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Rexall Health Products and Home Business Opportunity

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When I was first introduced to Rexall Showcase International, a newer division of the Rexall Company, it was through one of their products, their flagship product, BiosLife2. The daughter of friend who I hadn't seen in a while looked wonderful, she had lost weight, gained energy and self confidence. She credited her improved health to this fiber/vitamin product her mother was marketing.

I soon learned about the many preventive and alternative health care products that Rexall had to offer and I was impressed. Rexall had recognized the trend toward prevention and the current demand for natural alternatives to prescription drugs. Many of their products are aimed at the aging babyboomers who are turning 50 at the rate of over 10,000 per day, all with an interest in looking and feeling better and maintaining health and fitness.

Trained as a nurse practitioner, I have long had an interest in preventive health, recognizing the value of taking steps to maintain health rather than waiting until intervention was unavoidable. I have had the good fortune of being able to stay at home with my four children through their early years. Last year I was at a point when I was looking to become involved again in some way in the health field yet hold on to the flexibility I still needed with young children in school. When presented with an opportunity of working from home sharing information that I strongly believed in, I knew I had found my niche.

I must be one of the few who had never been approached by someone hoping to enroll me in a network marketing plan and so I had no preconceived ideas about this business model. I was told that when Rexall came out with its unique BiosLife2 product, they were advised by marketing experts that the best way to educate the public about the benefits of this product was by word of mouth, that is, networking. This made perfect sense to me and still does. Most of us network all the time, recommending new restaurants, books, movies etc. Why not products that help us improve our health?

And so I set out to spread the word about healthy living and fitness. However, I can only talk to so many people and so I need to find others who share my passion and also want to build a business of their own while sharing this information with others. I have found quite a few customers who appreciate Rexall's high quality, reasonably priced products and some of these have decided to join me in the business.

I feel confident recommending both the Rexall product line and the business opportunity. Rexall is a name known and respected in this country for almost 100 years. Recently merged with the largest nutritional company in Europe, Royal Numico, we have the support of a large research and development department and according to Wall Street analysts Solomon Smith Barney we have the best Internet presence in the industry. With markets open around the world, we have the opportunity to operate an international business from our home computers. If I can help people to improve their health naturally and if I can help others achieve some level of financial freedom, then I know that I have succeeded.


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