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  November 20

    Editor: Elena Fawkner
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  1.   Welcome and Update from the Editor
  2.   Home Business Idea of the Week - Interior
  3.   Online Business Idea of the Week - Online
   Internet Training
  4.   Project Moonlighting - Fundraising for
  7.   Guest Article - Is Your Online Business A Hobby
   Or A Real Business? by Kevin Sinclair
  8.   Book Review by Amy Shellhase of ReviewZ
  9.   Freebies
  10.  Subscriber Contributions
  11.  This Week's Web Site Pick
  12.  Next Week
  14.  Subscription Management
  16.  Contact Information

1.  Welcome and Update from the Editor
Hello again and a warm welcome to all new subscribers!

Another two-parter this week, folks.  We've run long again.

For the benefit of new subscribers, the newsletter is NOT
usually this long!  It's long this week for a couple of
reasons.  Firstly, I'm including the first Project
Moonlighting segment this week.  Although I said I wouldn't
be starting this until December, something's come along that
I think will be of interest to many subscribers,
particularly with the Thanksgiving/Christmas season upon us.
It's fundraising for disadvantaged children and gives you the
opportunity to make some income as well!

Secondly, this week we have another great book review from
Amy Shellhase.  This is only an occasional feature in AHBBO
so be sure to check it out.  Thanks Amy!  For those of you
who would like to enjoy Amy's reviews on a more frequent
basis, be sure to subscribe to her ReviewZ newsletter.
Subscription info follows the review.

I've received quite a few emails from UK subscribers asking
for more content geared towards them.  I hear you and will
start looking for more opportunities you can take advantage
of.  For all of you who are non-US residents, though,
please note that I do try to select home-based and online
business ideas and telecommuting job listings that can be
engaged in anywhere in the world.

Remember, this newsletter is for YOU!  If you have comments
or suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed,
or would just like to share your experiences with other
subscribers, I want to hear from you!  Please send comments,
questions and stories to: Contact By Email

See you all again next week.  For those of you who
celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great one and for those
of you who don't, you have a great one too!


2. Home Business Idea of the Week - Interior Decorator
If you have a flair for decorating and know how to make the
most of a room's potential while working within a budget, a
business as an interior designer/decorator may be for you.

While in days gone by only the wealthy could be expected to
hire an interior designer, the field has now expanded and
become much more popular.  Costs of materials have also
reduced with the result that the services of a professional
decorator are within the reach of even modest income

As an interior decorator, you need to be good with color,
fabric and furniture as well as having a strong network of
suppliers and well-developed budgeting and communication

One of the first challenges you will face will be learning
to separate your personal tastes from those of your client.
Another, which involves generating business in the first
place, is overcoming the negative perception the general
public has about interior designers.  A recent survey by the
American Society of Interior Designers found that there is a
common myth that interior designers are bossy, intimidating
and expensive.  Market yourself as the antithesis of this
image to give yourself a competitive edge.

The relationship between interior designer and client is an
intimate one, at least where the project is the client's
home.  There is nothing so personal as creating a space that
will be lived in day in, day out.  For this reason it is
imperative you have the interpersonal skills necessary to
draw from your client his or her real needs and preferences.

There are many applications for your decorating skills from
single room projects, residential complexes, recycling
furniture and effects the client already owns into a more
pleasing configuration, color consulting, one-day solutions
(on-site advice followed by a written set of suggestions and
sources) to full-scale interior design of an entire house.

Full report: http://www.ahbbo.com/interiordecorator.html


Useful Sites:

-> About.com's Expert Guide to Interior Decorating

-> Decorating on a Budget

-> Decorating Without Dread

-> Dezignare: Interior Design Collective

-> Real Life Design

-> Special Spaces

Recommended books:

-> Interior Decorating
   by Jan Horn (editor)
   Informative, personalized help for decorating your home
   in your style--whether your goal is to spruce up a small
   space or transform a room. It includes photographs to
   inspire you, clear descriptions of design principles,
   worksheets to help you get started, tips for buying
   furniture and materials, and more.

-> The New Decorating Book
   Better Homes & Gardens
   Guides you through the process of putting it all together,
   whether decorating an entire home, redoing a room, or
   looking for a solution to a specific decorating problem.

-> Use What You Have Decorating
   by Lauri Ward
   Lauri Ward has created a revolution in interior design--
   the most accessible and affordable approach to decorating
   ever. Now she shows you how to do it yourself--quickly
   identifying the ten most common decorating mistakes,
   offering simple principles to correct them, and giving
   you a proven system for making your home look better than
   you dreamed it could. Filled with dramatic before-and-
   after photos, this guide will let you in on Lauri Ward's
   clever, quick, and inexpensive ways to breathe life back
   into every room in your house.

Visit for these titles.


There are many more home-based business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


3. Online Business Idea of the Week - Online Internet
With tens of thousands of new internet users coming on line
every month, there is enormous demand for internet
training.  A good proportion of these new users are looking
for ways to make money with their computers.  Why not
capitalize on this demand by offering online internet
training to the new user?

Here's how you might structure such a business.  First,
write a module for every aspect of internet business and
marketing from finding the right ISP, the best webhost, how
to create webpages, how to use email, how to FTP, how to use
newsgroups, how to use search engines and directories etc..
This will be your biggest challenge so take your time to
create a truly excellent product as this will form the
foundation product for your business.

Next decide how you are going to deliver your product.  Do
you provide access to all the modules for a set fee?  Do you
sell access to each module individually, giving the student
the ability to pick and choose which courses he or she wishes
to take?  Or do you deliver your program in the form of a
series of mini-courses all delivered by email?  Perhaps you
offer all of these options and more.

Once you have decided how you are going to deliver your
product, it is time to design your website.  In addition to
your 'basic' course, consider introducing some intermediate
or more advanced courses such as HTML and cgi etc..  You
won't find it difficult to locate all the information you
need on the internet itself.  There are many, many online
tutorials on various aspects of the internet.  Be careful
not to infringe others' copyright though.

The real challenge will be to differentiate your product
from the rest.  Think about what you can add to set your
course apart from the rest.  You are limited only by your

And don't forget add-on services.  Many people won't want to
be bothered with actually creating their own website, they
just want a website they can use to market their own
products and services.  So offer website design services as
part of your repertoire.  Or offer a search engine
optimization service.  Generate subscribers for your
clients' online newsletters at $0.10 per subscriber.  The
possibilities are literally endless.

Useful sites:

-> I-Training.Com

-> Mid-South Online Internet Training

-> Nebraska Library Commission's Online Internet Training

Recommended books:

-> Internet and World Wide Web: Simplified
   by Paul Whitehead
   Quickly and painlessly teach readers everything they need
   to know to get onto the Internet and start taking
   advantage of the latest, most powerful Internet software.
   Full color, easy-to-understand graphics show how to use
   Netscape plug-ins, Java applets, ActiveX controls, and
   "push" applications like PointCast.

-> Internet: The Complete Reference
   by Margaret Levine Young
   Make the most of all the Net has to offer with help from
   best-selling author Margaret Levine Young. You'll learn
   how to get connected, choose an ISP and Web browser, send
   e-mail, chat, use plug-ins, purchase goods safely, find
   tons of helpful and fun information online -- even create
   your own Web pages. Get this all-inclusive resource and
   stay ahead of the future!

-> The Internet: The Rough Guide
   by Angus Kennedy
   Want to get up to speed online without any hassle? This
   bestselling guide will make you an Internet guru in the
   shortest possible time.

Visit for these titles.


There are many more online business ideas like this at
with more being added
all the time.


4. Project Moonlighting - Fundraising for IVELeague.Org
Regular readers will recall that a few weeks back, I was
asked by a subscriber whether I knew of any reputable
envelope-stuffing opportunities.  The general consensus was
that such "opportunities" were nothing but a scam but Tom
Koziol of Cashclique.com went further and offered his
services to help find legitimate work for subscribers
looking for honest ways to make money from home.  This first
edition of Project Moonlighting is one of Tom's
opportunities.  The best way to explain what it is all about
is to simply give you what Tom provided me when I asked him
for information about his program.  Please contact Tom
directly if you are interested in participating.  And now,
over to Tom ...

We are currently structuring a fundraising program for The
IVE League and will have it in place by Thanksgiving. Here
are the preliminaries.

The fundraiser would be paid 25% of the amount raised. That
is easy to comprehend. For every $1000 a person raises,
(s)he receives $250. The money must first come to The IVE
League then the fundraiser is paid.

The fundraiser would be required to use our script so as to
represent us correctly. We believe we have all questions
about The IVE League answered but are rereading to be sure.

We also have advertising specialty products that could be
sold. The proceeds, after the fundraiser receives their
commission, go to The IVE League.

With fundraising, the telephone would be the primary means,
or so it appears at this time.

Fundraising is not every one's cup of tea, I realize.
However, it is honest work for honest money. All non-
profits, by nature, are constantly raising funds. We are no
different and, in fact, would love some feedback on our
ideas. I know I did not give you a detailed break down of
either program but what I wrote does cover the bulk of what
we can provide at this time.

I hope your readers understand that, unlike envelope
stuffing, this really does pay. All fundraisers are paid
according to their achievements and this is no different. We
cut a check the minute we receive funds. The money must flow
that way for two reasons: one, the law and two,
deductibility of the gift.

I look forward to hearing from any of your subscribers who
may want to participate in this program.  If we can get a
small army helping us, I shudder at the number of children
we will be able to help.

Thank you

Tom Koziol



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7. Guest Article - Is Your Online Business A Hobby Or A Real
By Kevin Sinclair, CPA.

A common question today is: "Why aren't I making any money
from my web site?" The main reason for this lack of success
is that there are too many hobby sites rather than real
business sites on the internet.

Your web site is a hobby business when:

· Your web page is full of sophisticated animation and
  graphics taking forever to load;
· You do not have your own product - instead you have links
  to many affiliate or network marketing programs, you have
  never bought the products or services and have no
  knowledge of their quality or suitability;
· You respond to email enquiries as and when you feel like
  it rather than promptly;
· You don't provide sufficient contact details on your page
  so that people can contact you easily;
· You have a hit counter that keeps on being inflated by you
  visiting your own site to see how many hits you have
· Your advertising and promotion is non-existent or is
  inconsistent and poorly focused;
· Your web site does not lead your customer through a sales
  process; and,
· You expect that having a web site is all you need to do to
  make money on the net.

Business success on the internet demands a "real business"
approach that is professional and focused on the customer or
client. To have a real business requires that you have your
own "sales funnel" that will usually involve having your own
product or service.

In simple terms, a sales funnel is an approach to the sales
process that works very successfully for those who implement
it properly. At the top of the funnel are your prospects.
You qualify your prospects through offering something for
free that is directly related to your product or service. In
many cases this is a free newsletter or ezine that will
allow you to demonstrate your expertise and stay in front of
your prospects so that you can eventually convert them into

As prospects move through the funnel, they are offered a
product or service at a low price point. For example, an
electronic book for $30 could be sold to your prospects.
Once they buy this product they have become one of your
customers. You have qualified their interest in or need for
the products and services that you offer.

Moving into the lower part of the funnel, you offer your
customers your higher priced products or services. As these
people have already bought from you, trust and credibility
have been established and they will buy the higher priced
items more readily than if you offered them to your
prospects directly. This is usually the area where you will
make most of your profits.

While the above is a rough example of the sales funnel
concept, I think it illustrates a sales approach that is
characteristic of a real business. Additional products and
services, including affiliate programs that you recommend,
can be offered to your customers with greater potential for

Real businesses know the profile of their likely customers
and have a marketing plan for how to reach them in the most
cost-effective manner. They are consistent in their
advertising and promotion activities. They track the results
of all activities so that they know what is working and what
isn't. Decisions can be made on facts rather than guesses.

Full contact details are provided on a real business's web
site so that customers and potential customers can easily
contact them. They are customer-service oriented and answer
e-mails promptly. They also provide a full guarantee that
they honor without question.

As they know their potential customers, they ensure their
web site is easy to navigate, quick loading, and provides
the information their potential customer needs to decide to
make the purchase.

A real business is conducted in a professional manner. If
you want more information on business professionalism, I
recommend you visit the International Association for
Professionalism Online at: http://IAPonline.org .

Real businesses will make real money on the internet today!
Don't operate your web site with a hobby mentality - be
professional and follow business success principles and you
will be able to build the business of your dreams.

Article by Kevin Sinclair, CPA, of Be Successful! Business &
Personal Success Resources (/). He
is the author of 2 free ebooks: "Success Secrets" & "How To
Choose A Home Based Business". Kevin is also the publisher
of "Be Successful News"

8. Book Review by Amy Shellhase of ReviewZ
Money Makes the World Go Around---

THE QUEST FOR CAPITAL: A Financing Guide for Entrepreneurs
By Dee Power & Brian E. Hill
(Profit Dynamics, Inc. 2017, $22.95)
Advanced -- Start-Up & Expansion Capital


Someone once asked John Dillinger why he robbed banks. He
said, "Because that's where the money is."

The authors don't just know where the money is, they tell
you all the ways to get your hands on some of it for your

Hurry up -- and wait
Why is it most people only worry about getting money for
their business when their back is up against a wall?
Probably it's human nature. But the worst time to seek
funding is when you NEED funding.

That's a large part of the focus of this book. Do the work
now, up-front, and don't wait until you're in a bind. And
it's perfect timing right now.

With things slowing down for the holidays (yes, well a
little!), this is the time to work out a detailed business
plan. It may save you next summer when you're gearing up for
the holiday buying season 2017.

Money -- That's what I want!
If you're looking for a short, easy to read book about SBA
loans, venture capitalists, & angel financing, this isn't

A serious book about a serious topic -- money! -- Power &
Hill give the small business person more than enough
resources to search for funding.

No one's going to walk up to you and say, "Hey, need any
money for your business? I have some you can have."

'Quest for Capital' walks you through the process starting
with the business plan and proceeds to take you through all
the steps until you get the financing you need.

Is this going to be work? Of course it is! But remember,
once it's done, all you'll ever need to do is update it.

The lighter side of money
Just in case you think this book is all dark & somber, the
text is broken up throughout with what the authors call 'The
Foibles Fables." Here's one I especially liked:

"Bad Aura, Bad Deal -- The owner of a high-tech
manufacturing company hired us to help him find expansion
capital for his business.

He was a New Age type of person who insisted on playing
sitar music during meetings and had a large collection of
crystals displayed all over his home; they help him focus
his energy, he said.

A venture capitalist in San Diego got really excited about
investing in the company. We gave the venture capitalist's
brochure to the CEO to study before the first meeting.

The CEO called and said he was canceling the meeting because
when he held the brochure in his hands it gave off a
negative aura.

Lesson: Try not to work with weird people." (p. 214)

More information than you might think
Some of the topics covered are:
=> how to go about your money seeking plan
=> a list of over 400 venture capital companies
=> grass roots ways to look for money
=> SCAMS & how these people prey on business owners in need
   of money fast!
=> things you can do on your own to get money
=> the SBA guarantee loan programs & the many types
=> how to use Pay Per Inquiry (PPI) and Pay Per Order (PPO)
=> state-by-state listing of funding sources

Do you really need this book?
Here's the skinny -- if you're just starting out & working
from home, you probably don't need the kind of money this
book will help you raise. You're probably only looking for a
few thousand dollars.

Mostly, you're going to borrow from your family, your
savings, and, maybe, from your credit cards.

The whole of Chapter 8 is for you. It's filled with do-it-
yourself ways to stretch what you have to work with.

But, if you are aiming for a larger & more capital intensive
business, this may be just what you need. If it doesn't do
anything else, it might convince you to:

1) start planning your money needs NOW; don't wait until a
   big order comes along & you can't fill it for lack of
2) leave the quest for capital to the experts, like Power &

It's physical
When it comes to the physical makeup of this book, I can't
give you any information. The copy I read was send to me as
an MS Word document.

Whether the typos, misspellings, & grammar errors are
present in the finished copy, I don't know. I'm assuming my
copy was a pre-publication galley.

I understand the book is sent in a binder. That would be a
good idea because it'll allow you to remove pages to use
them. The section about writing a business plan can be
photocopied or scanned into your computer.

Amy Shellhase publishes ReviewZ expressly for small business
owners every two weeks from her non-ergo dynamic computer
chair. All context is the opinion of the author. To
Copyright 2017 Amy Shellhase All Rights Reserved

10. Subscriber Contributions
Thanks to Charles Kessler and The Cool Tricks and Trinkets
Newsletter -- http://www.tricksandtrinkets.com -- for this

There is a new ecommerce model which "pools" buyers to
purchase everyday goods and services at volume discounts.
This philosophy works in deep contrast to most auctions
where the greater the demand for the product, the higher the

Is this the buying model of the future? What if a small
percentage of your subscribers decided to pool their buying
power for a new 500 mz laptop? How much of a discount could
they achieve?

In Los Angeles the going rate for movie tickets is $9.00.
Would you be willing to buy tickets for 50% off if the only
restriction was that you couldn't see a film within the
first two weeks of its run?

This seems like a win/win situation. The theatres have the
use of the money and will not be losing any of the "must see
it as soon as it opens" crowd.......and if waiting two weeks
can save me 50% on a movie I am going to see anyhow, it
makes sense.

Currently, there are buying pools for American Airlines
tickets, movie tickets, gasoline, office and computer
products, long distance and cellular service, utilities, and
specialty items such as coffee, gift products, and artwork.

The company is VolumeBuy: http://www.volumebuy.com

If you have something you think would be of interest to
your fellow AHBBO subscribers (there are over 1,500 of them
now), please send it to me at
Contact By Email

11. This Week's Web Site Pick - Mom's Garage

This week's web site pick belongs to an AHBBO subscriber!
I've included it here as an example of the ingenuity
present right here in our own group.  The brainchild of
Valerie Wilson, it's a delightfully welcoming site and is
one of those ideas that makes you think "now, why didn't I
think of that!".  Essentially, Valerie's site is an online
garage sale.  Wondering how on earth you can run a garage
sale online?  Well, you'll just have to go visit!  Nice
job Valerie.

I'd love to feature more of your websites in this section
so don't be shy!  If you have a website that you'd like to
see featured here, drop me a line.

12.  Next Week
That's it for this week, everyone.  Here's what's in store
for next week's issue:

-> Home-Based Business Idea of the Week: Tabletop Fountains
-> Online Business Idea of the Week: Online Travel Agency
-> Feature Article: A Time for Thanksgiving
-> Telecommuting Job Openings
-> Guest Article: It could be yours!  Please send original
   article submissions to
   Contact By Email
-> More great Freebies

Thanks for being with us and have a great week everyone.
And, please remember Project Moonlighting!  Let me know
about the legitimate work-from-home opportunities YOU have
come across in your online career at Contact By Email .

14. Subscription Management

To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter:

To UNSUBSCRIBE or get removed from this Newsletter:

If you find this newsletter valuable, please forward it
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