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  September 25

     Editor: Elena Fawkner
   Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Pet Sitting/
   Homecare Service
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Roommate
   Finding Service
  4.   Article - Target Your Market
  5.   Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an
   Information Broker - Part 6 - Emailing Your Sales
   Message and Filling Orders
  6.   Guest Article - Untax Yourself by Esther Hinchliff
  7.   Telecommuting Openings
  8.   Book Review - The Business of Gift Baskets: A
   Guide For Survival
  9.   Freebies
  10.  The News Digest
  11.  This Week's Web Site Pick
  12.  Subscription Management
  13.  Contact Information


1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

There has been a slight delay with the launch of The
Franchise Connection that I
announced last week would be up and running by the middle of
this week.  At this stage, it should be up and running early
next week so be sure to visit.

I'm delighted to report that A Home-Based Business Online
was featured as List-A-Day's business newsletter of the day
on September 22.  As a result of this exposure, many new
subscribers and advertisers joined our ranks. A copy of the
review can be found at .  If you're a
newsletter publisher, be sure to list your publication with
List-A-Day at http://List-A-Day.com .  It's obviously a
popular site for those looking for newsletters to subscribe

Writers, as always I am happy to showcase your work both
here and in the Reference Library so submit your articles
(including resource box)to Contact By Email -- this
is a great way to get free publicity but please make sure
your work relates to ideas or resources for home-based or
online businesses.

Finally, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
questions and stories to: Contact By Email

See you all again next week.

2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Pet Sitting/Homecare
Got pets?  Got houseplants?  Ever worried what on earth to
do with them while you're on vacation or away on business?
Well, so does everyone else!  This is a business that is
low, low cost to start up.  Your only expenses will be
the cost of promoting your new business and running costs
for your car (which are, of course, tax deductible - see
this week's guest article below).

Essentially, all that is involved is to go to people's
houses once or twice a day while they're on vacation or
a business trip, collect the mail, feed and play with their
pets (oh, go on, throw the tennis ball to the dog just
one more time), refill the water bowls, maybe walk the dog,
clean out the cats' litter tray, turn lights on and off,
feed the fish and water the plants.  What could be easier?

Of course, it's not quite THAT easy.  This is a business
that carries with it a great deal of responsibility and
trust on the part of your clients.  They rely on you to
care for their home and their pets during their absence.
If you're looking after pets, there's no missing an

Full report: http://www.ahbbo.com/petsitting.html

There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.

3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Roommate Finding
Here's a business that you can start with an absolute
minimum investment.  Practically anyone who lives in a city
of any size anywhere in the country can expect to do well
with this business.

The income and market potential for this service is virtually
unlimited.  Rent increases that have far outpaced wage
increases have brought about a tremendous need for a method
to alleviate the cost of housing.  Also, many apartment
complexes are being converted into expensive condominiums.
These two factors have created a problem of gigantic
proportions for millions of people who are concerned about
keeping a roof over their heads.  You can make big money
solving the problem with your own roommate finding service.

This is an ideal online business.  All you need do is build
up a database of people seeking roommates and then charge a
membership fee (say $40 per year) for access to that database
information.   Give members the facility to import a
scanned snapshot of themselves and have them fill out an
online form with all relevant information.  This online form
then gets imported into your searchable database and members
can make contact with each other if they like what they see.
Be sure to include a responsibility disclaimer in your
membership sign up application.

Full report:


There are many more online business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.

4. Article - Target Your Market!
By Elena Fawkner
Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

The inspiration for this week's article was a
submission I received from Esther Hinchliff (see her guest
article "Untax Yourself" below).  In email discussion with
Esther about her article, I mentioned to her how refreshing
it was to receive an article submission that actually had
some real relevance to the subject matter of my newsletter!

That got me thinking.  How do you all decide where to target
your marketing efforts for your businesses?

I'm sure you've all heard, ad nauseam, how writing articles
and having them published in newsletters together with your
byline and resource box is an effective way to generate
publicity for your business.  It's excellent advice so long
as your article gets read by a targeted audience that has
an interest in the subject matter of your article.

It seems every day I receive at least one article
submission request.  I'm glad because I welcome article
submissions from writers.  I publish a guest article every
week so I'm constantly on the lookout for fresh, relevant
material that I think you will find useful.

So why is it that some people insist on sending me articles
about things like nutritional supplements (a case in point)?
I have nothing against nutritional supplements (I take them
myself!) but this newsletter is about how to start and
successfully operate your own home business.

And these articles aren't about starting up a home business
as a distributor of nutritional supplements (THAT would
actually be useful), but, rather, about the health benefits
of the particular nutritional supplement being promoted.

WHY would I put something so irrelevant to the raison
d'etre of this newsletter in front of you?  Sure, a few of
you might, coincidentally, be interested in nutritional
supplements but that is not why you subscribe to this
newsletter.  And if you're not interested in nutritional
supplements then all I would achieve by publishing an
article on the topic is a whole heap of unsubscribe requests,
and rightly so.  So I'm not going to waste your time with
it, no matter how well written and engrossing the article
may otherwise be.

In order to be effective in promoting your particular
business, whatever it is, you have to seek out your target
market.  This is as true online as it is offline.  Just
because you CAN reach massive numbers of people with your
message on the internet far more cheaply (read "free") and
quickly (read "instantly") than you can offline, does
this mean you SHOULD?

What's the point of devoting your time and energies to
marketing to a massive group of people without first
knowing whether they, as a group, have a general interest
in your subject matter?

It's MUCH more efficient and effective, not to mention
smarter, to first find out where your prospective customers
congregate and then target that congregation than it is to
use a scattergun approach and hope that one of your bullets
will find its target.  You will find that by selectively
targeting your prospects before marketing to them, your
conversion ratio (the proportion of your target market
that actually purchases your product) will be much higher
than the results you will achieve taking potshots in the

After all, what would you rather have, a conversion ratio
of 2% out of a target market of 100 or a conversion ratio
of .00002% out of a target market of 10,000?

If your business is nutritional supplements, find
newsletters that deal with health-related issues and submit
articles (and classified ads) to the publishers of those
newsletters.  If your business relates to promoting knowledge
of the tax-breaks available to home business owners, target
newsletters related to home businesses.

This is how Esther found us.  She researched the home
business category in Ruth Townsend's Directory of Ezines,
and targeted publishers of related newsletters.  Lo and
behold, she found a publisher who was looking for useful
and informative content for this week's newsletter!


5. Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an Information
   Broker - Part 6 - E-Mailing Your Sales Message and
   Filling Sales Orders

Once you have some e-mail addresses to send your sales
letter to, you need to be able to do it quickly and
efficiently. This may take a little practice at first.

If you've gotten this far along in this venture, you
obviously know how to use e-mail. I also realize that all
e-mail packages operate differently. However, whether you
use AOL, Genie, Netcom or any other internet service
provider, if you run Windows you can utilize the basic "cut
and paste" feature to simplify your e-mailing.

First of all, it's a good idea to write your sales letter
in the Notepad application of Windows. I won't go into the
details of how to do this since most Windows users will have
no problem with it. (If you aren't sure how, look in your
Windows book.) Once you complete your letter you simply
highlight all text and hold down "CTRL" and press "C". This
stores the text in memory until you are ready to paste it.

Now you can go into your e-mail feature and click your
cursor into the box where you would start typing your e-mail
message. Instead of typing your message, you simply hold
down "CTRL" and press "V". This will paste the entire letter
exactly where you want it. You can do this "CTRL" "V" over
and over until you replace what is in memory with something
new by highlighting new text and pressing "CTRL" "C" again.

Keep in mind, if you have an e-mail list to mail to, you
can also use this "cut and paste" method to paste multiple
addresses and send to them all at once.


The last step in completing a sale is the actual fulfillment
of the order. As with every other aspect of your business,
there are many options to consider when filling orders. The
best advice I can give is to ship the product within a week
of receiving an order. (Don't forget the 30 Day Rule.)

As far as the order filling itself goes, there will be
basically two methods. The first is (a) via regular mail and
the second is (b) via E-mail. It's up to you to decide which
method you will use. I prefer to offer both since they are
both so simple to do.

If you plan to offer the manual via regular mail, you'll
need to get some copies printed. The best thing to do is to
print it as a manual and bring it to one of the many quick
print and copy centers that are cropping up all over. If
they don't do it themselves they should be able to recommend
a place that will. You should be able to get good copies
printed up for less than two bucks per copy, including a
basic cover. There are a variety of methods, so shop around
and get the best price.

(a)  When mailing your product, the most important topic to
cover is the addressing of your packages. I highly recommend
a label program if you have a printer. Not only does this
allow you to keep your customer list on computer, it also
makes for much easier addressing of envelopes. If you don't
have the software yet, just be sure that all packages are
addressed clearly and legibly. Also make an effort to
include all key components of the mailing address including
apartment number (if applicable) and zip code. Be sure to
include a return address on every outgoing package in case
it can't be delivered.

Postage is the next thing to consider. If you are charging
your customer for shipping and handling, don't gouge your
customers. There are many mail-order companies "squeezing" a
few extra dollars out of their customers by charging
inflated shipping and handling charges. This unethical
behavior is exactly the type of conduct that gives
mail-order a bad name.

(b)  The second method of filling orders is by using E-mail.
E-mailing your product is even easier than using regular
mail. (Not to mention the zero cost factor.) Be sure your
e-mail program let's you attach files before you offer this
method of delivery. (Almost all do by now.) You simply
compose an e-mail in the regular fashion and then choose
"attach file" before sending. Once you choose "attach file"
you will be prompted to choose a file for your computer. All
you do next is select the text file (.txt) you want to send
and then send it. If you can't find the file on your
computer, look in the "download" area of your online
software directory. This is usually where all files you
receive via your modem are stored.

One very important issue to consider, when filling orders
via E-mail is that there are many different E-mail programs
in use. Some will only accept files up to a certain size. If
the file is too large (as FREEWAY!.txt is in some instances)
the file will automatically be encoded to ease transmission.
The process of converting the file back to a readable format
may be a little beyond the realm of knowledge for many computer
users. Additionally, some E-mail programs require separate
programs to achieve this conversion. For this reason, it is
a good idea to offer the .txt version on a floppy disk via
regular mail. This actually serves a few purposes. In a
addition to saving the headache of receiving the attachment
properly, it provides them with a backup copy, and also
simplifies things when they are ready to send the manual as
an attachment.


Next Week - Part 7 - Final Instalment - "Reinvest In Yourself"

Missed previous instalments of this tutorial series?  Pick
them  up from the newsletter archives at


6. Guest Article - Untax Yourself
By Esther B. Hinchliff
Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

If you are currently running a home business or plan to
start one with the intent of making a profit, there are
numerous tax deductions you are legally entitled to.  If you
are not taking advantage of them, you are making Uncle Sam
your #1 charity!

If you operate a home business, your home is your primary
business location.  The "business use" proportion of your
home, garage, or even your barn may qualify for beneficial
tax deductions.

Taxes alone cost the typical family more than their home,
food, and clothes combined and are, in fact, almost double
the cost of any of the other typical family expenses.
Cutting those taxes is the single most important money saving
strategy you can employ - ever!!

If you operate a home business, many formerly "personal"
expenses are now legally tax-deductible (on a proportionate
basis), including mortgage (and other) interest, rent,
insurance, utilities, telephone, computer, fax, and most
importantly...your car!

No different from many people, I thought logging my trip
mileage was a nuisance at best, until I was given this small
test.  On your next trip to Office Depot, or to your Shell
Station for gas, oil change, battery, or to the Post Office
for stamps, xerox copies, or mail pick-up...do this:

l) set your odometer back to zero;
2) reach in your wallet and take out $1;
3) when you have driven three miles, throw it out the window;
4) repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get back home.

Your automobile, one of the most costly monthly expenses of
the typical American family, can instead become one of your
largest tax deductions because you can use it daily in your
business.  Plan ways to promote your business from the moment
you leave your place of business (your home) in the morning
to the moment you return, and you will find that by properly
documenting your use, up to 100% of your vehicle use can be
deductible.  For a 20,000 mile per year vehicle this amounts
to over $6,500 in vehicle tax deductions for your business.

For example, shopping trips become opportunities to compare
prices and prospect other customers at the grocery store,
the mall, virtually anywhere!  Church and school visits
become opportunities to promote your business while
converting formerly personal expenses into substantial tax

Another tax advantage of a home business is that you can hire
your children (under the age of 18) to work in your business,
and convert the former expense of allowances to tax
deductible wages without paying ANY payroll taxes.  Now you
may pay each of them up to $4,250 per year TAX FREE, and
deductible to you, as wages for helping you in your
business.  For a family with 2-3 children, this deduction
alone can be worth $8,500 to $12,750 in tax deductions,
all because you are now in business for yourself!

Naturally, you must document their employment by way of time
cards and actual checks written and deposited to their bank
accounts.  But wouldn't you rather give it to your children
than the government?  And...things like school clothes can
be paid for from this account, as well as class trips, lunch
money, hair cuts, and any other 'personal' expense.  The
residue certainly would build up for college tuitions.

Other tax advantages of a home business include the
(proportionate) costs of purchasing, renting or leasing a
security system and the depreciation of your home and
equipment such as computers and printers.  With a little
creativity, "hobbies" such as golf, hunting, fishing and
even vacations with your family can become opportunities for
you to actively promote your business and therefore realize
more tax deductions.

Without question, if you are going to use the tax laws to
your best advantage, you will need ongoing accounting and
tax saving strategies and advice, just like the Vanderbilts,
the Mellons, the Kennedys, and Bill Gates.  Wealthy people
spend thousands to save millions and, in proportion, you must
be prepared to spend hundreds to save thousands in order to
keep more of what you earn.

LAWFUL tax minimization (note we are NOT talking here about
AVOIDING one's tax obligations, rather MINIMIZING, using
lawful means, the tax we are obliged to pay) is one of the
most important elements of acquiring and retaining wealth.

A new home business is born every 11 seconds, but in order
to qualify for business-related tax deductions, you must be
able to prove that you are in business, actively
participating, and working towards making a profit.  Even if
you do not make a profit from your business right away, so
long as you have a genuine profit motive you are lawfully
entitled to potentially thousands in tax deductions, provided
you can document active business participation.

Just like all those companies you have ever worked for, as
owner of your own business, you are entitled to the same tax
deductions they have enjoyed for years.  And, like them...
YOU can get to keep more of the profits.  But if you don't
ask, no one will offer!
Esther B Hinchliff, AIM Associate
We are..."masters of the game".


7. Telecommuting Openings
-> Arts/Crafts
Our company sells patterns and plans for fabric,
craft, and woodworking projects. This is done through
newspaper syndication which gives us overwhelming exposure
to the masses.  Submissions are welcome. Projects must be
new, original, and unpublished designs.  Send for submission
Syndication Associates, Inc.
P O Box 1000
Bixby, OKLAHOMA 74008 USA

-> Bookkeeping
Follow-up on accounts. Send reply letters and E-Mails when
needed. Supply information needed to various agencies. No
collection calls.  Minimum phone work.  Computer needed with
Windows 95/98. Knowledge of Quick-Books and/or ACT program
would be suitable. Submit your qualifications by E-Mail:

-> Child Care
Enjoy Children? Private referral service seeking childcare
providers to work at home or in the home of working parents.
Flexible hours and pay.  For more information call: The
Child Care Resource Center (678)584-5072 or email

-> Product Assembly
Work from home assembling products for legitimate companies.
There is a wide variety of products you can assemble: wooden
toys, picture frames, potpourri sachets, stuffed animals, sew
duffle bags, make beaded jewelery, make dollhouse miniatures,
paint novelties. This type of assembly work is for serious
and dedicated home workers. You will not get rich overnight
with this work, but you will be able to make a decent income.
No experience is necessary, as you will be provided with full
instructions.  Please, for more details, visit our web site.
Assemblers 2017
9720, 37th Place No. #106
Plymouth, MINNESOTA 55441 US
Phone: 612 545 6552

8. Book Review
The Business of Gift Baskets: A Guide For Survival
By Cynthia McKay
(1601 South Holdings, Inc. 1998, $19.95)


The title may say gift baskets, but the information is so much
more.  Cynthia McKay is about more than gift baskets.  She's
focused on superior customer service, super product
presentation, and excellent marketing of her business.

Some of you sell a product; others provide a service.  Either
way, you can take the ideas presented here and extrapolate it
for your own situation.

I wish I were articulate enough to tell you how excited I was
reading this book.  It was so interesting that I was seriously
considering starting a gift basket business myself.  Add the
fact that it's a fast read and you have a winner.

Don't think it was an easy read because it's simple
information-wise; it isn't. Mostly it's McKay's writing style.
To the point and full of examples.

McKay stresses three practices in her business:
Customer Service

Every business owner pays lip service to these ideals.  But,
it's not common practice.  Think about the businesses you deal
with on a daily basis. How many have good customer service?  How
many even attempt service that's outstanding?

McKay's goal is to 'wow' her customers.  She strives to not
only live up to their expectations, but to surpass them.

She consistently looks for ways to give them more than they
expect.  It might be free shipping one time or adding an extra
product or two to the basket another time.

Customer complaints, few though they be, are also handled with
pizazz.  McKay might rebate the cost of the original basket AND
send another basket, free of charge, to both the customer & the

McKay constantly strives to find products for her baskets that
are not run-of-the-mill.  She says "gourmet gift baskets" and
she means it.

Her goal is not only to have the fullest baskets in the
industry, but to have them full of products not found in other
baskets.  This is what sets her business apart from her

Think how you could put this into practice in your business.
You've worked hard to get your customer.  Now what can you do
to make sure they'll come back?  What is the quality of what you
offer?  What is your "wow factor"?

Follow-up comes into play when McKay calls both the giver and
the recipient to check how every thing went from the actual
product selection to the packaging to the delivery.

She also constantly keeps in touch with past customers and
gives them reasons to buy from her again & again.

One way this is done, in her business, is by providing gift
ideas for all occasions.  Even when you know someone well, there
are times when you're stumped for a gift.  It happens all the

One idea McKay uses is promotional flyers. These flyers may have
perhaps three gift basket suggestions on them.  It's something
that not only jogs a customer's mind, but makes it easy for them
to make a buy decision right on the spot.

I don't want to give away too many of her ideas for marketing
her business.  You'll just have to buy & read the book.

Another thing I admired in this book was the fact that McKay
admits to mistakes.  She gives examples of what she did wrong
when choosing her business name, where she's made mistakes in
her advertising, and what problems have surfaced with employees
and suppliers.

She doesn't set herself up as the "great I am."  Many books
written by people with successful businesses are mostly just
publicity.  This book doesn't follow in that mold.

There is an effort to provide useful overall management
information as well as ideas specific to a gift basket business.

She's also set up what I call a mini-franchise of her business.
She calls it a distributorship.  That might scare off people
who've had bad experiences with MLM companies.

In this case 'distributorship' is a way for McKay to pass along
her philosophy, marketing ideas, &, most importantly, her
supplier list.  There is no recruiting of others or any kind of
pay plan.  This is really more like a franchise, but without all
the fees.

If you're curious about the look & quality of McKay's baskets,
just visit her web site.  I think you'll be pleasantly


Now about the teleconference.  This happened because I was so
impressed with this book and with McKay's web site I wanted to
talk to her.  I thought, jeez, maybe others would be interested,
too.  So here we are.

I'm proud to announce that a FREE teleconference with Cynthia
McKay owner of Le Gourmet Gift Baskets in Denver will be offered
on Tuesday, October 5th, at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST).  The only cost
to you is the long distance call.

A little background information for you.  Cynthia started her
business from her home in 1992 and has built it into a worldwide
enterprise with distributors all across the US.  At last count
she had about 220 distributors.


    *  you're thinking about starting a business;
    *  are already in one and need some new ideas;
    *  are an author & could use the teleconference
    *  as the basis for an article;
    *  want to get a perspective on superior marketing;
    *  or if you make & sell an item that might be
   included in a gift basket.

Cynthia will take about 1/2 hour giving a presentation then will
answer questions that you've pre-submitted.  We'll also open the
call for a live discussion.

The lines are limited to the first 30 people who sign up.  If we
have more interest, we will try to set up another date to repeat
the call, but that's NOT guaranteed because Cynthia's schedule
is quite full. So register NOW, but only if you're absolutely
sure you can make it.

Here's what you need to do if you're interested.

1) send an email to pre-register


2) enclose any questions you'd like passed on to Cynthia.

I'll get back to you with confirmation, the number to call, and

Tell your friends, tell your customers, tell your subscribers!
The more people we have the better the discussion.

If you'd like to publicize this event, email me and I'll send
you text for the ad.
Copyright 2017 Amy Shellhase
By Amy Shellhase -- Publisher
ReviewZ -- What Savvy Small Biz Owners Read

9. Freebies
-> E-book - Free Tips for Starting a Home-Based SecretComic Sans MS
   Service by Judy Vorfeld(429k)
   Judy Vorfeld of Peoria, Arizona, an internet old-timer,
   started a secretComic Sans MS services business in 1992 and
   created her first web site in 1996.
   (You will need Internet Explorer 4.0 or above to view
   this book.  It need not be your main browser but you
   will need it to be resident on your hard drive.)

-> E-book - Home Business (316k)
   Step by step tips on how to get started in a home business
   of your own.

-> E-Book - Important Business Ideas (329k)
   A collection of articles relating to home business.

If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
visit and
for many other free
e-books and reports (with complete reprint and resell rights)
that have been made available to subscribers over the past
few weeks.


Gotta JOB (Just Over Broke)? Trade it in for a YOB (Your
Own Business)!! You'll love the money...and the boss is
pretty nice, too!

10. News Digest
-> Astronaut Sally Ride To Pilot Space.com
Space.com has named space shuttle veteran Sally Ride, the
first American woman in space, as president of the company.
Founded by former CNN financial newsman Lou Dobbs, Space.com
is a website dedicated to news about the space industry.

-> Microsoft, Ford To Drive Online Car Buying
Microsoft and Ford are realigning car-buying online.

-> Taiwan Quake May Disrupt Electronics Industry
Suppliers and OEMs are scrambling to unearth the full
effects of the massive earthquake that struck Taiwan
Tuesday, as the electronics industry looks warily toward its
lean inventories and begins to wonder how it will satisfy

-> DSL High-Speed Rollout To Snowball In 2017
Technology used by major telephone carriers for high-speed
Internet is about to take off as the software that enables
it will become available at year-end, a telecom analyst said

-> Microsoft Turns Tables, Blasts DOJ Case
A Microsoft attorney Tuesday afternoon blasted the U.S.
Department of Justice's case against the software giant,
calling it little more than "red herrings, misstatements,
and omissions."

-> Bank Regulators Spend Easy On Y2K
NEW YORK -- William McDonough, the president of the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York, said he expects the cash reserves
he and his wife had on hand for the Labor Day holiday will
be enough to get them through the New Year's weekend.

-> Net PhoneRings At NetWorld
The communications industry heard the call of the Internet
telephone at NetWorld+Interop, in Atlanta, as Cisco Systems
set the tone by rolling out a converged systems architecture
powering 35 new product lines that support voice-over-IP

-> Greenspan Says No Bark In Y2K
The anticipated millennium date change computer problem is
unlikely to disrupt the U.S. economy, said Federal Reserve
chairman Alan Greenspan, Friday.  He told a meeting of the
President's Council on Year 2017 that the U.S. economy was
well prepared.


11. This Week's Web Site Pick
Promote Free.Com - The Totally Free Promotion Site

One of my personal favorites.  This site has everything
you need to promote your online business without spending
one red cent!  Here's just a short sample of the free
resources available:

-> a comprehensive directory of announcement resources for
   your website, newsletter etc.,
-> search engine resources,
-> traffic building resources,
-> links for mass submission to classified ad and FFA sites,
-> content for ezine publishers,
-> affiliate program,
-> website design,
-> Cybergnome newsletter,
-> search engine submission tools,
-> ezine directories,
-> discussion forums,
-> free web pages,
-> free autoresponders,
-> free forms,
-> free announcement board,
-> business opportunities, and
-> home business resources.

Warning: there's a lot to do at this site so don't visit
unless you have a couple of spare hours.  Definitely worth
bookmarking if you operate an online business.

12.  Subscription Management

To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:

To UNSUBSCRIBE or get removed from this Newsletter:

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