never ... stops."
Running an online business is a bit like that, so be prepared.

You don't feel like that to start with.  Oh no.  If so, we'd think
twice before cashing in our day jobs to do this full-time at
home.  No, in the beginning it doesn't feel like work at all.
It's, well, fun.

After a while, though, the novelty starts to wear off and it
begins to feel a little less like play and more like real work.
That's OK though.  You'd still much rather work for yourself
than your old boss so you figure you're onto a good thing.

But then it happens.  One day you wake up and realize the
thought of switching on your laptop makes you feel ever so
slightly sick in the stomach.  Whereas once your routine was
1. get out of bed, 2. stumble into the study, 3. turn on your
computer and 4. start your morning mail download BEFORE
5. feeing the cat (and if you're owned by a cat or two you know
just how significant this priority really is), now you find yourself
beginning to put off downloading your mail, feeding the cat
becomes first priority as does almost anything other than
sitting down and actually starting work for the day.

You suddenly realize that an online business is always just
that.  Online.  All the time.  No such thing as weekends in
this business.  Email continues to trickle (and often flood) in
every day of the year.  Every single day.  Think about that.
It doesn't stop just because it's the weekend.  Or Christmas
Day.  Or because you're on vacation.  It is relentless.
Sometimes you will know how Newman feels and even begin
to have moments of sympathy for him.

Once you get to that stage, you have, my friend, Hit The
Wall.  Congratulations.  You are now officially running an online

So, what can you do about it?  The wall, that is.  Here's nine
tips that will help.


Well, obviously, the best thing is not to let it happen in the
first place.  Easy to say, tougher to do.  After all, it's only if
you know there's a wall there you CAN hit that you stop to
think of ways to slow yourself down before you get there.

How do you avoid burnout in a traditional paid job?  Balance
and moderation in all things.  By working a set number of
hours a day and no more, taking time for things you enjoy and
not just work and the preparations for and recovery from, work.
Enjoying some "down" time, in other words.  Taking a break
from your responsibilities and having some FUN for Pete's
sake.  Life wasn't meant to be easy but it wasn't meant to be
all work either.

But, as I said, you have to know the wall is there before
you can avoid hitting it.  If it's just too late for you, here's
how to get back on your feet again.


Set up an autoresponder for all your mail notifying everyone
sending you mail that you are away from your office for the
next two days (or however long you can comfortably take
without damaging your business).  If you must process
orders manually, take care of them but let everything else

On your time out, the object of the exercise is to mentally
break from your business so you can get some perspective.
This means taking a whole day off, and not thinking about
what you should be doing or what isn't getting done.  Just
focus on taking the day off. Do something you enjoy but
haven't done for ages.  Go for a walk in some nearby
gardens, go to the ocean and sit on the sand and ponder the
horizon.  Meditate.  Go for a long drive in the country.  Do
whatever you want that's enjoyable for you but nothing
related to your business.  Something that gets you out of
your own head for a while.

By the end of this day, you should have cleared away most
of the cobwebs and relaxed your mind.  Once you're in this
state, your thinking will be clearer and you should be able
to take a step back and look at what you're doing with your
life and your business with greater perspective and

The day after your day off, think about how you are running
your business and how you might restructure your habits so
you are more productive but still have something of yourself
left over for yourself ... and others.  You may realize, for
example, that you're never free of the ball and chain (how I
affectionately think of my laptop) because you're in the habit
of checking your email compulsively 30 times a day and have
somehow got the idea into your head that you must answer
your mail within 30 minutes of receipt.  Says who?  Just
because email is a near instantaneous form of communication,
that doesn't mean your response needs to be instantaneous.

Now, I'm not talking about letting a week go by.  Obviously
running a professional business requires that you respond to
your mail (online and off) in a timely manner.  But it can
certainly wait a few hours until the time you have set aside for
next reading and responding to email.  So don't let your
computer become an anchor dragging you down.  It's a tool to
assist you in your business.  It is there to serve you, not the
other way around.


One of the main reasons for burnout whether you're running
an online business or work in a more traditional paid "job" is
allowing work to become all-consuming.  The internet, in
particular, can become addictive if we don't watch it.  How
many times have you found that an entire day has gone by
while you've been "busy" on your computer but, when that
day is over, you have a hard time identifying anything
particularly productive you have done with that time?

It's extremely easy to lose focus online.  You go online to
research a subject for an article you need to write for this
week's issue of your ezine.  Along the way you see
something that catches your eye and before you know it two
or three hours have trickled away like sand through your
fingers with nothing to show for it.

When you sit down at your computer to work, work.  If you
want to do other things online, schedule time for them.
Non-work time.


No matter how much you enjoy your online business, spend
enough 18 hour day/seven day weeks and you'll burn out.  No

When you work a traditional full-time "job" you have time off.
For most of us it's the weekend, for others, such as shift
workers, that time off may fall at different times.  But the one
constant is that when you work, you need time off to rest,
recuperate and regenerate your body, mind and spirit.

The same holds true when you run an online business.
Just because you CAN work 18 hour days/seven day weeks,
does this mean you should?  Even looking at it from a purely
business perspective, do you really think you're doing your
business any favors by working yourself into the ground?
Where are you going to find that 'zen' time when you have
your most creative ideas?  When are you going to plan for the
future growth of your business?  Certainly not when you're up
to your eyeballs in 'busy work'.  You can think much more
easily, clearly and effectively when your mind is relaxed and
calm.  Who said that thinking time can't be spent at the beach
or in the hammock in the back yard?

So take time each week for you.  Your business will be better
for it and so will you.


Working at home can be a challenge.  Many people think
that the real challenge lies in the temptation to goof off when
you should be working.  We know that reality is different.  In
reality, the nature of business online, the instantaneous
communication, the order that may be sitting in our mailbox
even now as we write this article, means that the temptation
is more to spend every waking hour hooked up than goofing
off.  This can quickly lead to a spiral of compulsive work
habits and an inability to set work aside for the day.

For this reason, for most people it is a good idea to set fixed
working hours and stick to them.  This will help you bring
more focus to your work knowing you only have a limited
number of hours today to devote to your business and this
will mean that you are at least as productive (and probably
more so) in your 8 hour work day than you ever were in your
16 hour marathons when you were so tired half the time you
felt like your eyes were going to fall out.


Another good way to keep things fresh and avoid burnout is
to stir things up a bit every now and again.  Sure, there are
some routine things that have to be done day in, day out but
that doesn't mean you have to do them at the same time every
day unless that works for you.

If your habit is to check your email first thing in the morning,
maybe your first order of business should be to write that
article or sales letter you've been putting off and checking
your mail after lunch.  Not only do you avoid the boredom of
the same old routine day in, day out, getting something
difficult out of the way upfront acts as a kind of springboard
for productivity throughout the rest of the day.  Who knows,
you may even be able to knock off early!


Nothing is more certain to create stress and anxiety than the
feeling you have so much to do you just don't know where to
start.  Or, more importantly, where to finish.

To avoid this waste of valuable time and energy, plan each day.
Doing this a week in advance is a good way to ensure a
productive week.  Sure, you won't know exactly what's going
to come up on a particular day but there are certain tasks that
you know have to be done.  So allocate days and times to them
in writing.  Cross them off your list when you're done.  This gives
you a sense of accomplishment when you complete set tasks
and necessitates that you prioritize your activities.  What is
important will get done.  Knowing this frees your mind of the
worry and anxiety about what may have fallen through the
cracks and leaves your mind clear and calm.


As I said earlier, it's easy to become compulsive when it comes
to checking email.  After all, as that little voice in your head
insists, there could be an order waiting for you.  How many times
have you been sitting at your computer thinking about starting
something that's going to take some effort (such as writing an
article or a sales page) when, ding!, the "You've got mail"
message pops up and off you go, to see what it is.  While
you're there you read a couple of newsletters, check out this
or that new affiliate program someone's just sent you a sales
pitch about and, before you know it, that quick mail check has
turned into three hours you can't get back.  Bad habit.  Very
very bad habit.

So resist the temptation.  Close your mail program until the
time you have designated for your next mail check.  Work on
the tasks you have assigned yourself for today.  Your mail will
still be there in three hours and a whole lot more of it besides.


In addition to segregating your time between work and non-work
activities, another good way to segregate your business and
non-business lives is to physically segregate them.  A
dedicated room in your house that you can use as your office
and close the door on at the end of the day, separate
communications systems that you can turn off at the end of the
day, reinforces in your mind that once that door is closed, once
that answering machine is turned on, your work is done for the
day.  Go home!

Never before have so many had such an opportunity for
independence in their working lives.  Never before has the
potential for self-employment been easier to realize.  But the
freedom from the control of others that we seek when making
the break from paid workforce to full-time online business is
something we must protect lest we substitute one form of
servitude for another.  There is, after all, nothing so confining as
the prison we build for ourselves.  An online business is one
way to achieve financial freedom and independence in our
working lives.  Understand the terrain and you can be as free
as a bird, in control of your own destiny.  Fail to understand it
and be grounded.  The choice is yours.


**Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you
use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
and (2) you leave the resource box intact.


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4. Web Watch - The Microsoft Break-Up

Although I try not to get on my political soapbox too often,
I'd like to share with you something I received in my mailbox
this week:

"Americans for Technology Leadership Update

"On April 30, Americans for Technology Leadership released
the following statement after the DOJ and state attorneys
general submitted their radical and extreme remedy proposal
in the Microsoft antitrust suit.

"In light of this unprecedented attempt to regulate a highly
competitive and dynamic industry, it is critical that concerned
citizens voice their objections to unnecessary government
regulation of technology. Please take a minute and visit ATL's
website and send your elected officials in Washington an email
to let them know that consumers will suffer if the government
succeeds in breaking-up and regulating Microsoft. Click here,
to get involved.

Josh Mathis, Executive Director
Americans for Technology Leadership

"PS. It is critical that the views and opinions of consumers are
heard in this debate. After you send your elected officials a
message, forward this email to friends and colleagues that
share your concerns that unnecessary government regulation
of technology will stifle innovation and harm consumers."

[Statement follows:]

"ATL Responds to Government's Radical and Extreme
Remedies Proposal Washington, DC -- Josh Mathis, Executive
Director of Americans for Technology Leadership (ATL), a
technology consumer group, issued a statement today in
response to the filing of the government's proposed remedies
in the Microsoft case.

"The remedies proposed today by the federal government and
the state attorneys general represent the first step toward
regulating the entire technology industry. These remedies, if
enacted, will stifle innovation, hurt consumers, destroy our
economy, and devastate the high-tech industry as a whole.

"A recent special report issued by ATL titled, 'The High Tech
Revolution and the Microsoft Antitrust Case,' reveals how
dramatically the industry has changed in the two years since
the Microsoft case was filed. The evidence clearly shows that
this is a dynamic, fast-paced and competitive industry that does
not need radical government regulation, and frankly should
never have been filed in the first place. More importantly, it
proves that there is absolutely no justification for the extremist
proposal filed today.

"The ATL special report is available on the web site.

"Americans for Technology Leadership is a broad-based
coalition of technology professionals, consumers, and
organizations dedicated to limiting government regulation of
technology and to fostering competitive market solutions to
public policy issues that affect the technology industry. For
additional information on ATL, a list of founding members,
public policy positions, and a mission statement visit the
web site at ."

Although I'm not an apologist for Microsoft (far from it!), I
do have concerns about government regulation of internet
commerce, namely that it will squash it into oblivion.  If this
is something that worries you too, make your feelings
known by writing your local official.  Details are at the ATL site.


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5. Pro-motion - Answers for the "Pro in Motion"

by jl scott, ph.d., Director, IAPO

Q. I have now gone through, not one - but TWO "big name"
Internet Service Providers. These are companies who are
well-known off line and from whom I expected to receive
great service.

In one case I never received the free time I was offered to
subscribe to their service. I couldn't believe that this
company would break their word! In both instances, I found
myself receiving terrible service. Why can't I depend on
the reputations of companies online? (Greta)

A. Once again, assumptions enter into the picture of the world
online. Some assumptions have been carried over from doing
business in the "outside world." They simply won't hold up

For the Consumer:

Don't assume that a company is reputable because they are a
huge corporation which has expanded onto the Internet. Nothing
could be further from the truth.

Many corporate giants have added online service divisions.
Unfortunately, these divisions are rarely governed by the rules
which may govern other parts of the company. My experience
had been that they tend to take full advantage of this fact.

Don't assume that another business owner's recommendation
will be of any true value without checking it out, no matter what
kind of an expert they claim to be. They could easily be a
silent partner - or an affiliate. Look at the level of
professionalism exhibited by the company with whom you are
considering doing business!

Don't assume that working on the Internet gives any company
"special rights" to treat you unprofessionally. If they
"de-humanize" you, remember who is paying their bills and
salaries. You! Plenty of good, solid, and smaller online
companies will be willing to give you the respect you deserve as
a customer.

Assumptions online can be dangerous. Please treat each
decision as if you are starting at the beginning - with no prior
knowledge of the company.

jl scott, ph.d., Author
Copyright © 2013, All Rights Reserved

This article may be reprinted with permission by including
the following resource box:


dr. jl scott is the Director of the International
Association for Professionalism Online (IAPO) and also the publisher of MONDAY
MEMO! - the ezine dedicated to upgrading Professionalism on
the Web. For your FREE subscription:



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6. Freebies

=> Ebook - Ingredients for Success

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entrepreneurs and learn what works online, what doesn't and
how you can get better results with less time and effort starting
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7. Subscriber Q&A

Dear Elena,

I'm a subscriber to AHBBO and like it a lot and would now like
to start advertising in it. One question, though - I notice that,
unlike many other e-zines, ads in AHBBO don't have "clickable"
links to autoresponders and websites. Why is this and do you
intend to change this in the future? I firmly believe that a live
"clickable" link in an ad improves response over making someone
have to manually open their e-mail or browser program and type
in the relevant address.

I look forward to your early response.



Well, I must admit this one had me stumped.  There's really
nothing to making a link clickable.  You just put a "mailto:" in
front of an email address and a "http://" in front of an URL and
it should be clickable.

Simon also mentioned that he predominantly seems to have this
problem with links that appear towards the end of relatively large

After some backwards and forwards between Simon and me
though, Simon seems to have identified the problem.  If he
copied and pasted AHBBO into a new file, then added a space
after the link, the link was clickable.  It seems that this may be
a quirk with Microsoft Outlook, Simon's email program, so if
you publish your own ezine, you may want to add a space after
each link to make sure it appears clickable to Outlook users.

Thanks for letting us know about this Simon.

8. This Week's Web Site Pick - BusinessKnowHow.com

business know how

From the About Us page:

"Business Know-How is a leading online content provider and
online resource for home offices and small businesses. The
company has an established track record for developing active,
"sticky" online communities, developing web-enabled
databases, and providing timely, pertinent content and tools
that help small and homebased businesses start, grow and
operate more successfully and profitably."


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11. Subscription Management

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13. Contact Information

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