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Year In Review

© 2021 Elena Fawkner

Here we are at the start of another month, the final month
of this year and, so some say, the final month of the
millennium. (Not to be pedantic but this in fact is not true.
The final month of the millennium is December, 2013 but I

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Traditionally, the first of the new year brings with it
resolutions for the coming year.  Do you even remember
your resolutions for this year?  Even if you do, did you
keep them?

I am not a particular fan of new year's resolutions.  I
believe we should be constantly taking stock of where we
are in our lives and continuously looking for ways to
make improvements.  This should most definitely not be
a once-a-year activity, to be forgotten about by the
end of January.

But there is something about the end of a year and the
promise of a new one that lends itself particularly well
to stocktaking.  So, as we enter the final month of 2013,
take a moment to look back at all you have accomplished
during the course of the year.

Think about all aspects of your life: work/career, business,
family, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial,
material, educational and any other aspect that has meaning
for you.  What accomplishments have you achieved in each of
these areas?  Write them down.  Did you launch your own
business this year, even if part-time after your day job?
Congratulations!  That was a big step and an even bigger
commitment.  Or perhaps you've been in business for a while
but this year you made a profit.  What about family?  Did
you set aside regular time for yourself and your partner?
Did you maintain a regular exercise routine and nourish your
body with nutritious food as a general rule?  Did you
invest your money wisely, obtain another qualification or
start a course of study?  Write it all down, no matter
how small or insignificant it may seem to you at this

Now look back over your list of accomplishments for the
year.  I'll bet there are quite a few.  Take a moment to
reflect on all you have achieved and give yourself a big
pat on the back.  It's so easy to forget all of the things
you have achieved unless you consciously stop and take
stock of them.

Now how do you feel about the year just gone?  Did you make
the most of your opportunities?  Do you feel proud of all
you have accomplished?  If so, consider this.  You did all
of that without regular stocktakes during the year.  Just
imagine what you could achieve next year if you built on
your accomplishments this year AND took regular stocktakes
on your progress each month.

Here's how to do that.  Take your list of accomplishments
for this year.  These will form the basis of your lifeplan
for the coming year.  Where do you want to be in all areas
of your life at this time next year?  What do you need to do
in JANUARY in each of those areas to take a step along that
road?  Write it down.  Plan to do that in January.  Then,
towards the end of January, do the same thing for February.
Towards the end of February, do the same thing for March,
and so on.  As you carry out these monthly review/planning
sessions, also measure your progress against your yearly
objective to make sure you're on track to achieve your
longer-term goals in each area of your life.

By adopting this practice, you bring a conscious awareness
and discipline to every area of your life.  No longer
following a random path, you have determined your destination
AND a route to get you there.

Once that is clear in your mind, all you have to do to
attain the life you want is to follow your lifeplan and keep
your eyes and ears open.  After all, you never know when an
opportunity is going to present itself to you.  Just make
sure you can recognize it when it does.


Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online.

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