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      June 2

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1. Welcome and Update from Elena
2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Bed and
3. Feature Article - Moonlighting's Greatest Challenge ...
 How the Beat the Time Crunch
4. Web Watch - Your Personal Information: Privacy or
5. Special Offer for AHBBO Subscribers - Incorporation
 Services from Click & Inc.
6. AHBBO Build Your Own Website Tutorial - Part 1:
 Introduction and Timetable
7. Free E-Book of the Week - 101 High Profit Businesses
 You Can Start On The Internet With Little Or No Money!
8. Subscriber Q&A - Turning a Website Into a Money Maker
9. This Week's Web Site Pick - Tame Your Brain
12. Subscription Management
14. Contact Information

1. Welcome and Update from Elena

Hello again, and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers
who have joined us since the last issue!

This week sees the introduction of the new AHBBO tutorial
"Build Your Own Website".  For those of you intending to
participate, we'll be following the same format as the earlier
AHBBO Newsletter Publishing Tutorial, namely delivery of
each instalment by autoresponder as well as being posted
at the AHBBO website.

Following last week's article, "Creating A Corporate Office
Image From Your Spare Bedroom", I received many requests
for information about how to go about incorporating your own
company.  As it happens, I have been working with Mark
Levine of Click & Inc. over recent weeks regarding a strategic
partnership between Click & Inc. and AHBBO.  Mark's
business is providing online incorporation services to small
businesses.  I wasn't intending to introduce you to
Click & Inc.'s services until the launch of the new AHBBO
website but since there seems to be some current interest,
I'm doing so in this issue.

The upshot of all of this is that Mark has graciously written
a piece especially for AHBBO subscribers on the reasons
why you should incorporate your business.  Following
Mark's article I have included details of a special offer that
Mark is making available to AHBBO subscribers.  I strongly
recommend his service to all readers who have, or plan to
have, their own business.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this
week's issue.

Remember, this ezine is for YOU! If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you! Please send comments,
questions and stories to Contact By Email .

2. Home-Based Business Idea of the Week - Bed and

If you live in an attractive town that caters to tourists or business
travellers, have a spare bedroom or two, an outgoing personality,
know your way around a kitchen and don't mind sharing your
space with and entertaining strangers, a bed and breakfast
business may be just up your alley.

For foreign visitors, staying overnight with locals is something
often preferred as it provides the opportunity to meet real people
and experience real life ... something that is next to impossible
to achieve when staying at a large, impersonal downtown hotel.
For domestic travellers too, whether on business or vacation,
bed and breakfast lodgings are often a welcome respite from
the same old hotel/motel circuit.

Prices per night range from a low of US$25 to US$100 or
more depending on location, facilities and services.  Be sure
to check with your local regulatory authority for any licensing
requirements that may apply in your area though.

Naturally, your guests will expect a clean, neat and
comfortable home. It doesn't have to be anything grand.  Often,
all your guests will be looking for is a slice of real life.  So just
make sure the guest accommodations are tastefully furnished
and well-maintained and that there is plenty of cupboard space,
a sitting area and a large, comfortable bed.

Many foreign visitors will appreciate a quick tour of the
interesting sights in your area or at least some assistance in
planning an itinerary so think about incorporating this into your
suite of services.

In addition to advertising in newspapers and the Yellow Pages,
be sure to list your services with all the travel agencies in
your area as well as in a number of national travel magazines.


Useful resources:


=> So You Want to Be an Innkeeper: The Definitive Guide to
     Operating a Successful Bed and Breakfast
     by Mary E. Davies

=> How to Open and Operate a Bed & Breakfast
     by Jan Stankus

=> Open Your Own Bed and Breakfast
     Barbara Notarius, Gail Sforza Brewer

=> How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast:
     Down-to-Earth Advice
     by Martha Watson Murphy

=> Bed and Breakfast: A Step by Step Business Plan
     by Monica Taylor and Richard Taylor

These titles and many more can be ordered online at Barnes &
Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com).


There are many more ideas like this in AHBBO's Home
Business Ideas page at Home Business Ideas with more being added
all the time.


Let the ecommerce experts help you set up your online storefront that will take orders for your business 24 hours a day!
e-commerce services


Free Web Design and Web Promotion Tool!
Now anyone can create and promote a high-quality, coherent
website with WebPage-O-Matic. Simply fill out a few simple
fields and click a few buttons. No HTML skills or knowledge
of design principles required. For Windows 95/98/NT.

3. Feature Article - Moonlighting's Greatest Challenge ...
    How to Beat the Time Crunch

Copyright © 2017 by Elena Fawkner

I receive many emails each week with send times like 5:02
am, 4:47 am and 1:02 am.  Ah, I think to myself, another
moonlighter.  It's tough being a moonlighter, as many of you
reading this know only too well.  Here are some ideas to help
you beat the time crunch.


Before you can begin planning how to make the most
effective use of your time, you need to understand where
it goes.

An activity log is a good way of identifying black holes that
can be turned into productive time.  Keep an activity log for
a week.  Just write down everything you do for a week.  Be
sure to include everything: getting ready for work, eating
meals, taking breaks, travelling to and from work, grocery
shopping, telephone calls, faxes, emails, casual chats,
work activities, reading, making meals, watching TV,


Your activity log will identify, in excruciating detail, exactly
how much time you are squandering each week ... valuable
time that you could be putting to productive use in your
business.  You may find that you're spending 16 hours a
week watching TV, for example.  That's two whole business

So identify those time wasters and kill them off.  A time
waster is any thing that doesn't make a worthwhile
contribution (proportionate to the time you spend on it) to
your work, your business or your personal wellbeing.  If it
doesn't make a contribution to one of these three areas,
dump it or delegate it.


If you are more efficient on the job, you will be able to free
up some time for business-related activities.  You can't be
too obvious about it, of course, but so long as you're on
top of your work responsibilities, you can buy yourself some
time to take care of some of your business-related activities.

Paradoxically, studies have shown that moonlighters who
'cheat' by squeezing in business activities alongside their
work activities are often more effective in their day jobs
because they work harder than they normally would to keep
from getting caught.  One word of caution, though.  It's
generally a BAD idea to choose for your business something
that competes with your employer's business.  Such an
arrangement is rife with conflicts.


If you've followed the above steps, you should have a good
idea of how much time you have available to you and what
activities are going to serve your business, work and personal
needs.  Now it's time to schedule everything you need to
accomplish.  You may choose to do this on a daily, weekly
or monthly basis, it's up to you.  I recommend though that
you start out by creating daily "to do" lists until you get
used to the discipline of managing your time effectively.

So make a list of everything you would like to accomplish
today.  This includes business, work and personal.  Now
prioritize those activities in order of necessity, importance and
urgency.  When thinking about priorities, make sure that if you
run out of time today, what doesn't get done is something that
can wait until tomorrow.

In addition to scheduling your activities, allocate realistic
time periods within which to complete them.  By setting a time
limit for these tasks, you will force yourself to lift your pace to
get them done in time and this will in turn force you to become
more productive.  It will also help you discipline yourself
not to allow distractions to get in the way.

When scheduling, work with your effectiveness level as much
as you can.  Schedule important tasks that require creativity
and clear-thinking for your most alert period of the day.
Routine or mundane tasks can be slotted in to low energy/low
concentration periods.

Also, try and maintain and influence your energy levels with
diet and rest.  A high carbohydrate breakfast will keep the
brain supplied with sugars for the early part of the day.  But
by mid-morning, you may experience a sugar slump so get
into the habit of having a mid-morning snack to avoid this.  A
banana will do the trick.  Some people swear by protein
(such as an egg) at breakfast to delay the energy dip.
Experiment until you find what works best for you.

Still on the subject of diet, if you want to have a productive
afternoon avoid large lunches because they divert blood from
the brain and to digestion.  If you've ever felt like taking a nap
after lunch, that's why.  Also, don't drink alcohol at lunchtime
because it's a sedative.  All you'll want to do is go to sleep.
Not very conducive to a productive afternoon's work.


Focus on results, not on being busy.  You are, I'm sure,
familiar with the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20
rule.  The Pareto Principle says that 80% of unfocused effort
generates only 20% of results and the remaining 80% of
results are achieved with only 20% of effort.  Focus on the
results you are wanting to achieve and look for ways to work
more efficiently.


No doubt your activity log revealed an amazing amount of
time taken up with distractions.  Distractions can take
many forms but let's look at three major ones: email,
telephone calls and casual visitors.

=> Email

Check your non-work (i.e. non-job) email only once or twice
a day and deal with each item only once.  That means
reading it, responding to it, filing it for later review or trashing
it.  Don't leave it sitting in your inbox once you've opened it or
you'll forget what it is and waste time rereading it probably
several times over.

=> Telephone Calls

Be disciplined with telephone calls.  Have an agenda before
dialing and stick to it.  Be clear in your own mind the
purpose of your call and the outcome you want.  It's also a
good idea to schedule "telephone time" if you can manage
it.  This is an hour or so every day when you make and return
phone calls.

=> Casual Visitors

Discourage chatty drop-in visitors by getting up from your
desk, continuing to appear busy, not having convenient
visitors' chairs (drape your coat over them or pile them up
with papers) or by saying something like, "Joe can I get back
to you on whatever it is once I'm done here?  I'm under the


Get out of the habit of feeling bad about declining requests
from people to take on tasks that will erode even further the
time you have available.  Now, if it's your boss and what you're
being asked to do falls within your job description, you
obviously have no choice, but do you really need to be on yet
another committee?


Time spent waiting for an appointment or when you're
travelling can be put to productive use.  Use that 15 minutes
you're waiting in the doctor's surgery to sketch out some
article ideas, write some classified ads or answer email.  Same
thing when you're travelling.  If you're travelling by air, try and
get a seat that will allow you to work.  That may mean an
emergency exit or a bulkhead seat, for example.  Any seat
that will allow you to work on your laptop comfortably is worth
the effort.


This one is a no-brainer.  If you get up just one hour earlier
each day, you effectively create another 365 hours a year.
That's more than two weeks!  You could create a brand new
website in two weeks.  You could write the outline of a novel
in two weeks.  At least think about it.


Consider learning how to speed read to save time on your
business reading.  Alternatively, learning more effective
reading strategies to extract required information most
efficiently is another time saver.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how
you can save time and create time in your day.  By putting
these principles to work and constantly testing your activities
against the yardstick "does this make a worthwhile
contribution to my work, business or personal wellbeing?",
you will quickly develop a radar for time wasters and begin to
eliminate them from your life.  By simplifying your life in this
way you will be amazed at how much more you are able to
accomplish and your dream of giving up your day job for your
own full-time business will become a reality much sooner
than you would have ever thought possible.


**Reprinting of this article is welcome!**
This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you
use the autoresponder copy which contains a resource box;
and (2) you leave the resource box intact.


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4. Web Watch - Your Personal Information: Privacy or Piracy?

In last week's Web Watch segment we discussed the new
U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule which came
into effect on April 21. 

During the week, the issue of privacy rights for the rest of
us, most particularly the alarming emerging trend of website
owners selling personal information gathered from their
website visitors, ezine subscribers and who knows who else,
continued to be a hot subject.

In the news:

=> Data about me? It's personal, private -- and for sale
From now on, when those scurvy dog Internet marketers want
our personal and private information, maybe we should charge
them for it. That ought to apply the brakes to the Net's privacy

=> Intrusion fears as tax office sells data
The Australian Taxation office has admitted it planned to sell
e-mail addresses and other details of 2.5 million business for
$20 each, a move that experts warn could undermine the
commercial privacy of companies.

This is one issue that definitely does seem to be getting
up a head of steam.  How long do you think it will be before
regulators start enacting legislation to protect the privacy
of ALL of us who provide personal information such as email
addresses when we buy online, sign up for a newsletter or
any of the other myriad circumstances under which we
agree that it's appropriate to provide this information?  If
history is any guide, there'll be a lot of talk and scaremongering
before anything changes if, in fact, it ever does.

You can use this growing concern about internet privacy to
your competitive advantage by taking the initiative and
establishing your own privacy policy at your site and in
relation to any information you collect from your site visitors
and/or ezine subscribers.  At a minimum your privacy policy
should state that all information is treated as highly
confidential, is kept securely and will not be knowingly
disclosed or sold to any third party.  To be safe though, you
should probably add a rider that excludes disclosure by
compulsion of law.

5. Special Offer - Incorporation Services from Click & Inc.

A word from Mark Levine of Click & Inc.

Starting your own business is a time of great excitement and
anticipation. Working hard to develop a good product or service
provides a great sense of accomplishment.

In many ways the Internet has made it easier to start your own
business, but it has also left traps for the unwary.

Iíve been a business lawyer for eight years. I have served as
outside general counsel to small and large businesses alike.
I have also owned several small companies myself­so what Iím
about to tell you comes from years of experience.

Since 1993 I have started and sold two clothing companies,
and a merchandising company which sold a variety of toys,
dolls, and clothing featuring two of the most famous professional
wrestlers in the world.  I now am one of the owners of an online
business services company.

Anyone, and I mean anyone who is going to start a business,
and especially an ecommerce business where they are selling
goods and/or services, should be incorporated. The Internet has
made incorporating easy and relatively cheap, which is both good
and bad as you will see.

The most important reason to incorporate is that, if properly run,
a corporation shields the owner from personal liability for the
corporation's debts. Let's take a person who runs an estore where
they offer 100,000 products for sale. It is safe to say that this
person has never seen any of the products and knows very little
about them.

There are many people who do this and it is a fine way to operate
so long as the proper steps are followed. The seller of the product
(in this case you) has a great deal of exposure given that you sell
thousands of products. Let's say that Chuck Consumer buys a
blender through John Doe's estore. When Chuck Consumer gets
the product, let's say his three year old sticks her hand in the
blender and turns it on, mutilating her hand. Chuck Consumer then
goes to an attorney who convinces the Consumers to sue. They
sue the manufacturer and the party who sold them the blender
(which is John Doe). A court may find that the maker of the blender
didn't provide proper instructions so that Chuck Consumer wasn't
aware that his three year old should not be left alone near a plugged
in blender.

Or maybe the court says that the manufacturer was negligent
because there wasn't a safety mechanism to prevent such an

Or maybe, the court finds that John Doe should have known that a
blender could be dangerous if a three year old child is left alone
with it and should have warned Chuck Consumer about this when
he bought the blender. If John Doe is properly incorporated and
observes corporate formalities (meaning that he runs his business
as real business), even if a judgment is granted against John
Doe's corporation, all of John Doe's personal assets are not
jeopardized and cannot be touched.

To someone who is not a lawyer, this story I told you seems
absurd. "This could never happen," I often hear people say. "A
court wouldn't make such a ruling--it goes against common sense,"
is another thing I hear a lot. The fact is that it happens all of the
time. Judges and juries do this every day. We all know the story
of the woman who won millions from McDonalds because her
coffee was too hot.

The bottom line is that anyone who sells goods or services online
or off should be protected. An incorporation provides another layer
of protection so long as you run your corporation properly. At our
company http://www.clickandinc.com, we provide our clients with
the information they need to properly run a corporation and follow
the correct corporate formalities.

Anyone who tells you that just by filing the articles of incorporation
you are protected is wrong. You are incorporated, but not
necessarily shielded from personal liability. When it comes to
incorporating online, like anything else in life, you get what you
pay for. Sure you can pay $25 to be incorporated, but unless you
know what to do with the stack of forms that the incorporating
company sends to you, you will have wasted $25.

If you want to get proper assistance in completing the necessary
documents you will have to pay more than $25. You should be
able to get a complete incorporation for under $300. That would
include completed bylaws, completed initial minutes of the board
of directors and shareholders, completed stock certificates,
completed federal forms for obtaining a federal identification
number (which you need to open a checking account) and if you
elect to be an S corporation, and instructions about how to
properly protect yourself from personal liability. You wonít get
that for $25 and if you pay more than $300 you are getting taken.

Like anything else be careful of people who nickel and dime you
to death and want to sell you things that you don't really need.
Good luck and good incorporating.


I mentioned earlier that Click & Inc. have a special offer for
AHBBO subscribers.  When you visit the Click & Inc. site at
http://www.clickandinc.com you will see that there are three
service levels: the basic comprehensive package for $89; the
fully-customized package for $188 and the ultimate package
for $237.  Click & Inc. are making the ultimate package
available to you for the price of the fully-customized package.
This is a fabulous offer for the price, giving you complete
peace of mind and saving you hours of work.  Here's what
you get:

=> confirmation of the availability of your company name with
the Secretary of State;

=> customization of your Articles of Incorporation;

=> filing of your Articles of Incorporation within three business
days of the date of your order;

=> a copy of your Articles of Incorporation along with completed
Bylaws, Initial Minutes of the Shareholders and Board of
Directors, and Stock Certificates;

=> completed required IRS forms Federal Tax-ID (SS4) and S-
Corporation (2553) ready to be mailed after you sign them;

=> email notification that your incorporation is complete and
when you can expect to receive your incorporation package;

=> a 30 minute, no obligation consultation with a Click & Inc.
affiliate attorney in your own state.  (You can use this
consultation for any advice you need, not just in relation to

=> 60 day amendment period for changes to your Articles of

=> completed documents via first class mail with an easy to
follow set of instructions for you to follow;

=> daily listings of expired or expiring domain names (see
the May 5 issue of AHBBO for a discussion on the
trade in domain names and how you can profit); and

=> access to over 500 fully customized business forms and
documents such as power of attorney forms, purchase
agreements and much more.

As you can see, this is excellent value for money.  To take
advantage of this offer, all you need to do is enter the
promotional code FA99 when ordering.


6. Build Your Own Website Tutorial - Part I - Introduction
    and Timetable

Welcome to the launch of the AHBBO Build Your Own
Website Tutorial.  This week, all we're going to cover is
an outline of the tutorial and the resources you're going
to need over the coming weeks.

To keep the length of the newsletter down, the tutorial
instalments are going to be made available by autoresponder
rather than being set out in full in the ezine. 

8. Subscriber Q&A  - Turning A Website Into a Money Maker

Dear Elena:

How does one make a web site into a good source of income,
quickly? The reason I ask is because my friend informed me
today that she lost a major client, for whom she did search
engine submissions, and may have to close her site unless
she can replace the income with something else. The site is
aimed at business women, and most of the members are South
African. The site offers very good services to the members, and
most of them are free. So it's not paying its way. How does she
turn it around?

The reason it affects me is because I've recently launched a
mini-site, hosted with her, so its closing down will mean that
I have to find another host and move the site.


Damaria Senne


Well, Damaria, the first thing I noticed about the Women@Work
site, after how nicely it was put together, was that it is targeted
to South African women (see the "about us" page).  My question
is, why exclude 95% of your potential audience?  If your site is
going to depend for its existence on such a narrow demographic,
then yes, when that one big client goes elsewhere, you are going
to be in trouble!

My suggestion is to expand the focus of the site from South
African women to women of the world!  There are a lot of us out
here, believe me, and the site is one that would have universal
appeal.  Start targeting worldwide traffic and you'll start
attracting worldwide business.  Any business that is dependent
upon one or two clients is vulnerable.

The other suggestion I would make is to switch from a .co.za
domain name to a .com .  This is because the .co.za immediately
tells the potential site visitor that this is a South African site and
many will make the assumption that it's a site designed for local
traffic.  A visit to the site and all the references to South African
currency reinforces the impression.  Now, it may mean that for
ideological or other reasons, the strong desire of the webmaster
IS to specifically target South African women and South African
women alone.  If so, then I would have to question whether the
South African internet market is big enough to make the site a
paying proposition.  I doubt it, frankly.

Assuming there are no ideological reasons to restrict the site to
South African women, then I say what I've said many times before:
the internet is a worldwide medium.  Quite frankly I fail to see why
anyone running a business website wants a country-specific
domain unless their market truly is local or, perhaps, if the .com
or .net or .org domain name is already taken.  In those cases, I'd
prefer to use another name with one of the main extensions before
I'd use a country-specific domain.

So, to answer your question, I'd make some fast changes to the
site to make it country-neutral, set up to accept payment in US
dollars as this is as close to a universal currency as we currently
have (assuming that works from an exchange rate point of view and
there are no governmental controls in place that preclude
acceptance of payment in US currency), and aggressively market
the site to a worldwide audience.

9. This Week's Web Site Pick -Tame Your Brain

Thanks for all the submissions for this segment following
my request last week.

Here's the first of the sites run by AHBBO subscribers
that I'm going to be featuring in this segment for the
next few weeks.  It's Jan Tincher's "Tame Your Brain".
Many of you already know Jan, I'm sure, from her
wonderful "Tame Your Brain" newsletter.  A certified
hypnotherapist, Jan's site is a showcase for her articles
and is a good example of how to support an ezine using a
website (as opposed to the other way around for a change!).

Take a look at Jan's site.  It may give you some good
ideas of your own!

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