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  October 23

    Editor: Elena Fawkner
  Publisher: AHBBO Publishing
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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Professional
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Restaurant
   Booking Service
  4.   Article - Overcoming Isolation in Your Home
  5.   Telecommuting Openings
  6.   Guest Article - A Day in the Life of a Newbie
   Internet Marketer
  7.   Freebies
  8.   This Week's Web Site Pick
  9.   Next Week
  10.  Subscription Management
  11.  Contact Information

1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

I realized this week that the autoresponder for new
subscribe requests was on the fritz so many of you who have
signed up in the past couple of weeks may not have received
a welcome message.  Apologies! If this is you, you also
missed out on the two free e-books that are made available
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You can pick them up right here:

Others of you may have received multiple welcome messages
even though you subscribed long ago!  This has only happened
to one person that I know of, but if there are more,
apologies if you, too, have been deluged.

Starting this week, and following the excellent suggestion
of my beloved, I am adding some links to additional
resources for the home-based and online business ideas of
the week.

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
questions and stories to: Contact By Email

See you all again next week.


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2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Professional Organizer
A professional organizer, sometimes called an organizing
consultant, assists clients to organize various aspects of
their lives.  The services offered by professional
organizers are widely varied and include cleaning out
closets, kitchens, storage areas, bedrooms, attics and
garages, etc.; remodeling closets and storage areas;
rearranging living space to be more aesthetically pleasing
and functional; personal coaching and goal setting; planning,
packing and unpacking for relocation; garage and estate
sales; organizing children and teenagers (yes, you can
actually PAY someone to do this!); errands and personal
shopping; computer organizing and training; setting up filing
systems and developing paperflow systems; information
management systems; accounting and bookkeeping; filing;
setting up recordkeeping systems; sorting through paper
piles; paying bills; developing procedures manuals; preparing
medical insurance forms; event planning; disaster
preparedness; photo and memorabilia organization; time
management training and seminars and public speaking.

The clients of professional organizers are as varied as their
services and include individuals in their homes, small and
large businesses, clients with disabilities, clients with
attention deficit disorder or chronic disorganization

Related websites:

->Organizing Solutions -
->An Organized Home -
->Sort It - http://www.123sortit.com/
->National Association of Professional Organizers -
->Get Organized - http://www.get-organized.com
->Designing Solutions - Professional Organizers -
->NAPO Chicago Q&A

Recommended books:

->"You Can Find More Time For Yourself Everyday"
  by Stephanie Culp
->"Simplify Your Life" by Elaine St. James
->"Taming the Paper Tiger" by Barbara Hemphill
->"Taming the Office Tiger" by Barbara Hemphill
->"Getting Things Done" by Edwin Bliss.
->"Confessions of a Happily Organized Family"
  by Deniece Schofield
->"Conquering the Paper Pile-up" by Stephanie Culp.
->"Get Your Act Together" by Odette Pollar
->"How To Get Organized When You Don't Have The Time"
  by Stephany Culp

Visit for links to
these titles.

There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Restaurant Booking
Here's an online business idea for anyone who lives in a
"restaurant town".  Depending on the size of your city, you
could do this on a local-area basis or city-wide.  The idea
is to bring restaurants and diners together during slow
restaurant booking times.

As we all know, if you go to your favorite restaurant on a
Friday night, it's a lot harder to get a table than it is
on a Tuesday.  What if you, as a diner, could get a great
deal on a restaurant dinner on a Tuesday?  Would you take
it rather than waiting until Friday when you may or may not
get a table and when you definitely won't get a special?
Even if you wouldn't, plenty would.
What if you, as a restaurateur, could get more diners in on
a Tuesday when you have low bookings by offering a dinner
special that evening.  Would you do it?  If you're open
for business anyway, sure.

The question is, how does the diner find out about the
special and how does the restaurateur get the word out?

Here's where your online restaurant booking service comes
in.  Approach all of the restaurants in the area you want to
target and invite them to participate in your service.  The
restaurants who participate will need to have internet
access.  Essentially, all you need to do is have a page for
each restaurant on your website, complete with photo,
description, menu and "hot specials".  The restaurant emails
you each day with the day's specials and you post these on
that restaurant's page on your website.  You do this with
every restaurant on your list until you have a databank of
restaurant pages.

Full report:

Related websites:

->Sydney Restaurants on the Web -
->Example listings/forms pages -

Recommended books:

->"Making Money in Cyberspace" by Paul and Sarah Edwards
->"Poor Richard's Internet Marketing And Promotions; How To
  Promote Yourself, Your Business, Your Ideas Online"
  by Peter Kent

Visit for links to
these titles.

There are many more online business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


4. Article - Overcoming Isolation in Your Home Business
By Elena Fawkner

Like most people, when you think about what it would be like
to work from home, you probably think of the obvious
benefits such as working your own hours, not having to face
a stressful, tedious commute every day, actually seeing what
your garden looks like in daylight hours, not having to
answer to a boss, being home when your children are, working
in a comfortable environment and so on.  These are, of
course, some of only many wonderful benefits of working from

Before long, though, you may begin to think back to your
previous life and realize you actually miss those umpteen
visitors who were constantly interrupting you when you were
trying to work, the walk in the park at lunchtime with your
best work-friend, drinks on Friday night after work, and
being able to run an idea past a colleague for instant,
valuable feedback.

Now, everything is just, well, quiet.  And there's no-one
down the hall to go visit who's over age four.  You find
yourself checking your email constantly, wanting to connect
to someone.  You find yourself wishing the phone would ring.
You!  The person who, when you worked in a job, cursed
constant telephone interruptions and thought voice- and
e-mail was the greatest invention since sliced bread.
Welcome to another reality of home-based business ... home

Here are some ways to avoid the isolation trap when running
a business out of your home:

Establish a Structure
Nothing is surer to reinforce feelings of isolation as time
that stretches as far as the eye can see like a straight,
one lane highway through a flat, barren landscape.  Don't
start each day without a plan of what you intend to do.  You
need to structure your time so that it is not some endlessly
vast terrain you must traverse alone.  So write a to-do list,
preferably at the end of the day before, so that when your
work day starts you get productive straight away, before the
isolation blues have a chance to take hold.

Reach Out
When writing your to-do list, make sure you include at least
two things every day that require you to interact with
another person.  Networking is a vital skill, whether you
work for someone else or for yourself.  So make contacts
with people who can add value to your business, as well as
connecting you with the outside

Joining a professional group or club, attending seminars and
trade shows relevant to your business are all great ways to
meet new people who have similar interests and challenges.
Participate in the activities organized by these groups and
take a good supply of business cards with you.

Establish Joint Ventures
Another way to keep the isolation blues at bay is to joint
venture with other home-based business owners.  Team up with
other businesses that offer complementary services to your
business.  Not only will you send additional business each
other's way in the form of referrals, you are establishing
professional relationships with your joint venture partners.

Organize Your Own Functions
Once you have joined various associations and formed joint
venture partnerships, take the initiative and organize
functions that bring you all together.  These could be
business-oriented networking sessions or purely social
get-togethers such as a barbeque in the local park. Either
way, you are forging a relationship with people in your new
arena, just as you did when you were working in a corporate
office.  The only difference is that now you must take the
initiative to forge these relationships.  These are not
people you are going to be seeing every day at the office.

Join a Gym
You are, of course, health conscious and physically active,
right?  Of course you are!  So, why not kill two birds with
one stone ... stay fit and meet new people.  If you
establish a routine that allows you to be at the gym at the
same time every day, you will run into many of the same
people and get to know them.

Use the Internet
Making online friends is another way of staying connected
with the outside world.  Be very disciplined here though.
It's way too easy to spend a lot of work time on social
email exchanges and in chat rooms.  Don't fritter away your
time, but do seek out and maintain internet friendships.

Background Noise
Sometimes, it's only silence that reminds you you're alone.
If you come from a corporate environment, your workday was
punctuated by the constant background noise of telephones
ringing, other people's conversations, hysterical laughter
from the other end of the office and lunch trolley pages
over the intercom system.  If you find absolute quiet
irksome, turn on the radio and have it playing in the
background while you work.  Talk stations are good because
it's like having other people in the next room, but if you
find yourself becoming so engrossed with the talk topics
that you stop working and start listening, switch to a
music station.

There is no avoiding the fact that making the transition
from a corporate environment to a home-based business is
just that ... a transition.  Most people will have to
grapple with the isolation monster in the early days of
their work-from-home career.  But, as you can see, there
are many ways of keeping isolation and loneliness at bay
just by reaching out and forming new associations.  Remember,
just because you work alone doesn't mean you have to go it

5. Telecommuting Openings
->Administrative Assistant
Person must live in NH or MA and be able to get to the
Hampton, NH PO Box 2-3X a week.  Respond to e-mails compose
letters make travel plans, do expense spreadsheet. Must know
Outlook Word & Excel Windows 95 or 98.  Phone line, ISP and
fax will be provided.  $12-14 hr. 10-20 hrs per week.

->Medical Transcriptionists
Well established transcription service is seeking medical
transcriptionists with 2-3+ years experience in multi-
speciality and/or acute care setting.  Completely digital
dictation service. Work from home. Salary DOE.
Contact us today at:

->Virtual Office Assistants
OFFICETECH, the "virtual" office services company is seeking
independent contractors to work from their homes to perform
the following: Business Development, Office Assistance, Web
Design and Development, Programming and Internet Research
for its client companies. 

->Freelance Writers Wanted
The Strip, an alternative newspaper, seeks freelance writers
who can generate feature and department articles aimed at
the 18-35 demographic. We're looking for writers who can
develop intelligent, thought-provoking, truly exceptional
pieces on a wide range of subjects. We're particularly
interested in writers who can cover music, current events,
culture/subculture, the arts, entertainment, and issues
critical to our demographic. Opinion/subjective pieces
welcome. Magazine feature style preferred over newspaper
style; off-the-wall, unusual, and potentially controversial
stories favored over run-of-the-mill stuff. We prefer
original material but will consider reprinting. We’re a
monthly print-only paper, with deadlines the first of each
month; pay only upon publication. E-mail story pitches, info
about yourself, and writing samples to No attached files, please.

->Copy Editor for Technical Materials
I'm seeking editor on a contract basis to do the first round
of copy editing on technical material. The material is
written by an author who speaks English as a second language.
The material is in English, but it has certain syntax
problems (e.g., correct use of singular vs. plural, and
present tense vs. past tense). In addition, it is somewhat
"stream of consciousness" and needs to be tightened up a bit.
The copy editor I seek will not be required to polish this
text to the point of it being publishable; rather, the goal
is to ensure that all sentences within it are constructed
with reasonable English syntax. It will then proceed to
further stages of rewriting by other parties.

The material is going into a book published by a first-tier
computer-book publisher. Between now and the end of November,
there will 400-500 pages of text that need this treatment.
This can be divided between more than one copy editor, if

A technical background will be handy but definitely not
essential. The ability to do this work on a PC running Word
97 is essential. Location is a non-issue. While the person
chosen will not get "editor" credit on the book, they will
be thanked by name in the acknowledgements (and on checks
before that!). Rates are negotiable.
If you are interested, please respond with a resume, brief
writing sample (1 page is sufficient), phone number, and
best times to call.  Thank you.

->Internet Research Librarian
  HRLIBRARY.COM, Inc., a subsidiary of Global Employment
Solutions, Inc., is looking to add another Internet Research
Librarian to our team. This is a full-time, 100%
telecommuting position. Working out of your home, you will
have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing
development of one of the Web's newest research sites,
http://www.hrlibrary.com/ The ideal candidate will not
only have a masters' degree in library science, but will
also be able to serve as part-time webmaster, having strong
html, cgi, and perl skills. As the part-time webmaster, you
will be required to add pages to the site, code pages, make
changes to cgi, and be knowledgeable about the site
architecture. As a librarian, you will use your research
skills on the Web and use various databases to research and
write on various Human Resource topics. You must be able to
work well in an independent environment, be able to turn on
a dime, have a high level of initiative, and demonstrate
excellent verbal and written communications skills.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume in
the body of an e-mail

Source: Outsource
If you want to work from home, you will not find a more
complete source of telecommuting job listings.  For access
to thousands of job listings like those above, visit

6. Guest Article - A Day in the Life of a Newbie Internet
by Osama M.

I would like to share this story with you. It is not only a
true story; it is a story that happens a thousand times
every day, in the world of cyberspace.


"It was a beautiful April morning, the sun was shining like
a million stars, and I thought to myself, "what a day to do
something really good".

With this notion in my head, I started searching my
thoughts.  What "good thing" have I been meaning to do for
quite some time, but couldn't get myself to start?

Yes, I know, I have been browsing the net for a couple of
years now, I even made my own free Home Page, and it turned
out very nice. But it seems there is a lot more to that
black hole called the WWW than just reading news and making
beautiful home pages hosted for free.

I have been reading in the magazines and also on TV that
Internet business is booming, and people are making lots of
money easy and fast.

Yeah, they said that the Internet would make more
millionaires than any other business media. Who said that?
Oh yes, that Windows guy, Bell gates, I guess it must be
right then."

Those were the thoughts of an Internet Marketer in the
making. He heard that on the Internet you can make money
fast and easy, so instinctively he decided to share the

The gates of Hell:

Our newbie friend goes to his PC, logs in to the start page,
which has this tiny search bot, types {Internet business}
and hits (go).

The moment he did the gates of hell opened before his eyes.
He was flooded with lists after lists of business sites,
hard to choose, hard to decide where to start.

Like all average people, with average common sense, he
decides to go alphabetically. It makes sense, doesn't it?

"Waw, what is all this?", the newbie thinks to himself.

"It is true, I can make millions here. Look at all these
free offers, free business opportunities, selling, actually
promoting someone else's products and making so much money!"

The newbie was overwhelmed by the endless number of business
sites, and the amazing offers they keep throwing in his
face, all want to give him money and make him rich fast,
from affiliate programs that pay for referrals, to
downlines that pay for nothing.

He decided to join a number of those.

Since that sunny beautiful day in April (it is October now)
many days have passed, some are sunny, others are not, and
many are even nicer than that day when he first opened
Pandora's Box.

Why me?:

The newbie was still sitting by his PC, stiff neck, back
ache, hours and hours of FFAs, BBSs, Classifieds, Safe
lists, E zines, tons and tons of mail in his mailbox, yet,
the money is but a trickle.

Sad as a widow on her wedding night, the newbie asks

"What happened? Where did I go wrong? Where is the money?
Well there must be a secret I don't know. After all so many
people are offering to teach me the secrets of the trade,
the back alleys and all the tricks."

Here starts another memorable day in the life of the newbie.
The day of seeking the ultimate secret that will make him
drown in Greenback, and make his friends green with envy.

Our friend embarks on his aimless journey to find the
secret.  He gradually goes from back ache, to pocket drain,
paying a hundred dollars here, thirty others there, another
two hundred. Well, why not, he is collecting the secrets of
the trade.

One day, with sore eyes and after long sleepless nights, he
decides to stop the hunt and start enjoying the booty,
reading all the stuff - secrets- he has accumulated over the
past few weeks.

A self-declared confinement was in force, the newbie not-to-
be-disturbed, he is now harvesting the seeds of success
and money making made easy, with how-tos and what-nots.

The food was piling up outside his door, day in, day out, sun
after sun and moon after moon.

"The ultimate secret":

One day not too soon, the door was opened, and out came the
newbie 10 years older-cum-wiser, unshaved, but laughing his
heart out hysterically, shouting, "Eureka, I found the
ultimate secret to success on the Internet".

Well, what was that secret?

Answers the newbie: "The secret is, there is no secret! What
has been happening to me all along, this is the secret!" And,
in short, it has two elements:

  Element #1. The mass numbers of people like me, with the
  desire to make money fast and easy, or find the information
  they think will change their lives;

  Element #2. The power of persuasion on the part of the
  marketers to convince people like me that their particular
  product, service, info, is what they are looking for, is
  what they really, really need, and if they don't get it now,
  there will be no more beautiful April days or sunshine in
  their lives.

The newbie, who is no longer a newbie now, rather a veteran,
has learned the lesson:

Successful businesses give the right people the products,
services and info they need, while effectively using the
power of persuasion to convince them they need them.

The newbie-cum-new Internet Marketer is now on his way to
fame and fortune, he even has his own affiliate program,
where others are promoting his own stuff. What a feeling.

"Long days and sleepless nights, back ache and sore eyes,
well, it was all worth it" says the new marketer, who
thought he had actually discovered the secret of Internet
business success.

What he actually learned though, was this simple, yet
compelling fact:

There is no such a thing as get-rich-quick-and-easy on the
net. It is just like anything else in life, clear vision,
knowledge, patience, hard work, perseverance and, above all,
the ability to actually love what you do, enjoy doing it,
and enjoy the good it does for others.

Am I preaching? I think not, just a story I wanted to share
with you.

By Osama M. of Internet Marketing Dreams
"Helping marketers fulfill their dreams"

7. Freebies
-> E-book -- Rick Beneteau's Make Money the Ezine Way!!
Once in a long while, a truly great free resource comes
along.  Make your mark on the internet with the power of
your own ezine.  Here's a step-by-step blueprint to
do it and it's completely free!

-> Screensaver -- The Entrepreneur's Prayer
Download the .zip file for this beautiful screensaver and
then unzip it into your c:\windows\system directory.


If you're new to A Home-Based Business Online, be sure to
visit and
for the many free
e-books and reports (with complete reprint and resell rights)
that have been made available to subscribers over the past
few weeks.

8. This Week's Web Site Pick

A delightful home business magazine site full of
inspirational and motivating articles on all aspects of
home-based business and lifestyle.  Choose from the
following categories: Strategies (general home business
information), Power Thinking (motivation and successful
thinking), Network Marketing, Lifestyles (how to enjoy the
success), Resources (tools to build your business),
Technology (home office productivity), BizOp Directory (home
business opportunities), and much more.


9.  Next Week
That's it for this week, folks.  Here's what's in store for
next week's issue:

-> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Wedding Consultant
-> Online Business Idea of the Week: Online Retailer
-> Feature Article:  Overcoming Procrastination
-> Telecommuting Job Openings
-> Guest Article: It could be yours!  Please send original
   article submissions to
   Contact By Email?subject=AHBBO Article
-> More great Freebies

Thanks for being with us and have a great week everyone!

10. Subscription Management

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If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
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11. Contact Information

Elena Fawkner, Editor
A Home-Based Business Online
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