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August 8

Editor: Elena Fawkner, Contact By Email
Publisher: AHBBO Publishing

                 IN THIS ISSUE

      1. Welcome from the Publisher
      2. This Week's Spotlight - Cookie Cutter
      3. Goal Setting Series - Part 1
      4. Product Review - Make Your Site Sell!
      5. Biz Tips by Dr. Kevin Nunley
      6. Top 10 Traffic Builders - After the Search Engines
      7. Organize Your Business and It Will Take Care of Itself!
      8. Freebies
      9. The News Digest
      10. Interactive Forum (New)
      11. This Week's Web Site Pick
      12. Classified Ads
      13. Subscription Management
      14. Contact Information

1.  Welcome from the Publisher
Hello again and a special welcome to the 57 new subscribers
who have joined since last week!

If you haven't visited the A Home-Based Business Online
website recently please do so.  The Bookshop -
- is now fully
functioning again (thanks to those of you who reported
the glitch with the search engine!) and the Reference
Library - - has been

This is the first weekend edition of the newsletter.  All
editions will now be published over the weekend rather than
mid-week.  This is so I can take the time to review all of
the material that has crossed my desk over the week and
include the very best bits for you!

Writers, I am always happy to showcase your work either
here or in the Reference Library so submit your articles
(including resource box)to Contact By Email -- this
is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
online businesses.

Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
I want to hear from you!  Please send comments and
questions to: Contact By Email

2. This Week's Spotlight - Cookie Cutter
Who among us has not seen those "DUMB" little ads all over
the place?  They are, of course, all for Cookie Cutters.
So, what is this Cookie Cutter craze all about anyway?  It's
the brainchild of Gary and Nancy White and is essentially
an internet-marketing training program that you can resell
for $20.

It is *also* a brilliant vehicle for Gary and Nancy's
various affiliate programs.  How many people who sign up
for Cookie Cutter do you think also sign up for Clickbank
and Aweber?  Gary and Nancy are affiliates for these and
other products and services and receive a commission on
every sale made as a result of their referral.  I deal
with affiliate programs from time to time in this
newsletter but, if you're unfamiliar with what they're all and click
on the Affiliate Programs link.

Cookie Cutter is a great first step for those new to the
internet and internet marketing.  I can certainly endorse
it as a product that will give you a great basic grounding
in the fundamentals.  In fact I promote it from my site.

But here's why I decided to spotlight Cookie Cutter in
this issue.  I received a lot of free ad submissions to A
Home-Based Business Online this week.  A good proportion
were for Cookie Cutters.  Now, I have no objection to
running ads for Cookie Cutters in this ezine, however,
I do have an editorial policy not to run more than one
ad in each issue that is obviously for the same product
or opportunity.  This is so my advertisers don't end up
cannibalizing each other!  Unfortunately for the
advertisers concerned, 99% of the Cookie Cutter ads I
received this week were identical or near-enough to

And here's the point with Cookie Cutter.  As good as
it is, there are so many people marketing this thing
now that you cannot afford to simply copy the ad text
from the CC manual and expect it will generate sales.
Everyone has seen these ads all over the place and know
what they're for.  You need to come up with something
original and fresh if you expect to make any money from
it.  Use the CC manual to learn how to write killer ads.
That's the real strength of Cookie Cutter.  Once
you master that skill, you will be able to generate
income from *any* product on the web.

I emailed all of the Cookie Cutters who had submitted
the "dumb little ad" copy and invited them to resubmit
an original ad if they wanted to avoid a potential
two month wait for their ads to appear.  I received
three amended ads.  The others are apparently content
to wait.  Which group do *you* predict are going to
become successful internet marketers?
3. Goal Setting Series - Part 1
(c) AHBBO Publishing 2013
By Elena Fawkner

The Importance of Setting Goals

With rare exceptions, nothing truly worthwhile in life
happens by accident.  Sure, you may win the lottery but
what are the odds?  What if you could achieve everything you
ever wanted without wining the lottery?  What if it was as
simple as deciding where you wanted to go and planning the
route to get there?  It is.  Goal setting is the process of
deciding where you want to go in life and then mapping out
a series of steps to get you there.

Success is something we create for ourselves.  Luck has
nothing to do with it.  All successful people set goals.
Some may have a structured routine, others a "vision".
Some may not even consciously set goals at all.  But the
process is the same.  Successful people know what they
want, determine the steps that will get them there and
then they implement them.

By setting and achieving goals, you will use your time
more productively, perform better and more efficiently
than ever before and with every goal you achieve, your
self-confidence will increase, motivating you to aim ever
higher.  If you have goals, you have purpose.  If you have
purpose, you have direction.  If you have direction, you
do not waste a whole heap of time (such as a lifetime)
on activities and things that will not get you where or
what you want.

Think of it as setting out on a long journey to somewhere
you have never been before.  Would you even put the key
in the ignition unless you had a destination in mind and
a map to get you there?  If you're heading out for a lazy
Sunday drive, maybe you would.  But if your destination
is somewhere specific, no way.  You'd just end up spinning
your wheels.

Your life is the longest and most exciting adventure you
will ever take.  Make sure you have a map before you start
out.  You may decide to take some side trips along the way,
but you'll at least reach your destination eventually.
You may even find some shortcuts.  But if you leave without
a map at all, you may just waste the entire journey driving
around in circles.

Know What You Want

Remember the old adage, "be careful what you wish for,
you may just get it"?  Be careful what you choose for
your goals because you will probably get it.  The
methodical process of goal setting will make it inevitable.

The first step to setting effective goals is to know what
it is you want. The key word in the last sentence is "you".
It is what you want that is important, not what others want
for you or for themselves through you.  If you don't want
to achieve your goal, you certainly won't.  Conversely, if
you have a burning desire to achieve your goal, you surely

Begin defining your goals by writing a wish list.  don't
censor yourself.  Visualize yourself living your ideal life.
Think of categories such as career, education, family,
personal life, physical, spiritual, financial, social,
pleasure and attitude.  What is your highest ideal for
each of these categories?  Write it down.  Perhaps it is
to be at the top of your profession.  Perhaps to be self-
employed.  Maybe it's to earn a PhD by the time you're 45
or to marry and have a family.  It might be to attain your
ideal weight and to be physically fit.  It could be to have
a small circle of very close friends or to earn enough money
to retire at 50.  What kind of a house do you want to live
in?  Where do you want to live?  What type of car do you
want to drive?  What exciting destinations do you want to
travel to?

Paint a picture.  Use sweeping strokes and bold color.
There are no limits.  You are the architect of your future.
You are limited only by your imagination.
Next Week - Goalsetting Series Part 2 -Criteria for
Effective Goals

4. Product Review - Make Your Site Sell!
"MYSS! will prove to be the most important download of my
business life."

Do you know why people are talking like this about Make
Your Site SELL!, a new book that is quickly becoming
accepted as "the Bible of selling on the Net"?

Because no matter what you read in this review, no matter
how high I raise your expectations by giving it an
unqualified TEN THUMBS UP, it will OVERdeliver on your

And here's the clincher.  There are products out there
that are only about half as good as MYSS! -- they sell for
hundreds and hundreds of dollars (one even costs over
$1,000!).  The price of this book is only CAD$24.95, or
about $17 "real" American dollars! ;-)

Run, don't walk, to this site.  At the very, very least,
take advantage of their free 2-chapter download.  Odds
are that you are not doing the single most important
thing to sell on the Web -- but you will after you read
the first free chapter.  And the second chapter will open
your eyes to a critical and amazingly basic issue that
almost everyone ignores.

I would have paid the full price just for those
two chapters!

5. Biz Tips by Dr. Kevin Nunley
Dr Nunley's Biz-Tips
by Kevin Nunley

                 Colors that SELL!

Color is a big deal to people.  Scientists say we are one of
the few creatures that sees color and it was critical to our
ancestors' survival.

Color works great in marketing.  There are lots of theories
and opinions about what works best.  Many say Blue lends a
feeling of quality and trust.  Red makes people want to act,
now!  Green makes people want to spend money (I'm a
little suspicious of this one, but some marketers swear it's

Yellow tends to get attention better than any other color,
but is hard on the eyes. Designers use Yellow to spice up a
headline or product name, but put the rest of the ad or
package in warmer colors.

One study showed that the color combination with the
most powerful psychological  effect was yellow title, white
text, on a dark blue background.

Create an identity through all your marketing and products
with one or two colors you use over and over.  This is a
very basic and effective way to tie all your stuff together
in the minds of customers.
Kevin answers YOUR questions in person!  Phone in
for his FREE Tuesday Night TeleClass.  Loads of tips for
promoting your small biz at low cost or free.  Get time,
topics, and phone number at http://DrNunley.com/.
Also see Kevin's 5 Marketing Deals under  to promote
your business.


6. Top 10 Traffic Builders - After the Search Engines


 Before you reserve that really cool domain name, practice
 saying the name and your proposed email addresses out loud
 as though you were telling it to someone over the phone. Is
 it easy to say? Is it easy to remember? Will you have to
 spell it each time you say the name?


 Capture the email addresses of your visitors by offering a
 free e-zine. A FREE Internet newsletter or e-zine lets you
 keep in touch with your customers and prospects on a regular
 basis. Educate your customers with how-to articles in your
 newsletters. Offer valuable and relevant information to your


 With over 400,000 E-zines being published, you can be sure
 that some of those publishers sometimes find themselves in
 a pinch for content for their E-zine. Write articles and
 submit them for publication in other newsletters. Each time
 an article is published, you will gain credibility,
 visibility, and will establish yourself as an expert in your


 Develop reciprocal links to similar sites. Build a network
 of contacts, clients, vendors and related, noncompetitive
 businesses. Create your own award. Announce your award and
 the guidelines needed to win. Get links to all of the sites
 winning your award. Encourage others to link to you through
 special link-to-us-to-win contests.


 A signature file is a block of text that can appended to the
 end of each email message sent by your email software. It is
 the Internet version of the business card. Join mailing
 lists and participate in discussion groups pertinent to your
 services or products. Always include a relevant signature


 Offer an advice column at your site. Free advice is one of
 the most popular freebies on the Internet and it provides
 you with the opportunity to show your competence in your
 field of expertise. As a supplement to your advice column,
 create an email training class to enhance your reputation as
 an expert. Set up your email class on follow-up
 autoresponders. Enhance your relationship with potential
 customers through the continued contact established during
 class lessons.


 One of the best ways to keep your visitors coming back is to
 offer a free service. When deciding upon a free service,
 consider one that only requires you to install a program and
 that keeps working for you. A good place to start is the
 referral service script available from LetEmKnow at


 Partner with other sites by offering a revenue sharing
 relationship for sales or leads from your partners.
 Affiliate programs are a win-win situation. You can quickly
 and easily develop a sales force on the Internet, and your
 affiliates have instant products or services to sell on
 their Websites, thereby adding another revenue stream to
 their businesses.


 Develop customer loyalty by creating an online club for
 buyers, a referral network or some other type of loyalty
 program. Offer your loyalty customers a free gift or
 discount coupon in exchange for completing an enrollment
 form. You get to know who your customers are and can fine
 tune your marketing efforts.


 Put your Website info on a T-shirt or hat and then wear your
 advertisements - everywhere. Have your kids wear them to
 school. Put your email and web address on bumper stickers or
 ID plates on your car. Don't be surprised when people come
 up to talk to you at the grocery store.
Kate Schultz is the Publisher of E-ZineZ: the E-Zine about
E-Zines. Visit E-ZineZ at http://www.e-zinez.com for how-to
help for your email newsletter. To subscribe send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the BODY.

How to get your own automated superstore selling the
hottest products online and handling all orders/customer
service...  All you do is market and cash the affiliate
checks.  Declan Dunn's famous Winning the Affiliate Game:
A Ten-Step Master Plan for Maximizing Your Profits.

7. Organize Your Business and It Will Take Care of Itself!
(c) AHBBO Publishing 2013
By Elena Fawkner

Describe the top of your desk.  No, not what's on it.  The
desktop itself.  What do you mean you can't see it?

If your desk is covered with so many piles you can't remember
what's there or where to find it, it's time to get organized.
Here's a sure-fire way to tame the paper monster and take
control of your time.

Label 31 suspension files from "1" to "31", one for every
day of the month.  Now label another 12 from "January" to
“December". File the daily files at the front of a file
cabinet drawer with the monthly files behind.

Next, prioritize every single piece of paper on your desk.
Sort them into piles.  The first is for truly urgent stuff.
Be disciplined here.  Only include stuff that MUST be done
urgently or dire consequences will follow.  The next is for
semi-urgent stuff.  This is work that must be done within
the next week or so.  The third pile is for stuff that has
to be done but can wait until you get around to it.
Anything that doesn't fall within any of these three
categories, get rid of.  It's a waste of time.

Now, look at your urgent pile.  Can you realistically
accomplish all of it today?  If not, divide it into piles,
with as much as you can get done in one day in each pile.
Now create a file in your word processor called "Diary"
and then make a stack of file cover sheets.  These should
have space for the file name at the top, and a two column
table immediately below with rows filling the whole page.
Fix a cover sheet to the top of each file.  In the first
column write the date you are going to action that file
next.  In the second column write what that action is.

Next, enter the file in the Diary document in your word
processor.  Enter a big capital letter for every letter
of the alphabet and bookmark it so you can jump around
easily.  Enter the file name as it appears at the top of
the diary sheet and the date it is diarised for, then
place the file in the suspension folder for that day of
the month.  Then do the same thing with all the other
files in your urgent piles.  Then go through the whole
process again with your semi-urgent files and finally
with the non-urgent stuff.  Anything you're not going
to work on until a later month file in the suspension
folder for the month it is diarised for.  Then when that
month arrives place each file in its respective day folder.

Now if you're still waiting on someone else when the file
falls due, you can follow them up on that day and then
rediarise for further action.  If someone gets back to
you before the file falls due, you can find it by looking
up the diarised date in your Diary document.  It's also a
great system for scheduling all of your marketing activities.
For example, just diarise when your various ads fall due and
you will never have to worry about missing a deadline again!

By using this system you will always have a clear desk and
won't be tempted to do only what you feel like doing.  Be
disciplined about doing your "today" stuff before you do
anything else and you'll find your business will just about
take care of itself!

8. Freebies
First Contact is a friendly-looking contact manager. With
an Internet Explorer-type interface with fully customizable
button bar and system tray support, it can hold information
on more than 65,000 people. A tabbed window for each contact
gives you access to plenty of fields in Personal, Business,
Notes, and User-defined Categories windows. You can divide
your contact list into white and yellow pages to keep your
business and personal contacts separate. First Contact
speed-dials numbers, with support for outside lines,
long-distance codes, local area codes, and international
phone dialing. It's also Web-enabled and email-friendly,
plus includes a backup feature that automatically purges
all deleted records to keep the database compact.

This is the place where you can upload, store, retrieve,
and distribute 20 Megs of your data for free. You can use
your FreeDrive to store or share any type of document,
data, or image file, whether it's for school, work,
personal use, or just for fun. You can access your files
from any Internet-ready computer.

Software to help you keep track of your affiliate/reseller

Software to help you keep track of all your bookmarks
(Netscape/Explorer only).

A 32-bit application that can help you to keep your life
organized. Its four modules let you manage appointments,
things to do, and names and addresses. The main module
shows a list of all the things you want to accomplish. The
Weekly View area displays a quick five-day look at your
upcoming and/or past activities. Another view shows a
month's worth of events at a time. Finally, the Names area
holds a list of all your contacts.

9. News Digest

-> ExciteAtHome Engine To Search Entire Web
ExciteAtHome on Tuesday said its new search technology will
enable consumers to do what they probably thought they were
doing all along -- search the entire Web.

-> Long known for its communications equipment, MultiTech
is now offering a great low-cost VoIP gateway for small
remote offices that can help save you money on long distance
toll charges.

-> The growing use of the Internet and online services by
consumers is being driven in large measure by home office
households. According to a recent survey of households
with above-average income, over half those using the
Internet or online services at home also have some kind
of home office. Whether running a business at home or
bringing work home in the evenings or on weekends, a
growing number of home office workers are going online.

10. Interactive Forum
Next week sees the start of the A Home-Based Business Online
interactive forum.  This is a forum for you to share your
experiences with other subscribers and to give and
receive advice and encouragement. 
You are welcome to include a reasonable length resource box
with your contribution to be included in the newsletter.

To get you started, here's a suggestion for the first
week of the forum.  Why did you decide to work from home
and what have been your greatest challenges?

11. This Week's Web Site Pick
If you want to work from home for a company that is now
hiring home-based workers, or in a proven home-based
business of your own, don't waste another DIME or TIME on
a program that statistics show will fail! Find out how and
where to succeed by connecting to the World's NUMBER ONE
SOURCE for Certified Home-Based Work Related Resources!
OutSource2013 has helped thousands of people make a
transition to the home-based work place...and can do the
same for you!

It does not matter where you live throughout the United
States, Canada, or the World -- if you want to work from
home for a company who is now hiring home-based workers,
or in a proven home-based business of your own -- YOU

Outsource2013 has "joined forces with the greatest
sources" in the home-based work related industry to
create an online forum where people throughout the United
States, Canada and the World can now get continuously
updated, credible information relating to ALL ASPECTS OF

Finally, it has never been easier to...

Search through vast directories of the latest work-from-
home jobs and opportunities in many different fields.
live in an isolated area doesn't mean you can't obtain a
prestigious home-based position with a top employer 2013
miles away!  Quality jobs, reputable employers and everything
else you need to succeed.

to hundreds of companies offering home-based work positions
through one centralized interactive forum.

will help you substantially throughout your home-based working
career.  Many of these publications are being sold for
$79.00 or more but are ALL FREE in the OutSource2013
private members' forum.

HEALTHCARE PROGRAM designed for home-based workers.

You'll be surprised to find out what now is available to
home-based workers!

Take advantage of the many TOP EMPLOYMENT SERVICES
accessible directly through the OutSource2013 private
members' forum including: nationwide employment agencies,
staffing services, temporary help agencies, electronic
resume posting, 24-hour-a-day counseling by e-mail,
over 11,000 free subject related newsletters, personality
tests, disabled assistance programs and more.

operate your own successful home-based business. Everything from
complete business plans to hundreds of the top home-office
professions outlined for your perusal, from starting up,
financing and building your home-based business to promoting,
reviewing and expanding it, from bookkeeping to tax
preparation services, from sole proprietorship to
incorporation, from business ethics to cycles, from home-
based tax deductions, forms and filing dates to laws,
regulations and much, much more.

If you truly want to work from home DON'T SELL
YOURSELF SHORT. Get connected to the one source that has
it all...OutSource2013 - The World's Largest Interactive
Home-Based Job Forum.

13.  Subscription Management

To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:

To UNSUBSCRIBE or get removed from this Newsletter:

If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
to your friends, family and associates!

14.  Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
Contact By Email

Special thanks to E-ZineZ.com

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