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  October 2

    Editor: Elena Fawkner
  Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Consulting
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Home-Business-
  4.   Article - And Never the Twain Should Meet
  5.   Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an
   Information Broker - Part 7 - Reinvest In Yourself
  6.   Guest Article - Success Tips for Organizing Your Home
  7.   Telecommuting Openings
  8.   Freebies
  9.   This Week's Web Site Pick
  10.  Subscription Management
  11.  Contact Information

1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

How would you like to win a free sponsor ad in A Home-Based
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As always, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
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or would just like to share your experiences with others,
I want to hear from you!  Please send comments, questions
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See you all again next week.

2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Consulting
The key to becoming a successful consultant is to work in
a field in which you have experience and which holds your
interest. Your experience and educational background can
be a springboard into consulting. The options are limitless.

Professional consulting services cover a variety of
business services including marketing and advertising,
financial management, strategic management, computer
software and hardware trouble-shooting, and human resources

Personal consulting services include wedding planning,
interior design, education and career planning.

Businesses and individuals who need specific expertise
keep these consulting services fueled.

Full report:

There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Home-Business-In-A-
This week's online business idea is something a little
different from what you will usually see in this space.
When I first came across Harmony Major's Home-Business-In-
a-Box package I thought to myself, now THIS is what I was
looking for when I was first starting out on my quest to
find a home-based business I could operate online.  Like
many people, I was convinced that somewhere out there in
cyberspace was my niche.  All I had to do was find it.
Well, I did ... eventually, and after MUCH trial and

I'm willing to bet a lot of you reading this newsletter are,
now, where I was then.  A Home-Business-In-a-Box may just be
the launching pad you have been looking for.  And this is
why I am bringing this package to your attention.  I am not
a reseller of the product, nor was I solicited to feature
Home-Business-In-a-Box in this newsletter.  I mention
the product here simply because it offers the new internet
entrepreneur a ready-made online business selling a quality
product that you can start marketing immediately and
without wasting the sort of time and effort I did.

Essentially, Home-Business-In-a-Box is a 7 page, custom-
designed website, ecommerce-enabled to accept credit cards,
online checks and 1-900 billing.  The product you would be
selling from your new website is a package of over 1600
informational reports on sought-after topics.  (Regular
readers of this newsletter will be aware from the ongoing
tutorial series that has been running over the past six
weeks that information products are THE hottest commodity
online today.)

One of the benefits that sets Home-Business-In-a-Box apart
is that your website can be customized to your own
specifications ... it is NOT just another self-replicating
site like so many so-called business opportunities seem to
be.  All of the technical setup headaches are taken care of
for you too.  And, most importantly for the longer term,
once your website has been created, you then have complete
control over it.  This means you can change it, introduce
new products and services and generally add to it over time
as your online business expands.

The full basic package will set you back $149.95.  Kind
of a low investment when you think that what you get for
your money is a fully-fledged business of your own.

Full details:


There are many more online business ideas at
with more being added
all the time.


4. Article - And Never the Twain Should Meet
By Elena Fawkner
Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

For many people, working from home sounds like an ideal
arrangement.  You don't have to waste time commuting to and
from the office, you can be there for your children when
they come home from school, you don't have to answer to
anyone but yourself and you can work the hours that suit you
... not your boss.  All very well in theory.

On the other side of the coin, though, are the challenges of
working from home.   "Working your own hours" all too easily
can become "working all hours" if you don't set a workday
schedule, while rowdy children can become an almighty
challenge when you need to present a professional image to
the prospective client you're speaking with on the

The fundamental key to a successful transition to a home-
based business is to keep your business and personal lives
as separate as possible.   Decide up front how many (and
which) hours of the day you are going to allocate to your
business and stick to this schedule.  What you don't get
done during today's business hours can and should wait until
tomorrow.  Don't succumb to the temptation of allowing your
business to encroach on your personal and family time.

One trick to keep your business and personal lives separate
is to have separate areas of the house for each.  If at all
possible, allocate a room of your house or apartment
exclusively as your business office.  Make sure that all
members of your family understand that when you are in that
room, you are working and are not available except in an
emergency.  Likewise, don't use that room for any non-work
activity such as a TV room.

By strictly separating areas in this way, you will
reinforce in your mind (and the minds of other family members)
that your office is a place of business and is to be
treated as such.  Just as your family will learn to respect
these boundaries, it will also help you to "switch off" at
the end of your work day if you can literally shut the door
of your office and return "home" to your family.

One temptation that, if indulged, will blur the line between
your business and personal lives, is attending to non-
business tasks during the hours you have allocated to
business.  Avoid leaving your office to run a load of
laundry, unload the dishwasher, clean the bathroom or
organize the kitchen cabinets ... any of the myriad of things
that can assume an almost overwhelming urgency in the face of
that business task you are putting off starting.  These
sorts of distractions will only serve to keep you in your
office much longer than necessary.

Another important tip for keeping your two worlds separate
is to have separate business telephone, modem and fax lines.
Do NOT allow your children to answer your business phone.
Arrange for an answering service to take your business calls
during your non-business hours.  Similarly, when you are
working, try to ensure your children are otherwise occupied
when you make business calls.  The last thing you need when
trying to convince that prospective new client that you
should win his account is a screaming five year old right next
to you.

If you have very young children, hire a sitter for the times
of the day or week when you know you will be conducting
business on the telephone.  If you have older children,
deputize one or more of them to occupy younger siblings.
You might want to pay your 'deputy' for this service as a way
for him or her to earn some income or pocket money.  The
money you spend on sitting services will be more than
outweighed by the professional image you will be able to
project to prospective and existing clients and customers.

As important as it is to choose for your business something
you love to do, don't allow your business to take you away
from your family.  After all, your family was likely one of
the primary reasons you decided to work from home in the
first place.

It is one thing to be present physically.  It is quite
another to be present mentally and emotionally.   The more
rounded you are as a person, the more you bring to the table
... both personally and professionally.  The enjoyable
activities you engage in in your non-business hours can
energize your business life.  So, instead of thinking about
the work you could be doing on Sunday when you're at the beach
with your spouse, think of the fun you have on that day as
an investment in your business for the coming week.

Give 100% of yourself to work during the time allocated to
work.  Then shut the door on it.  Your family deserves 100%

5. Continuing Tutorial Series - How to Become an Information
   Broker - Part 7 - Reinvest in Yourself


The last point I would like to make involves growth. Simply
put, as profits increase, you should continue to re-invest
these profits. This continued reinvesting of profits is
necessary to insure continued growth of your business, and
in turn, the continued increasing profits that come with it.

Needless to say, there are many ways to reinvest profits.
One of the best ways is to continually evaluate and upgrade
the scope of your marketing. This usually means spending
more on your advertising and other marketing techniques. You
may want to consider contacting some internet advertising
agencies for fresh ideas.

Another key factor to growing in your business is to
continually add new products and sales literature. (Also
continue to enhance existing literature.) You should always
remember that your own customer base is the best place to
introduce new products. Consider sending an e-mail message
to all of your existing customers to offer new information
products that you purchase or develop yourself.

There are lots of other ways to reinvest profits. Upgrading
office equipment, for example, may be near the top of your
list. Whatever your particular company needs are, keep in
mind that your primary objective when reinvesting profits
should be to create more sales. If purchasing new office
equipment will aid you in producing better quality products
and sales literature then it may very well be necessary. On
the other hand, if your products are selling well already,
you may benefit the most by simply placing more classifieds.
The beauty of it is the fact that it's your decision and no
one else's.

You now have everything you need to get your home business
started and shifted into high gear immediately! Not only do
you possess the knowledge, you have the ideal product as

So what are you waiting for? Are you worried you won't
succeed? Why not look at it like this. If you try to succeed
in your own business and fail, the most you will lose is a
little money. After all, you don't have to risk your life
savings when starting this business. The knowledge alone,
that you will gain from starting your own business will
outweigh any financial loss by far.

You must also keep in mind that success can be a difficult
thing to sneak up on. Perseverance is a major asset to
anyone starting their own business. After all, failure, as
well as success is a part of life. As the old saying goes,
if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. This saying
wouldn't be so popular if everyone succeeded the very first
time they attempted anything. Remember, all progress involves
some form of risk.

Now that you know the worst that can happen (and it isn't
all that bad, is it?) let's concentrate on the best case
scenario!  If you succeed, and more than 75% of all new
entrepreneurs do, you will no longer have to rely on others
for your income!  You'll be able to work the hours YOU want
to work, right in your own home! So what are you waiting

Have faith in yourself and go for it!


This was the final instalment of this tutorial series.
If you missed previous instalments you can pick them up
from the newsletter archives at


6. Guest Article - Success Tips for Organizing Your Home
By Laura Shepherd

Would you like to work in a well-organized office?  The
problem is many of us are unwilling to spend the time it
takes to get organized.  If we used a system of organization,
we would find ourselves being more productive and even having
a little more time for ourselves.

As an organizing consultant, I have learned what is
important to organize. When I go into an office, I will be
shown all the files the client wants organized.  Itís at
this point I ask which ones are current?  I only organize
files that are currently being used.  If the client still
wants three drawers of files organized that they have not
used in over a year, my recommendation to them is that they
organize these files themselves while putting them in storage
boxes.  Be sure to label the boxes and store them in your
storage area.  If you work out of your home, you may not have
room in your storage area for these files.  My suggestion to
you is to find used filing cabinets.  These filing cabinets
may be stored in a garage or basement to store files that you
no longer use.  However, because of legalities, you cannot
dispose of them.

To start your organization, start making a list of every
file in your file drawers. You will discover that you have
files in your current file drawers that should be in storage.
The next thing you will see is that you have duplicate type
files. The list will also show if you can tell what is in a
file by the way it is labeled. Being able to tell what is in
a file by its name will save you time that can be used in a
more profitable way. It will also make it easier for anyone
else who has to find something in your files.  My "Step-By-
Step Guide To Organizing Your Office" contains detailed
information on this particular subject.

After you have taken out files that belong in storage,
removed your duplicate type files and relabeled files that
you were unable to tell their contents by their label, it is
now time to put your files in alphabetical or chronological
order. After you have completed this, make a new list of
every file. Make copies of this new list and put a copy in
the front of each file drawer. Be sure to update your list
when you add and delete files.


Laura Shepherd is an office organizing consultant with 25
years of experience in the secretComic Sans MS field. For
information on every aspect of how to organize your office,
send for the "Step-By-Step Guide To Organizing Your Office".
The cost of the guide is $5, postage paid. Send your request
and $5 to Laura Shepherd, Organizing Consultant, P.O. Box
620176, Oviedo, FL 32762-0006.

Originally Published at http://www.homebusinessmag.com/
Reprinted with permission.


Increase sales instantly up to 200%.  Accept your customers'
credit cards with your own low-cost credit card merchant
account. Quick & easy setup.  New businesses, high-risk
businesses welcome.  95% approval.  NO application fee.  NO
setup fee.  NO obligation.  U.S. business only.

7. Telecommuting Openings
-> Sales Agents
AJN Recovery, Inc is a professional collection and
information services company based in Lynchburg, Virginia.
We offer: Tenant Screenings, Pre-employment Screenings,
Credit Checks and a full service collection service.
We are currently searching for highly motivated sales
representatives looking for business-to-business sales
opportunities. This is acheived through cold calling or
providing companies with our brochure and follow-up.
This postion is a home-based position, setting your own
hours and sales goals. You can work on locallly or go for
national accounts, the sky is the limit. This position
offers a straight commision on the services or
memberships sold. Our average telemarketer earns from
$200-$500 per week. Our aggressive sales reps make
approximately $700 per week based on a 40 hour work
week. Make as little or as much as you wish. There are
no fees or costs to you, we provide you with brochures,
business cards, and any sales materials you will need
to increase your sales.  To start your sales career
with AJN Recovery, Inc. today, contact us at: or call (804)239-7955
for more information.

-> Paralegal
Small specialty legal publisher seeks paralegal for
independent contractor work from home. We publish journals
that provide summaries of local personal injury jury trials.
We need a paralegal with good personal injury experience
to assist us in gathering the data from the attorneys. We
will assign you approximately 40 cases per month and you
will then telephone the attorneys in those cases and conduct
a telephone interview for purposes of completing our "case
questionnaire". Our 12 year experience indicates that with
moderate effort you should be able to earn at least $15/hour.
We publish the case and give the attorney some publicity so
the attorneys are almost always quite willing to discuss
their winning cases with you. Must live in eastern or central
time zone and be willing to devote 40 hours per month to
this endeavor. We pay by the completed case ($15 per case)
and all telephone and mail expenses.  Work from your home
on your schedule with minimal or no supervision. Requires
self-discipline.  Send e-mail describing your qualifications

-> Fundraiser
Planet Aid is a non profit organization, dedicated to
helping people in need. We use collection cans as a means
of raising funds for overseas development projects. We
currently have collection cans in Eastern Massachusetts,
Providence and Philadelphia. In June 2017 we will start a
new collection district in Washington DC. We need one
district manager to develop and manage this district with
1200 collection cans in stores, restaurants, etc..  The
responsibilities include: Convince store owners to host the
collection cans. Empty the cans once a month. Recruite and
manage volunteers to empty the cans. Arrange, plan and carry
out annual fund drives with chain stores.  Requirements:
Honest, hard working and independent.  You must be
resourceful, with drive to succeed. You need excellent
communication skills. Previous experience with fundraising
and/or volunteer management is a plus.  You must have a car
or other means of getting around in the district. Several
area openings nation-wide. Please contact Matt Wallander for available areas and
openings. Pays $20,000/year.

->Telephone Liaison
Home based -residual income. Excellent phone skills a must.
We require dedicated individuals to communicate locally with
our registered and non-registered agents, which incude
mortgage brokers and realtors. Our foundation is charitable-
non-profit identified as a 501(c)(3) under Internal Revenue
Code. We provide grant money to people that are unable to
afford down payments for home purchases. We receive numerous
inquires about this program and the requirements. Our
liaisons would explain these details. Many local city
governments refer people to apply. Retirees and housewives
are encouraged to apply. Please fax resume-work history to
216-228-6420 or mail to 1387 Marlowe Ave. Suite #12,
Cleveland, Ohio 44107. You are also welcome to call Tom at
216-521-HOME (4663)


8. Freebies
-> E-book - How to Choose a Home-Based Business (381k)
Addresses what to consider when choosing a home-based
business, how to find home business ideas and opportunities,
principles of home business success, time management,
overcoming the disadvantages of a home business, why home
businesses fail and more.  A worthy addition to your
electronic library.


If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
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for many other free
e-books and reports (reports come with complete reprint
and resell rights) that have been made available to
subscribers over the past few weeks.

9. This Week's Web Site Pick
Bruce Clay

Free "how to" information, advice, products, tools, links,
and services offered for those planning to design and
promote their own Web site. This information is especially
for those performing Web architecture, Web design, Web
marketing, and Web promotion tasks. This site offers help
with everything from developing Web promotion strategies and
plans to implementing effective tactical programs. If you
would like to succeed as a Business Internet Services Web
Designer offering web architecture and design, marketing,
promotion, and site launch consulting, you will find help

10.  Subscription Management

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11.  Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
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