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How to Become a Mobile Notary Public - New Home Business Opportunity

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Mobile Notary Public

Do you have a desire to work from home? Would you like to have your business based from your home, but leave the home to do your job? Would you like to do something that doesn't require manual labor? Then a mobile notary public business may be just what you are looking for.

Mobile notary publics are notaries who travel to their clients. Since most people work a nine to five job, they can't make it to the local notary's office in time to have forms notarized. Others prefer to relax on the week-ends and not have to deal with leaving the house for a simple five minute notarization.

Since mobile notaries make anywhere from 50 cents to ten dollars per notarized form (depending on the state they live in) mobile notary travel may not be a profitable option. But what if you could expand on the idea and make fifty dollars for two hours worth of work?

Most loan companies hire mobile notaries to perform the simple task of witnessing the signings of loan documents. What takes place is quite simple, a borrower gets a loan from a lender, who in turn calls a signing service. The signing service calls a mobile notary who in turn meets with the borrower. The notary sits down with the borrower, briefly describes what each form says and shows the borrower where to sign. Once all the signatures have been done, the notary begins the process of notarizing the deed of trust, as well as a few other forms.

So where does one find clients? By searching the internet, the yellow pages, and word of mouth. Or, one could order Tid-bits for New Signing Agents (http://www.booklocker.com/bookpages/alyiceedrich01.html) which is jam packed with information to help anyone get started. Tid-bits has sample flyer ideas, tips, accounting forms, and a listing of companies to help get you started today.

So how much money can one make in this industry? It all depends on how much work you are willing to put into it. One can make anywhere from $50 per month, to $4,000 per month, before expenses.

Author: Alyice Edrich
For: www.ahbbo.com
Date: January 3, 2001

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