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Ideas and Resources for Starting and Running Your Own Home
Based or Online Business, July 28
Editor: Elena Fawkner, Contact By Email
Publisher: AHBBO Publishing

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      1. Welcome from the Publisher
      2. Telecommuting Resumes by Sylvie Charrier
      3. Priorities and Planning for New Business Owners by
         Linda Eberharter
      4. This Week's Web Sites Picks
      6. Subscription Management
      7. Contact Information

1.  Welcome from the Publisher
2. Telecommuting Resumes: Tips and Tricks to Create a
   Professional Home Office Image by Sylvie Charrier
If you have spent any time at all in applying for
telecommuting positions, you already know how frustrating
the process can be.

First, you have to filter through all the garbage to find
those rare gems. Then, you need to send off your resume to
an employer who may never meet you and expect that employer
to hire you based on your existing resume.

Did you know that your resume for telecommuting has to be
different from your resume for regular onsite positions?
Your resume for a telecommuting job has to be your main
sales pitch. It says everything the employer needs to know
to hire you, so having a professional image is very
important. You may never have the chance to sell yourself
in person with an interview, so you need to make your
first impression a good one!

The standard resume has a goal of landing you an interview,
while the telecommuter's resume has the goal of landing
you the job. You need to include more information in a
compact format that sums up your most important assets
and employment history.

This section provides a one paragraph overview of what
you want in a job and what you can offer the employer.
This is the first thing an employer will read, so make
it snappy and exciting!

Overview or Summary
This section should be a bulleted section which briefly
outlines your skills. Start each line with an action word,
like this:

* Designed an exciting website for a production company
* Organized a team of sales professionals
* Created a new advertising concept for a start up company
  which required an expert consultant
* Sold over One Million Dollars in computers for an online

As you can see, these types of action words get the attention
of the reader.

One of the most essential parts of a successful
telecommuter's resume is the keywords section. Many large
employers have a resume scanning program which scans in your
resume without anyone ever actually reading it. Create a
section called Technical Experience or Skills and make a
list of every software program you have ever worked with,
including those freeware programs you downloaded and played
with. Separate the words with commas, like this: Microsoft
Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. if your specialty is data
processing, make sure you include your fastest typing speed
here and accuracy level.

Employment History
The most common section of any resume is the employment
history section. This is where you have the chance to say
where you worked and what you did there. The common format
employers are used to seeing is the chronological format,
with the most recent position listed first. Feel free to be
excited about your experience. Use a lot of action words to
describe what you did and how you contributed to the success
of the company you worked with.

Outline your educational background here and provide an
overview of what you enjoyed most about the courses you took.

In this section, try and make a note about interests that
relate to your work. I realize that some employers are
looking for what kinds of things you do outside of work,
but try to stay focused on things that relate to what you
do, like reading or research on the web.

Types of resumes you will need
You will need many different resumes in anticipation of
sending them in many formats.

You will need an ASCII text resume to paste into an email
or online application. If you rely only on your Word
formatted resume, employers may never read it. Some email
programs will automatically delete any attachments, so
avoid sending your resume as an attachment if you can. If
you are looking for more than one type of job description,
be prepared with different resumes for different occasions.
Your resume should focus on the type of job you are
applying to.

You will need a Formatted resume, preferably created in
Microsoft Word (the most common word processing application)
to send as an attachment only if the employer has specified

Use colors to spice it up, but stay away from red! Red
evokes an angry emotion, and that is not the goal! Use
soft blues, grays, and soft greens to highlight the
sections. You will also need this to apply by mail or fax.
If you are looking for more than one type of job description,
be prepared with different resumes for different occasions.
Your resume should focus on the type of job you are
applying to.

You should have an online resume that is created with meta
tags firmly established. Some employers and recruiters
search the web for skilled personnel who have their resume
posted, so make sure yours can be found online! There are
many free webspace providers, but unfortunately, those
resumes aren't easily found, simply because the web address
is not unique. Your resume may not be indexed at all, or
it may be located in the 600th spot, which doesn't do you
any good. It may be worth it for your resume to be posted
on your own domain or with a service which gets good search
engine results like ours. You stand a better chance of being
found this way.

There are many telecommuting positions out there if you
know where to look, but that is only the first step. You
can beat out the competition if you present a professional
image to the employer. Don't forget the importance of a
good cover letter and have a few different ones ready to
send out to land the telecommuting job of your dreams!

Workaholics4Hire.com is your starting place for news and
resources concerning telecommuting as a professional
employment choice. Whatever your reasons for choosing to
work from home, we are here to help you make the transition.

See all our resume creation packages and decide which one
is right for you. Get a free proofreading of your current
resume while you're there!

The author of this article has been a professional
telecommuter for over five years. She now owns and
operates a telecommuting job research service which
provides free weekly lists of work at home positions she
finds on the internet. Workaholics4Hire.com has a strict
policy of never charging any up front fees for the research
service it provides. If you are looking for a telecommute
job, visit http://www.workaholics4hire.com today!

3. Priorities and Planning for New Business Owners by
   Linda Eberharter
You know without a doubt that there is a real possibility
via the Internet to start and be successful at your own
business. If you already have your product in mind, you're
a step ahead. If you don't and you have been searching
online for ideas, you have undoubtedly found there are

That is good  news and bad news. You should do your own
research and get a  feel for the land but be aware it is
very easy to become  overwhelmed. There is excellent
guidance, advice and ideas  to be found and if not
careful you will find yourself  shelling out quite a
lot of money to attain it. Again, that  is good for it
is an investment yet also bad because there  is so much
out there that is good you could easily fall into  buying
more than you need or can afford.

If you have never been in business before (which many
of  you haven't) and you don't have any sort of business
or  marketing background, jumping right in with both feet
could  easily prove disastrous.

It is said that 85% of Internet  businesses fail. The main
reason is lack of planning. Now,  that is something you can
control and it should not be the  contributing factor to
potential failure. You must have a plan.

First, you must decide what your  business will be. Look at
your interests, your passions and  where your expertise
lies. You certainly can get ideas from  opportunities offered
on the Internet, but stay away from  those that promise you
fantastic riches or ask you for up  front money plus monthly
payments. You do not need to spend  money on researching
what sort of product you want to sell.   Just do your

Once you have determined what avenue you want to take, you
must take into consideration time management. If you have
always been working a 40 hour week you have had a scheduled
time to perform your job. As your own boss, the time is your
own. As desirable as that may sound, it can quickly present
a problem.

You must determine how much time you can devote  to your
new business. It would be best to keep a time table  of
the tasks and responsibilities you will have to perform
on a weekly basis.

If you are easing into this and still  keeping your full
time job (very advisable), you must take  into
consideration any family members and their take on it.
It is extremely easy to allow distraction and
procrastination to filter in and focusing can be quite
difficult. Keep your timetable on a weekly basis and stick
with it until it becomes habit.

Make sure you register you business name. You can do this
through you county recorder's office for a minimal fee
(somewhere between $10 - $60). This is if you are setting up
business as a sole proprietor which in most cases you will be.

There are two excellent reasons for doing this at the
beginning. The first is so it is easy to set up a business
checking account. Most banks require your business name
registration prior to opening an account. You need a
business account separate from your personal account for
accounting and tax purposes.

The second reason is your  website will have your business's
name displayed. Even if  you request payments to be made
out to "Joe Smith", people  will still send payments to
"Smith Company". If you didn't  have a business checking
account, it'd end up quite  difficult to deposit or cash
those payments.

Unless you have unlimited funds, you need to determine how
much you can comfortably afford to invest in the beginning.
With that figure in mind it is easier to set priorities and
the possibility of shelling out money on half researched
items, tools or programs becomes less.

As you do your research as to what you will need to begin
your Internet marketing venture, remember there is a vast
amount of resources and avenues to take. You do not need to
invest in everything at once. A step at a time is a wiser
choice - and should be part of your total plan.

TEN THIRTY - the ebook from Atlantic Bridge for all who
are in the early stages of launching an online business.
Use our experience and expertise to save your time and money.

5. This Week's Web Site Picks
GURU.COM Builds Internet Business To Address the Needs
of 25 Million Independent workers in the U.S.
New technologies have triggered a major shift in the
American workforce. By the millions, Americans are
leaving the corporate world to become independent
professionals - working for whom they want, when they
want, where they want, and how they want. But until
now, no Internet brand has captured the spirit of these
pioneers, nor offered them the community, tools, and
services they need to make the most of their skills and
workstyle. From graphic designers to virtual CEOs, from
strategy consultants to executive recruiters, knowledge
workers are leaving corporate America to become

While gurus enjoy the freedom to shape their own careers,
they also face many challenges in today's workplace -
marketing themselves effectively to clients, creating
professional community, finding business management tools,
and getting good deals on products and services. Guru.com
will address these core needs with an innovative
Web-based service.
ATOMZ.COM Launches Company To Provide New, Free Site Search
Atomz.com's Experienced Management Team Enables Web
Developers and Businesses to Put Search on Their Sites
Quickly and Easily

How would you like to add free, full-featured search
capabilities to your web site in less than five minutes? Now
you can with Atomz.com (pronounced like atoms).

Atomz.com, a new Internet company that delivers
mission-critical services to web developers, today announced
the availability of its premiere e-service, Atomz.com
Search, a free, comprehensive, site-specific search
application for web developers, personal web sites, small
business sites, and corporate sites ranging from 10 to over
10,000 pages.

7.  Subscription Management

8.  Contact Information
Elena Fawkner
AHBBO Publishing

Special thanks to E-ZineZ.com


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