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  September 11

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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Gift Baskets
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Money Broker
  4.   Article - Checklist for the New Home-Based Business
  5.   Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an
   Information Broker - Part 4 - Getting Down to
  6.   Guest Article - "How F.A.T. Can Save You Time &
   Money!" by Harmony Major
  7.   Telecommuting Openings
  8.   Freebies
  9.   The News Digest
  10.  This Week's Web Site Pick
  11.  Subscription Management
  12.  Contact Information


1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

As foreshadowed last week, our brand new Telecommuting
Corner is now up and running at /telecorner.html so if you're thinking
of making the break from the rat race and working from home,
this may be a good way to start if you're not sure about
starting your own business (yet, anyway).  To give you an
idea of what's out there, browse this week's Telecommuting
Openings (section 7 below).

Also, be sure to visit the Free E-Books page at
for some great
additions this week and, if you haven't checked them out
yet, there's a stack of free reports for the taking (and the
reselling!) at .

You will notice a couple of changes to the newsletter this
week.  Firstly, in the interests of keeping the length down
(this should please AOL subscribers!), I am including only a
brief reference to the home-based and online business ideas
of the week but am including a link that will take you to the
relevant section of the website for a more detailed treatment.
Unlike many other sites that deal with the same subject
matter, there is no charge for access to our database, so you
can roam around at will!

Secondly, following the excellent advice of Harmony Major
(see this week's Guest Article), classified ads are no longer
at the end in one big group but appear, in groups of three,
at various places throughout the newsletter in
more of a "commercial break" format.  This is to benefit both
advertisers (who want their ads seen!) and subscribers who
may otherwise miss some of the great opportunities on offer.

Writers, as always I am happy to showcase your work both
here and in the Reference Library so submit your articles -- this
is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
online businesses.

Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
questions and stories to

See you all again next week.

2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Gift Baskets
The gift basket industry has exploded over the past few
years and continues to be a consistent money maker for those
involved in it.  In many ways, it's the ideal business.  You
can run it from the home.  It's an extremely inexpensive
business to start (you only need supplies and a marketing
budget).  The product is in demand (who doesn't like getting
an artistic basket with fresh fruit, candies, or cheeses?).
Competition isn't much of a problem (you can easily set
yourself off from the rest by producing specialized types of
baskets).  It's a dynamic business that is changing and
developing with the times. /gifts.html


There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.

3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Money Broker
Becoming a Money Broker is one of the easiest and most
rewarding endeavors available.  Virtually anyone can become
a Money Broker with the smallest investment.  You can start
this business on a part-time basis, and earn large "Finder's
Fees," or open your own office and work full-time with
absolutely unlimited income potential.

Although this idea comes from the Home Business Ideas section
of the website, it has been included as this week's online
business idea because it is perfectly suited to being run
online. /money.html


There are many more online business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.

4. Article - Checklist for the New Home-Based Business
By Elena Fawkner
Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

So, you've decided to take the plunge and start your own
home-based business.  Congratulations!  You're on your way
to true financial independence. Protect your business and
your livelihood by making sure you have paid proper
attention to the following:

1.  Cash Flow

Do you have adequate working capital to support your
business (to support you!)during its early stages?  Have you
started your business part-time while continuing to work
full-time to make sure it is a viable income producer for
you and that income is adequate for your needs?  DON'T give
up your day job until you can give an unequivocal YES to
these questions.

2.  Business Licensing

Have you obtained all necessary licenses and registrations
for your business?  Do you comply with your local zoning
regulations?  This is especially important for both legal and
insurance reasons if you expect to have clients visit your
home office.

3.  Insurance

If you expect to have clients visit your home office, have
you taken out insurance in case they are injured on your
premises?  Your normal homeowner's insurance will NOT cover
business visitors unless you notify your insurance company
that you are operating a business from home and the insurance
company endorses your policy to include this risk.

In all other cases you should take out a separate policy
to cover your business visitors.  In this regard, whether
you comply with local zoning regulations may be important.
Your insurance company may refuse to cover you if you are
conducting your business illegally.  For these reasons it
is imperative that you obtain all proper registrations and
licenses for your business.

Another type of insurance you should take out is public
risk insurance.  No matter the nature of your business,
if you are dealing with other people (and what business
isn't?), you should have public risk insurance to cover you
in case of a claim for negligence.

A third type of insurance to consider is income protection
insurance.  If you have made the transition from paid
employment to self-employment, you no longer have the
benefits that went along with your paid job which may have
included disability or income protection insurance.  You will
need to purchase this cover for yourself.

4.  Benefits

Once you have left the paid workforce, you may find that you
have also left behind your medical, dental and optical
benefits.  You need to make sure you purchase adequate
insurance for these expenses.

5.  Accounting and Tax Advice

The best time to seek accounting and tax advice is before
you start your new business.  Your accountant will be able
to advise you about things such as the most tax-effective
structure for your particular business and what types of
expenses you can claim against your business income.  It is
important to obtain this advice at the beginning of your
business venture so you know exactly what records you should
be keeping and whether it is best for you to purchase or
rent capital equipment such as your computer.

6.  Time Management

Make sure you have thought through how you will deal with
the day to day distractions that will come up when you work
from home and plan accordingly.  For example, if you know
you will not be working from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm because
this is the time between when your children return from
school and when they go to bed, try to schedule as many
non-business activities for this time period as possible
rather than taking breaks during your business hours.  Need
milk?  Get it when you're out picking the kids up from
school, not at 11:00 am because it's easier than starting
that new webpage.  Remember, self-discipline is your best
friend and vital when working from home.  Procrastination,
on the other hand, is your greatest enemy.

Working from home is the dream of many.  Don't let that
dream turn to ashes by overlooking the "basics" of sound
business and risk management.


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5. Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an Information
   Broker - Part 4 - "Getting Down to Business"



When writing your classifieds, keep in mind that your goal
is to get interested people to identify themselves to you.
You don't want to try to sell your product with the
classified ads. People are not likely to pay more than a few
dollars for something unless they have a lot of information
about it. Your classifieds should be brief yet powerful. You
simply want interested parties to contact you so you can
send them more detailed information. This popular and very
effective approach is known as "two step marketing".

Here's a good classified ad that utilizes the two step
marketing strategy and works very nicely for an information

Don't let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by! Learn
how you can work at home in your spare time and make more
money than you know what to do with!

This ad has all the key components of a great classified
ad. First, there's the eye catching headline. Then the first
sentence gives a sense of urgency that people respond to.
The next sentence tells them what they stand to gain if they
respond. And the last sentence tells them exactly how to
get more information.


To me, this is the fun part of the business. Creating good
sales literature is more of an art form than anything else.
You need to be able to change your mindset to that of the
consumer. Keep this in mind as you create your sales letter.
Remember, above all, your sales literature should be short
and to the point. Here are a few guidelines to follow to get
you started.

There are many key ingredients in a good sales letter.
First and foremost, you must state clearly, exactly how your
prospective customer would benefit from purchasing your
product. In essence, tell them why they should purchase your
product. Tell them how it could change their life for the

Additionally, it is important to tell the customer exactly
what they will be buying. Tell them this is exactly what
they are buying. It is important not to mislead people into
thinking they are getting something different than they are.

Next, be sure to tell them exactly how much the product
is. Include reasonable charges for shipping if necessary,
but don't overcharge your customer.

Another important component in your sales literature is
the guarantee. I highly recommend you offer some form of
guarantee with every product you sell. The guarantee must be
clear and concise as to its length and terms. Not only does
a guarantee tell a prospective buyer that you are a
reputable company, it will also increase your sales.

One thing about your sales literature that is very important
is pricing of your product. You must understand the
importance of "perceived value" where the customer feels
they are getting their money's worth. In order to have any
success at all, you must consider the pricing of your
product very carefully. It is important to find the price
that ideally suits your product. In order to do this, it may
be necessary for you to do a little experimenting with your
prices. It is a good idea to offer your product at a few
different prices and constantly monitor what prices are most
effective. You may find that something that sells well at
sixteen dollars may not sell nearly as well at twenty

The last important element of your sales literature that
should not be overlooked is the order blank. It is a good
idea to include this in any sales information you send out.

An order blank should be designed with one purpose in mind.
That purpose is to facilitate the ordering of your product.
You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospective
customer to complete. The order blank should contain blank
lines for the customer to fill in all pertinent information,
and only the pertinent information. Additionally, it should
contain your company name and mailing address and the price
of the product including any additional shipping charges.

As far as the technical aspects of writing your sales
literature, if you are a Windows user, you should save your
sales letter as a text file (.txt). You can accomplish this
by clicking the "accessories" icon then the "notepad" icon
and typing your letter there. This will allow you to keep a
backup of your sales literature and also make it easier to
send the information to your prospects using the simple cut
and paste method. I'll give you more details on this simple
procedure later.


Next Week - Part 5 - Online Marketing

Missed previous instalments of this tutorial series?  Pick
them  up from the newsletter archives at


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6. Guest Article - "How F.A.T. Can Save You Time & Money!"
By Harmony Major
Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Well, now you already know one of my secrets. Get the
reader's attention FIRST!  There's no way anyone could have
passed by that headline. (See?  You've already learned
something.)  :-)

Okay.  Now, I'm going to explain to you a few ways in which
F.A.T. can save you time AND money.

What? No, I don't mean the cellulite on the back of your
thighs, I mean "Foolproof Advertising Techniques" -- in
ezines. Whether or not you have a website, service, or ezine
you're trying to promote, ezine advertising is *definitely*
one of the most effective ways to do it. But, you have to
make sure that you're doing it right, or it'll flop ... just
like any other poorly executed plan.

Let me remind you of why you should incorporate ezine
advertising into your agenda. Then, all you'll need to do
is write a quality ad, and apply one tested and proven rule.
You'll have your Internet business on its feet in no time!
But first...

Why advertise in ezines?

=> Ezines are one of the best forms of advertising because
of your ability to target who YOU want to read your ad. You
don't have to hunt your prospects down -- all you have to do
is make sure you target your market correctly. When I say
"target," I mean to make sure that the people that you're
showing your ad to have some DEFINITE interest in whatever
you're advertising.

For example, advertising your website design service in a
website design and promotion ezine is *good.* You know that
Webmasters that are trying to promote their websites are
probably looking for an effective design service, too.
However, advertising your website design service in a
business opportunity ezine is *bad.*  Sure, some of the
opportunity seekers MIGHT have a website and they MIGHT be
looking for someone to design it for them ... but why take
any chances?

Also, ezine advertising is one of the FASTEST ways to get
results. Within minutes of subscribers reading your ad, you
can be making more sales, getting more traffic to your
website, or getting new subscribers to your own ezine!
Whatever your goal is by placing your ad, it can be
accomplished almost instantly.

What kind of advertising budget do you need to advertise in

=> This varies. An ezine ad can cost as much as $75 an issue
.. or as little as nothing.  There are a lot of ways to get
free advertising in ezines -- you've just got to be a bit
creative. But, to get the best results, DON'T expect much
from advertising in ezines that actually offer free ads!
Why? Because, these don't usually work!  This means that the
ezine publisher is either:

(a) Trying to build their subscriber database, which means
that your ad won't get a lot of exposure anyway;

(b) Sending their ezine to a bunch of people that really don't
want it, like advertisers that posted a link to an FFA page;

 ... or ...

(c) Crazy! Why would a publisher waste a chance to make
a few honest bucks from selling their ad space?

So, now that you know *why* you should advertise in ezines,
let's go over *how* to pull it off! The most important rule
to follow to be sure that your ad campaign is a success is...


If you skip this step, there's really no point in advertising
at all! This is the single most important aspect of ezine
advertising, aside from targeting your market well and, (of
course), writing a quality ad. To choose a good ezine, you'll
need to take several things into account:

a) How many ads run in each issue?

If your ad is going to be competing with twenty or thirty
others, it's not worth your time or your money. Your
advertising dollars will get lost in the sea of advertisements
-- just like your ad will. Ten to fifteen ads should be the
maximum that you're willing to compete with, or you won't
get any exposure.

(b) Where are the ads located?

If all of the ads are stuck at the very end of the newsletter
after all of the useful information, forget it. I know that
this is the standard place for ezine ads, but it's also the
most overlooked. If the ads are at the end of the ezine,
make sure there's a reason for the subscriber to scroll
down that far. Is there advertising info, a contest
announcement, etc.? If there's nothing down there but
the copyright info and disclaimer, you're in trouble!

(c) How good is the actual ezine?

Before you advertise in a specific publication, request a
sample issue. This is your last chance to make sure that
you're targeting your prospects right, and to find out if the
ezine is even worth the advertising dollars. If the ezine
doesn't have any useful or interesting content, chances are,
the subscriber won't be too eager to read it. And, they'll
most likely skip right over your ad.

(d) How many subscribers do they have?

This one isn't as important as the others, but you still need
to take it into account. If the first three rules are followed,
this one shouldn't make or break you ... but, be cautious!
For example, if the ezine has 350 subscribers, offers
excellent content, only puts three ads in each issue, and
puts the ads close to the top, more than likely, it's going
to be a good investment. Just make sure that ad space
is reasonably priced. Likewise, if an ezine has 10,000
subscribers, but it features 40 ads an issue, they're all
at the bottom, and the content leaves something to be
desired . . . your ad results probably will, too!

(e) Are there usually high-quality ads shown in the ezine?

If the editor of the ezine doesn't edit out things like spelling
and grammatical errors, excessive use of "hype," and known
scams, their subscribers probably skip right over the ad
section. Careless errors make both the advertiser AND the
publisher look bad, and readers may get annoyed by this
carelessness, thus conditioning themselves to ignore those
ads! On the other hand, if subscribers have had quality
experiences with the ads in a publication, and aren't given
the impression that they're just a bunch of hype and scams,
they're likely to continue to pay attention to them. This type
of ezine is your best advertising choice.

(f) How can you get FREE ezine advertising?

The easiest and most common way to get free ads in ezines is
to run ad swaps with other publishers. This is when you and
another ezine publisher both offer to run each others ad in
your ezines at no cost. BUT, if you don't have an ezine, this
method could create a problem. :-)  In this situation, you would
simply "barter" for a free ad.

If you don't have ezine ad space to swap, you can offer to
give the publisher a service or product of equal or *greater*
value that you DO offer. For example, if you run a submission
service that usually costs $45, and the ezine publisher runs
ads for $35 an issue, this might be a good deal. You may
want to offer the publisher something that's a little more
valuable than what you're asking of them. This makes the
offer more attractive to them, thus making them more likely
to accept your proposal!

If you follow these "Foolproof Advertising Techniques" for
choosing a quality ezine, your ezine advertising campaign
should ALWAYS be a success. Of course, it takes trial and
error when writing an effective ad and choosing the most
suitable ezine to run your ad in.  But, as with every
important skill -- practice makes perfect!  And, in this
case, "practice" will definitely help pay the bills!

Solve Your Internet Marketing Dilemmas - FREE!  Subscribe to
Harmony's ezine 'AllBusiness News & Secrets' for SEVEN free
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more info now!

7. Telecommuting Openings
ARKS Publishing Corporation is planning to launch "The
Urban Fur Trader" within the next 30-60 days. This will be
a web-based newsletter.  The main theme is survival skills
for the modern suburbanite.  Articles are solicited and
should be 750-1200 words.  Vignettes of 250-500 words will
also be considered.  Any subject relevant to their main
theme is acceptable.  If your article or vignette is
accepted, the company will pay $0.05/word on publication.
The newsletter will be published monthly.  For more

->Mystery Shoppers
Mystery shoppers needed.  Visit restaurants, bars, movie
theatres, banks, real estate companies, retail stores, plus
more!  Set your own hours and have fun at the same time.
Openings exist nationally and internationally.  For details,
visit: /tcmysteryshop.htm

Home typist/clerical workers needed.  Type business letters,
advertisements, memos and more.  For details, visit: /tcwordprocessing.htm

There are many more telecommuting positions like this at /telecorner.html with more being added
all the time.

8. Freebies
-> Infodisk
500+ FREE reports with complete reprint rights! (1.4mb) /infodisk.exe

-> Newbie's Guide to Publishing an Ezine
This free e-book is loaded with content for newbies and
seasoned publishers. (3.2mb) /newbieguide.zip
(This file will need to be unzipped after download.  If
you don't already have a copy of Winzip for this purpose,
download an evaluation copy from http://www.winzip.com )

9. News Digest
-> Free ISP, No Ads: No Kidding - Reuters

-> eBay says offers of babies for sale appear to be pranks

-> Microsoft Ships Simple Web-Publishing Tool
Microsoft shipped a desktop application Tuesday that lets
customers add Internet multimedia features to Office
documents without the need for HTML coding.

-> Group Considering Internet Taxes To Meet
Debate will be heated when governors, industry leaders, and
federal officials who are considering whether to tax
transactions over the Internet meet next week in New York,
one of the organizers said Tuesday.

-> MP3.com, EMusic Launch Online Radio Efforts
Two of the biggest names in online music announced online
radio  efforts Tuesday.

-> Congress Returns To Budget Battles
Several pieces of Internet legislation show promise of
passage as Congress returns Tuesday from its summer break.

-> Online Billing Vendors Launch Web Initiative
Online billing has yet to catch on with the masses, but that
could change. Two major websites and a company that prints,
processes, and mails bills and statements say they plan to
launch Web initiatives over the next few weeks.

-> Executive Education Gets Wired
Professors at the Wharton School of the University of
Pennsylvania hold class all over the country, and they never
leave the campus.

-> Apple Settles Shareholder Lawsuit
Apple has announced it has settled a shareholder lawsuit
accusing the company and certain directors of mismanagement.
The company said its board would change Apple's bylaws and
policy concerning trading in company securities.

-> Privacy Groups Dismiss Microsoft NSA Denial
Microsoft moved swiftly on Friday to deny allegations that
it included an NSA (U.S. National Security Agency) back door
into the Windows operating system.

-> Crackers Deface C-SPAN Website
Crackers have defaced the Website of U.S.cable tv channel
C-SPAN, according to the <i>Associated Press</i>.

-> We Are E-Family
SuperFamily.com helps to keep your family  virtually


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10. This Week's Web Site Pick
Virtual Promote

Absolutely everything about anything to do with website
promotion in one convenient location and, best of all,
all of the tools and resources are absolutely FREE!

Here's what WinMag.com had to say in a recent review:

"VirtualPromote is a Web merchant's dream - it's packed with
advice about how to get search engines to pick up your site,
swap links and build a community.

"The site offers design tips, such as the most effective use
of meta tags, that will help improve visibility with search
engines. Other techniques to help your site show up in search
engine results are also described.

"On your first visit, start with the tour or the Webmaster's
checklist, which lists steps to take to promote a site; each
item on the list links to a tutorial.  One tutorials advises,
for example, that if you visit another site that you think
will be of interest to your audience, add a link to the site
and let the site's Webmaster know you did so. It's likely
that the other site will offer to link to yours in return.

"There's also a free site submitter with access to 30 search
engines. Links are provided to other sites that have tips on
community building, and to sites that offer free code
snippets to add features like rotating ads, calculators,
calendars and other online user tools."

12. Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
Contact By Email


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