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  October 9

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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Herb and Spice
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Menu Planner
  4.   Article - Mind Your Manners
  5.   Telecommuting Openings
  6.   Guest Article - No Matter How You Slice It ...
   Spam is Spam!
  7.   Freebies
  8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
  9.   Subscription Management
  10.  Contact Information


1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

This week's guest article is written by fellow subscriber
Susan Jackson.  Susan gives us all a salutary warning
about the dangers of spam.  If you're new to internet
marketing, pay close attention to what Susan has to say.
She has a message that cannot be repeated often enough.
Thanks Susan!

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
questions and stories to: Contact By Email

See you all again next week.

2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Herb and Spice Business
Grow, process and sell fresh, preserved and dried herbs
such as dill, basil, cumin, celery seed and cilantro

To be successful in the herb and spice business, grow things
that do well in your area -- that you have adequate
facilities and room for. Of course, you can expand the list
of possibilities with a greenhouse and various climate
control devices, plus soil manipulation. At the least you
will probably need a small greenhouse (or hot frame) to
start your plants and perhaps a screened area for growing
and/or drying that is secure from insects and other pests.

Not only can you market plants and seeds as individual
items, but there is also a lucrative market in blends of
herbs and spices.  Fortunes have been made with these!

Full report:

There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Menu Planner
Have you ever tried to lose weight?  If so, you know that
one of the greatest challenges is adhering to a calorie-
controlled program while still enjoying the good things in
life.  A good imagination goes a long way.  Why not put
your experience to good use by creating menu plans for
people seeking to reduce their weight?

This is an ideal business to run on the internet.  Do your
nutritional research and put together a few basic menu plans
for different daily calorie levels.  You may consider 1,000,
1,500, 2,000, 2,500 and so on.  Also include variations to
cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarianism,
non-dairy etc..

Full report: http://www.ahbbo.com/menuplanner.html


There are many more online business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


4. Article - Mind Your Manners
By Elena Fawkner

If you subscribe to several business-related newsletters,
you will probably have noticed a lot of people recently
writing about the lack of professionalism displayed by some
internet entrepreneurs and expressing the concern that the
conduct of these individuals is jeopardising the good name
and reputation of the rest of us trying to make an honest
living in this brave new world.

As you are no doubt aware, ecommerce is coming under the
increasing scrutiny of government regulators right around
the world.  Those factions in favour of regulating the
internet are getting up a head of steam because of the
seemingly increasing prevalence of internet scamsters and
the general lack of professionalism displayed by some
internet entrepreneurs.

Much has already been, and will continue to be, written
about unethical business practices ranging from the annoying
(such as spam) to the more serious, such as credit card
fraud.  What I would like to focus on is an aspect of
professionalism ... courtesy ... and the way we deal with
one another in our businesses.

As you may or may not know, from time to time I accept free
advertising in this ezine in addition to paid ads and ad
swaps where I have the room.  I usually only have a couple
of ad spots (if any) available after my ad deadline so I
certainly can't place all the free ad submissions I receive.
So, who gets in and who doesn't?  Well, let me put it this
way.  Your chances are much better if you actually ask.

Recently I have begun receiving a disturbing number of
emails with "free ad" in the subject line and the text of an
ad in the body.  Nothing else.  I assume these people think
I am so desperate for advertisers to fill up my ad space
that I will be grateful for the huge favor they do me by
submitting their ad.  WRONG!  On both counts.

New policy effective immediately: anyone who sends me an
email like that is guaranteed one response and one response
only.  My index finger on the delete key.

Now, thankfully, most people seeking a free ad are courteous
and professional in their approach.  Here's an example from
just this morning:

>Hi Elena, I am a new subscriber to A Home-Based Business
>Online.  I would appreciate your running my ad when
>space is available.  Thank you.

You guessed it ... the person who wrote me this email has a
free ad in this issue.

Please and thank you.  They open doors.  Even on the
internet.  Especially on the internet.

Small point?  Maybe.  But it's symptomatic of a certain
attitude and approach to doing business.  The root cause of
the lack of professionalism we so often encounter as
internet entrepreneurs is, at least in part, the anonymous
nature of internet commerce.  No one need ever know our true
identity if we choose to keep it hidden.

It's kind of like the mentality you see evidence of when
driving.  As drivers, we are anonymous.  We don't know the
person in the car behind or ahead and will never see them
again.  Would we give the too-slow driver in the car ahead
an angry blast of the horn if that person was someone we
knew?  Someone we worked with?  A business acquaintance?  I
doubt it.

The reason some people feel free to be so rude and
aggressive on the roads is the same reason these (I'd be
willing to bet, SAME) people behave this way on the internet.
No-one holds them to account.  We all hit our delete keys
and move on.  People have come to EXPECT to encounter rude
and aggressive drivers on the road.  They have also,
unfortunately, come to expect this behavior on the internet.

Each one of us has a role to play in reducing this attack
on the professionalism of our businesses.  By setting high
standards for ourselves and looking for those same qualities
in those with whom we do business, whether they be
advertisers in our newsletters, resellers of our programs,
whatever, and refusing to do business with those who aren't
professional, we all make a valuable incremental
contribution to increasing the level of professionalism in
internet entrepreneurship.


5. Telecommuting Openings
-> UNIX Administrator
UNIX Administrator needed to perform system maintainance
and mentor up to 3 other JR UNIX Administrators.  Knowledge
of Oracle and SAP a plus. 50% Telecommute (Work from Home).
Pay: $75.00 per hour
Triad Personnel Services
2001 Midwest Road
Oak Brook, ILLINOIS 60523 USA
Phone: 630 792-8017
Fax:  630 792-8425
Contact: Jeff Kolar

-> SecretComic Sans MS/Administration
Full-telecomuting opportunity from anywhere in the US. Must
be self motivated, organized and responsible. For full
details and an application form, send a Self Addressed
Stamped Envelope to:
Response America, Dep O2 PO BOX 0014 SPRING PARK,MN

-> Part-time Human Resources Research Associate
A young human resources/compensation consulting firm based
in New York City seeks a research associate for part-time
work.  Duties include performing data input and preliminary
compensation data analysis, conducting project relevant
research, interacting with clients, and assisting in
designing forms and input documents as related to projects.
Must have at least six months of human resources experience,
knowledge of all Microsoft Office products, and strong
analytical skills. Hours are 15-20 per week. Flexible
scheduling is available; potential to work at home using your
own equipment.  Fax your resume with cover letter and pay
requirements to 212-279-1053, attention: recruitment-NYT

-> Computer Training
OhNowIgetIt.com is now accepting applications for on-line
tutors.  As an on-line tutor you will assist students from
home using your personal computer (via our web site) and
help grade level students 6 through 12 with homework
assignments. Free internet access and $15.00 hour to start.
Benefits Package under review.
38 Washington Street
Haverhill , MASSACHUSETTS 01830 USA
Phone: 978-373-9594
Contact:   Susan Johnson, Business Administrator

-> Publicity Tracker
Information Services Company seeks individual to monitor
local publications for business information. Familiarity
with print media a plus. This is a part time work from home
position. $225/week plus expenses.  Fax resume to: BURRELLE'S
INFORMATION SERVICES Attn: Brian Kollar FAX: 800-766-7188


6. Guest Article - No Matter How You Slice It ... Spam is
by Susan Jackson

This article is especially meant for "newbies" to hopefully
save them the embarrassment of making the mistake I did.

Allow me to relate to you a personal story of what happened
to me when I first dipped my toes into the uncertain waters
of internet marketing.  Of course I "knew" that as long as
I had a product connected to a website all I had to do was
place a few free classified ads and the money would come
rolling in!  Right?  Wrong!

To my surprise I found there were thousands of people
posting free ads. "Wow!" I thought. A virtual gold mine of
prospects. Why not just email them my sales letter?  After
all, weren't they looking for a way to make money just like
me? I'm sure they would love to hear about my offer. I'll
just send them a personal letter.

To say I was naive would be kind.  Stupid, more accurate!

That day, suddenly and without warning, I learned the true
meaning of "spam" and "flame".  Very shortly after sending
my ad to an unsuspecting prospect I received an immediate
response. And not exactly what I was expecting!

My heart began to pound and my face turned red as I read
those acid words of recrimination. "Spam!" they cried.
"Your ISP has been notified". I was mortified! They were

I quickly sent an apology claiming "newbie" in my defense.
Fortunately, they never really did notify my ISP.  Nor
did I ever spam again. I learn quickly!

Another thing. This one really bugs me. Don't be deceived
into thinking that by adding some clever little note at the
end of your letter you're off the hook. The following is a
recent example of exactly what I'm talking about:

This Is A Compliant, No Spam, Letter with Remove-Ability
   If you have no interest in an Income Value of this
   nature just reply with "No Thank You Marge" in the
   Subject or click on the (mailto) and send a blank

HOGWASH!  Her letter was spam in the purest form.  Actually
I find it quite rude of her to impose on my valuable time
expecting me to send her an email so she won't spam me

Oh, and the best is when at the very top of the spam letter
in all caps they write "THIS IS NOT SPAM".  How stupid!
Hellooo ... is this a red flag?  My mouse immediately clicks
on delete.  Thanks for the warning!

IT! PERIOD.  Any questions?

Today I am the happy owner of a thriving internet business
that offers a terrific business opportunity and sells the
top money-making products and services on the net today.

After many, many  hours of reading and research I have
learned to promote my business using ethical and
professional practices.

This means I place well written ads in informative ezines
such as the one you are now reading, as well as using many
other advertising venues.

The only people I send information to are those who ask for
it ... and ask they do, daily by the hundreds.  Internet
marketing can be fun, exciting and profitable when done the
right way and you take the time to learn it.

Happy Marketing!

Susan Jackson
Apollo Internet Services


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account. Quick & easy setup.  New businesses, high-risk
businesses welcome.  95% approval.  NO application fee.  NO
setup fee.  NO obligation.  U.S. business only.

7. Freebies
-> E-Book - 101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start On The
Internet With Little or NO Money! (722k)

If you have ever wanted to own your own profitable, low
maintenance business, but just couldn't seem to figure out
how to start one from scratch, then this product was created
for you. Here are 101 of the best Internet Marketing Ideas,
Tips, and Suggestions all together in one package.  Read
through this electronic book ... Study it ... Pick out
businesses you could create online for high profits.

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visit and
for many other free
e-books and reports (with complete reprint and resell rights)
that have been made available to subscribers over the past
few weeks.


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8. This Week's Web Site Pick
AssociatePrograms.com ... find a richer income stream

A great site if you're new to affiliate programs and want
a one-stop source to find the right program(s) for you.
The brainchild of Allan Gardyne, an Australian freelance
journalist who runs AssociatePrograms.com from a laptop on
the beach in Northern Queensland, this site is widely
regarded as one of the best and reputable in the affiliate
program community.

Features include a searchable database so you can find
affiliate programs relevant to the theme of your website,
"what to look for" guides for those new to affiliate
programs and an excellent newsletter (subscribe at the

9.  Subscription Management

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10.  Contact Information

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